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Thursday, 31 January 2008

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I never knew why people like using their given email service from their ISP. Gmail is open source and you can access anywhere on any device android phones, etc. I have had Uverse installation appointments on three Saturdays since August. The first time someone showed up on Thursday,two days earlier than my e-mail confirmation. On that Friday I was told that since they had made a mistake by pulling the ticket early and there were no more appointments available they could not install on that Saturday.

Last Saturday they showed up and told me their representative had some how input the wrong address and they could not install. Obviously ATT Uverse is incompetent. I cant believe the difference…. I have ATT uverse and the picture quality and is horrible.

Its looks digitized and pixilated if those are words and the internet is also slower if having the tv and internet on at the same time. I am also at the end of the HUB on my block. U-verse is just as crooked as their cell service.

Why is it necessary to lock you in for a year? Companies want to pay off their construction bill in months rather than years now. Same quality, lower price. Please be smart and not fall in for that. I have had Comcast and have had very little trouble with it, except for some blackout periods. Butt I have service and a clear picture and faster internet well worth it anybody that has straight Wireless boxes contain the same thing between 12 a.

I have done the switch from Comcast to U-Verse and am now waiting for my appointment to switch back to Comcast again. The reason we switched to U-Verse in the first place was to save money on our bill. The service had just come available in our area and we switched. After 6 months, the bill went up significantly which was disappointing. Also, they told us certain channels would be included in the package and they were not. I ended up cancelling after a period of time. The DVR worked great and the internet worked great, but we had a lot of problems with our boxes and phone service.

The cable box would just mute itself all the time… it was very odd. When that would happen, there is no mute button on the cable remote and it was not muted through the TV, so we would have to re-set our box almost everyday.

Also, to change a channel or use the remote was a joke. It would never pick up the signal to the box. We would change the batteries in the remote thinking that was the problem, but it would continue. The phone service was terrible too.

When the phone would ring, we would answer and not be able to hear the person on the other end, but they could always hear us.

Sometimes we would be playing phone tag back and forth trying to get through and it would happen 4 or 5 times in a row before actually being able to communicate. Maybe we have had these issues because of our area..??

You should be careful of what you ask for! Stay tuned class action to follow. I just switched from Comcast to U-verse. The internet speed is way faster than what I had with Comcast.

And the customer service, at least for me, is way better. The internet speed is great, and the picture quality is very nice. I have two televisions. Mostly this works fine. I can only record two HD channels simultaneously now — which I can live with. This is easier to deal with, because with the TiVo setup, while I could watch a show on one TiVo that was recorded on the other, it required some extra steps, browsing to the recordings on the other TiVo and coping the recording to the local TiVo before watching.

No more of that with a single DVR shared by all televisions. We have had absolutely no problems what so ever.

Picture is great, wonderful customer service, and have the total home dvr package with U channels. Absolutely nothing negative to say about it. I have friends and family members who would love to have U-Verse but it is not available in their area yet.

Comcast internet is terrible for gaming. The problem is that if you get comcast, expect to have lagspikes every couple of seconds. Both Customer Supports sucked…. Both were better if you could access a line for a different language, but still.. Listen guys, U Verse is up and coming, and are still working out all their problems.

Their television is percent digital, not half digital half analog like Comcast, that means true 5. U Verse uses fiber to the node technology, so channel switching and guide utilization is much faster.

If the picture is that bad, it is a problem with the pre existing coaxial cable lines in your home, not the service if you are within range. The internet is much faster due to fiber optic lines and they give you a modem that serves as a wireless router as well, with free Mcafee security suite as long as you have the internet.

Landline phone is flat 35 a month unlimited local and long distance. Basic U television with channels with max internet is around a month, with 10 extra a month for all HD channels.

A triple play will net you a 33 a month discount on your bill, as well as cash back with a 30 day risk free trial period. Just give them a chance, they really want your business and are still working all the kinks out.

Have had cable service since it started in my neighborhood. They changed providers and we continued. So to say we had Comcast since the start is being modest. We recently discontinued our service for the following reasons; 1 Excessive packet loss and disconnects.

Only upside there was an extremely attentive account manager which tried but was unsuccessful in dealing with before mentioned problems. Anyway, if you got this far in know that I have documented all and even reported it to FCC.

As did another friend which was having similar issues in another area. We now have ATT with a limited 3mbps for our area thats max and it is consistent. Slow but stable … In the end the turtle wins simply because he makes it to the end. To each is own and many area Comcast does do well, so I am told. I am very disappointed in U-Verse. Our TV freezes up several times a day at no particular time then starts up again.

They insist on coming in the houseo but can never find anything wrong. They we wait for a different repair person who works only outside. Most important to me is reliability and I am on the Triple Play right now, but thinking about downgrading it. The reason I went with ATT is that I have one cable coming into my house it connects to their 2Wire router which gives me a phone line internet and TV.

From there every thing is Cat 5e cable no coax. The 5e cable can give me internet or if connected to the box I get TV. Connecting a switch I can send cables all over my house using them for internet or TV. For wireless I connected an wireless Access point to the switch.

Can I do this with Comcast? Picture great internet 6mbs constant. I have had minor issues and all were resolved quickly. One was even my stupidity and they fixed it. When TWC became Comcast here. Guy comes in to set it up brings a HD only box for a standard TV and brings a broken modem.

Leaves telling me it is my responsibility to get them replaced. I was constantly on the phone having them fix my stuff. I even had a regional manager come over to verify as they were accusing me of sabotage and fraud to get free service. Friend came over and thought I was watching Avatar on Blu Ray since it was so clear. He ordered it the next day.

We recently switched from Comcast to U-Verse and I do not plan on ever looking back. My main grip has been with Comcast customer service. They did the whole bait and switch thing on me as a new customer and later as a year old customer.

We signed up for a special and when the first bill came, not only did we not get the price they promised but they also signed us up for extra services. After being called a liar when calling and complaining I nicely sent them all the screen shots I took while signing up. The 3 month span consisted of at least 9 plus hours on the phone, tons of promises being made and nothing being done.

Nearly a year later a huge chunck of my channels are now gone yet my bill has gone up and all they can tell me is that the package I had no longer exists…. Seriously, their customer service is so bad that a priest would probably lose it and bitch slap them if he could. It was a glorious day when I returned my boxes to comcast and cancelled. I got so much joy from accidentally dropping them a couple times on the way back to comcast.

U-verse has worked flawlessly since its been installed. My HD picture is better, my internet is faster, my bill is lower, I have more channels, and it didnt take the installer 4 trips to get everything installed…. TV pics comcast better and phone is smooth. The tech did a good job in installation, although he complained about his job the whole time. Comcast came knocking on my door and offered almost the same package -skinimax and Showtime for So you do the math uverse for They work 6 or 7 days a week, 12 hours a day.

Many of the management staff are racist and just plain out hateful against many employees. If you are Tier 1 or 2, agent you got it bad, especially 1.

That company, one in the same that I spoke of, gets paid per call and clown them whenever they are on the phone more than about 15 minutes with a slow, or uneducated customer. By the way, U-Verse is better. Go fiber and stay away from cable if you can. Cable is more suceptible to a high signal to noise interference.

If your channels are a bit staticy, look at your modem: If I must go wired, I rather fiber, so U-Verse would be a good choice. I am also a wireless type. For the sake of the topic, go U-Verse.

Comcast sucks, all i have is internet and it is crap i can be watching netflix through my xbox and it will be in h. The latest Comcast box has a simple touch feature that allows you to toggle between HD settings easily so you can find the one that works best with your TV.

Comcast can only record 2 shows at one time and you have to be watching one of them and the available space is much less with Comcast. Pricing is really about the same if you compare channel lineup. Ultimately, I like a clean picture and fast Internet so Comcast is the better option. So basically from what I seen so far, if you happen to be near where att equipment is installed on the block service is great.

I am about to get U-Verse. I am sick of going to my local Comcast and waiting in huge lines for things. It took me 3 times to get a HD box from them and when they finally had one, they only had a little black box one with no clock. After some research, I decided to add Uverse and terminate Comcast primarily because Customer Service was ranked higher for Uverse than for Comcast.

I have a billing and a technical glitch I am trying to resolve and called this morning to talk with someone in billing and in technical support. I have now been on hold while working in my office for the past 80 minutes and still have not been connected with anyone how can assist me in solving my problem.

The technical problem is associated with my Uverse DVR. When I try to replay the recording it runs for minutes and then freezes so that I have to restart the program and advance up to where I was when the problem occurred.

While watching a replay of a football game, I had to do this about 9 times in 3 hours which became really really annoying!!!!! Basically, when I set Uverse up, they wanted a credit card for record and assured me they would never try to automatically bill on that card. They used it to bill my service about a week ago. That problem has now been resolved. Now, I am waiting for technical support and it is minutes and counting! But, the bottom line, Comcast has been trashed for having poor customer service.

I have been on hold now for minutes plus and still cannot get through to anyone who can help me resolve my technical problem. How much worse could Comcast Customer Service actually be? I am going to try this and see if they can fix the problem. If not, Comcast, here I come!!! I currently have Uverse and am switching back to Comcast. I was promised a 12 month pricing and my bill went up after 6 months. When I called in they apologized and said they corrected it but come the next month the price shot up again and I was told I could not have what I was promised.

I downgraded my plan and months later when I called in to order the sports package was once again offered a special package at a lower price.

Cable is good and Internet is fast. I think I may just cancel services and go back to a free digital reciever from the state. That will show the big cable companies ya right ….. So much for trying to get the economy back on track! After reading the comments, I have mixed feelings. Would love to hear feedback. I live in the SF Bay area. I had both and I can see benefits on both sides. U-verse is popular for those who are more concerned with cost.

But, things are very different in terms of the way we use the internet and our needs are different too. With more and more demand for data speeds i. Look back on ATT history and see what the top brass had decided for you. They are banking on people switching because of price. That seemed to have worked.

I based my choice on the overall user experience. I paid lots of money to have these and I want to get the most out of them. If you base your choices on price, go with ATT. If you want to get the most of your tech, comcast will give you the speed you need to get all of your investments. Be honest with your comments. This is not as clear as you make it. I just signed up for Uverse from Comcast.

I am pretty amazed at the different in picture quality. Comcast HD is significantly better than Uverse. I still have trouble with the Internet reception. I have a box for each of my Televisions and Voice has been much better after they exchanged my modem. It only took them a year to find out that it was the modem, after rewiring from the pole and then telling me it was my security system that was causing the problem, which it was not I was getting music on the phone while you were trying to talk not while you were waiting.

They say that I am saveing all this money even though there charges keep going up We will soon see. This is not true. I had Comcast for 7 yrs. While I had a few install problems due to our house being old, I did not have many issues after that. I never paid for the service that covers you if a repairman comes out, because I had none.

When I called customer service for any of the few issues, I received credit and understanding. When I called customer service to talk about billing and new incentives, I was always able to switch my programming or offered an incentive. My address did not exist in the system and it took them 2 months to figure this out.

The company is new—so I was patient. Changes in next version of Windows Judge rules FBI can hack any time, any, place, anywhere. The show will be pre-empted during each political party convention. No listener phone calls due to there being no phone lines in the studio. Macrium Reflect Free is a disk imaging program that saves hidden partitions. Get it at macrium. Charter halts Time Warner Cable Maxx speed upgrades. Going back to Windows 7 or 8 after an unwanted Windows 10 Upgrade.

Making pulled or used hard disk drives usable. David Perry on keyboards. Macrium Reflect disk imaging program comes in Free and Pro editions.

An Android Marshmallow User Guide. The free upgrade to Windows 10 ends July 28th, with an exception for people with a visual impairment. The Lenovo Accelerator utility, pre-installed on their consumer PCs, is buggy and should be un-installed. A good-guy hacker found a vulnerability on an election site, reported it and was arrested.

A Beuler flashlight can record video and still pictures. The premiums offered are here. The tricky way that Microsoft scams people into upgrading to Windows Some Android smartphones have an FM radio.

Microsoft released a new clump of bug fixes for Windows 7 called a convenience pack but you must use Internet Explorer to get it. Joe gripes about Android phones not getting bug fixes.

Android apps are coming to Chromebooks. How to erase all the data on an old computer before donating it. Master Seeker for searching through your files on Windows.

Classic Shell is a great add-on for Windows 10 and 8. It restores sanity to the Start menu. Kaplan is the national security columnist for Slate and the author of four other books. Dark Territory details United States strategic directions and actions in cyber warfare. It is eye opening. No listener phone calls. Because the show was two hours, the audio is 44Kbps rather than the normal 64Kbps in an effort to keep the file size small.

Its about 41MB, our regular shows are about 28MB. What is a VPN? The Opera browser will soon have a free, unlimited browser VPN. Congress and email snooping. Charter buying Time Warner Cable. Replacing the CMOS battery on the motherboard. Getting rid of old Windows XP machines includes installing Linux. Michael suggested a lightweight version of Ubuntu called LUbuntu. Chrome browser extensions will soon have to disclose more privacy information.

New Pentium and Celeron chips from Intel. Uber had to turn over data to local governments. New Vivaldi web browser. Drones and 3D printing by Marty Winston. The difference between Windows 10 Home and Pro. John Wink from Microsoft will help with Windows update issues on Windows The iPhone SE has limited and non-expandable storage.

Apple regarding access to a locked iPhone. Amazon is cracking down on junky USB type C cables. An FAA committee proposes official categories for drones that fly near crowds. Buying a new but discontinued or refurbished device. Bugs with iOS v9. Netflix was caught throttling video for Verizon and ATT customers.

Petya ransomware locks down entire PCs, not just data files. A British backup company, Knowhow Cloud Backup claimed that they kept 30 days worth of backups. They did not, they only kept one copy of each file. Hank reminisced about advising him. New stuff announced by Apple. The FBI backed off on their court case against Apple because they may have another way to hack into the iPhone in question. SD card classes are transfer rates. See some competing programs. Who writes our laws? The Electronic Frontier Foundation has asked the court to throw out unconstitutional Apple order.

Shahid leads EFF's grassroots and student outreach efforts. He's a constitutional lawyer focused on the intersection of community organizing and policy reform as a lever to shift legal norms, with roots in communities across the country resisting mass surveillance. Ray Tomlinson also passed away, he is credited with inventing email in the s. The first ransomware that attacks Apple Mac computers was released. Apple is giving the Chinese government access to its devices for what is termed "security checks".

How long before an SSD without power starts losing data? There is a new Raspberry Pi. Apple on unlocking an iPhone. Hank thinks its all mis-direction. The court order from the government is available here as a PDF.

Google will discontinue Picasa. Microsoft Mesh was discontinued a while back. How much ram do you need? Why might email disappear? Edward Yourdon passed away. Apple recalled some 2 prong electrical plugs. Error 53 bricks iPhones. Hidden OS partitions on the hard drive. Amazon may open real bookstores. Moore's law is finally coming to an end. We offer a program that shows how fast a fan is spinning in the premium.

Also there are two file recovery programs for Windows. Microsoft Surface tablets failed during a football game. New PCs will only run Windows Disney is being sued over H1-B Visa violations. Michael suggests turning off Wi-Fi on smartphones and tablets when not in use. Also, he suggests changing your router password.

For more, see RouterSecurity. No more free iTunes radio. How two cameras co-operate to make a good photo. Don't forget passwords or serial numbers. Reminiscing about film and a new Super8 camera from Kodak. Alfred Poor on wearable tech from CES. The New York Public Library is opening up new material at publicdomain. Remarks by General Michael Hayden. Upgrading Home to Pro.

Davids Pi cable kit. Hank suggested using Recuva from Piriform to recover deleted files on a network drive. Hank recommends Windows Hidden partitions on new Windows 10 PCs. Test mode in Windows Factory Recovery in Windows Free upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro with: British battery chargers from EE are being recalled.

Hacking Linux, Macs, Chromebooks with the backspace key. More on upgrading to Windows 10 this time starting with an ISO image. It took Hank over 3 hours to upgrade to latest build of Windows ISO upgrades require the serial number of older version of Windows.

It should be on a sticker. Hank says Windows 10 ready for prime time. Internet Explorer will be discontinued in Jan Bugs in antivirus software. EFF not happy with Chromebooks. Turn off Windows 10 spying on you, its called tracking. Windows 10 has a hidden partition. Hank gripes about Windows laptops. The WordPress hosting site was breached.

Getting files off an iPod. Microsoft OneDrive storage was decreased, now they are increasing it a bit. National Security Letter gag orders. The NSA is now doing less spying. In Internet Explorer, use Firefox or Chrome. The new phone number is Gene Amdahl passed away.

Windows 10 ISO file. Dell screwed up the security of their computers much like Lenovo and superfish. Vizio smart TV spies on you. Windows bug fix rollup. NY Times article on how Black Friday deals are not really deals at all. Hank and Joe debate new equipment vs. Windows 10 Fall Update. Malware on Android and iOS. If you install Windows 10 on a PC and have a problem, tech support may tell you to go back to the prior version of Windows.

Microsoft will soon download Windows 10 onto Windows 7 and 8 PCs. Trusting Windows bug fixes. T-Mobile is doubling everything or are they? Verizon fudging unlimited data. Building a HiFi system. Laptop screen sizes and battery life. No show next week. SunTrust bank reversed their position.

Black Friday discounts are exaggerated. Google may combine Android and Chrome OS. Windows 7 will not be sold by Microsoft after October Large businesses are the exception. Running Windows 10 on old hardware. Dave suggests Linux for old hardware. Buying from local retailers. Davids new MacBook Pro. Differences between OS X and Windows. Western Digital is buying Sandisk. There was no show last week and there will be no show next week. Michael was on the first hour, Joe was on the second.

Audio levels for those not in the studio was weak. Tips on upgrading to Windows Suntrust wants techies, that they are about to lay off, to work for free. Articles about WiFi say nothing about security. Microsoft forces Windows 10 on unsuspecting users of Windows 7 and 8 in three ways - if you let Microsoft install bug fixes automatically. Hank says Windows 10 is too slow to run on old netbooks. A report from Alfred Poor of healthtechinsider.

Hank on the evolving PC. What is a Chromebook. CPU speed, index ratings and cores. T-Mobile data at Experian was hacked. Scam tech support phone calls. Get a free installation copy of Windows 10 as an upgrade. Every few minutes Hanks home Internet connection failed.

His Windows 7 system had two copies of Flash because an upgrade failed to remove the old version. Debugging thermal problems that cause a PC to turn off. Microsoft developed their own version of Linux. The origin of the Lotus spreadsheet name.

Debugging with motherboard beep codes. Parity on RAM chips. How to upgrade to Windows Windows 10 upgrade vs. FTC complaints against Google. Volkswagen software and punishment issues. Tech products are getting less secure. Seniors and the Internet.

Replacing a laptop keyboard. Next week 7pm to 9pm. Use the hash tag pcshow also use Alfreds handle AlfredPoor. Alfred warned that there is a lot of mis-information out there regarding student debt and jobs for college graduates.

Big problem is that most college freshman do not graduate. Employment stats for college grads. Recent history of college tuitions. Alfreds advice for college freshman. Advice on starting a business. What does it mean to be overqualified for a job?

Defining a Personal Computer. Expensive computers are more reliable than cheap ones. Microsoft Surface Pro vs. Apple device sales figures. What is a 2-in-1 device? New Comcast bandwidth caps. New 7 inch touch screen for the Raspberry Pi.

Layoffs at Seagate and HP. New legal ruling on Stingray devices that pretend to be a cell tower. New Apple Watch OS and hardware. The market for tablets. No more Intel science awards as of Toshiba may give up on PCs. Cheap Windows 8 laptops. Devices without replaceable batteries. Camera sensors, megapixels, color sensitivity and dynamic range. Recently it was uncovered that Microsoft is adding the same sort of thing to Windows 7 and 8 via these patches: Apple is adding adblockers to iOS9.

MIT can now print multiple materials at the same time on one item. Chrome is starting to block Flash. A Word tip regarding URLs. Troubleshooting power problems on Joes old Android tablet. Troubleshooting Hanks Internet and TV problems - it was the plug on a powerline adapter. Windows 10 privacy invasion and BitTorrent. Intel Core M cpu. IBM has expanded the support of Linux on the mainframe. David Perry reported on the hacker conferences: Fewer people are paying for cable TV.

Young folks get their video over the Internet. Windows 10 bug fixes. China is building a radio telescope. Teaching kids non-decimal arithmetic. How we pay for a smartphone is changing. Hank griped about WBAI and premiums. Alfred Poor on health related wearable technology. This week marks the 33rd year of the Personal Computer Show. More on Windows 10 including how Microsoft spies on Windows 10 victims, er, users, to personalize the system.

Joe King on the right to be forgotten online. Fund raising offering a whitepaper by Hank on Windows 10 and Flash Drives.

Laplink Software PCmover is available free for non commercial use. Critical bugs in Android and the Apple App Store. The Defcon presentation on a new security device called ProxyHam was canceled for an unknown reason. Comcast is planning their own streaming video system with over-the-air channels and HBO.

How secure are passwords stored in the cloud. Lying on security questions. Windows 10 RTM is done. Hanks thoughts on installing Windows Windows 10 will let you buy WiFi service from Microsoft acting as a middleman for many WiFi providers. Apple watch sales are down. Marty Winston on whats new in electronics. Joe had bad experience with Verizon and a good one with Time Warner. Joe had a bad experience using Netflix on a cellphone data plan.

Microsoft Office is free on smartphones but its complicated. Changing the maximum duration of YouTube videos you upload. There will be some more fundraising. Companies selling your private information.

Buying and registering a car. The studio now has a table. Armand DiMele has passed away. Email questions to pcradioquestion at gmail. Disney laid off IT staff, got bad PR, then reversed course. Electrical providers and solar panels. Apple not paying musicians. USB portable power sticks. How to tell if a Windows app is 16 or 32 bits. Send questions by mail to pcradioquestion at gmail. Since David Perry could not be on the phone, he recorded a segment on keys, locks and passwords.

Hanks white paper premium. Finding IE in Windows Windows 10 fast and slow rings. Features missing in Windows 10 Home Edition. Patch strategy in Windows The new studio has issues. Our premium is finally listed on www. About Congress and the Patriot act and the Freedom act. Cisco cooked the books on sales. Stealing money from the IRS. A Chinese antivirus company cheats. NSA phone datea is illegal. Solid state drives lose data. The show is pre-empted next week.

May 6th and 20th we are on the air from 8pm to 10pm. No show on 13th. Some cellphones have internal AM radios. Time Warner will not be purchased by Comcast. New Windows 10 browser is called The Edge. Don't click on links in email. Hank discussed installing Linux on a Chromebook. Fraudulent reviews on Amazon.

Hank recommended a free email program for Windows. More on cleaning data off a hard disk drive. Sales of notebooks and desktops are up, tablets are down. Hanks first impressions on Windows Click here to download a beta copy of Windows 10 without registering. Upgrading pirated copies of Windows to v Wiping a hard drive.

David suggests not trusting a free VPN. Dan Rosenbaum on wearable technology and voice recognition as the next Killer App. The new Apple laptop computer. Alfred Poor on the hype around the Apple watch. He is not a fan of using it for medical trials or of research kit. Sting Ray devices used to track bad guys.

Marty Winston on consumer drones. Samsung TVs listening for audio commands. Computers don't always help students. Scam state tax returns detected by TurboTax.

Michael discussed a private IP address that may let you talk to your modem. The Flash Player from Adobe continues to be buggy. No more Google Glass.

A portable WiFi sniffer. A new mainframe from IBM. Replacement batteries for a Mac laptop. An interview by Jeff Fox about Make! Very few Android devices run the latest v5 OS. Google will not fix a bug in Android browser.

PC sales are up. New Chromebooks will boot from a USB flash drive. Apple Thunderbolt peripherals can contain malware. Some cheap Chinese Android phones have a back door built into the OS.

Scam tech support calls for Windows users. Stealing fingerprints from photos. How Microsoft numbers Windows bug fixes. Do we chose an OS first or apps first? Linux tax pep programs are limited. Subscribe to our podcast using iTunes opens in a new window. Podbean has archives of the PRN. Right click to download a show. Linux is 25 years old. Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa meetup comes to life.

Facebook partners with major banks to roll out WhatsApp Pay across India. Back to Basics on Computing Hardware. Facebook flags Declaration of Independence as hate speech.

TSA says fliers will face more scrutiny for powders in their carry-on bags. Supreme Court decision on sales tax for online retailers. New cellphone plans from Sprint and Verizon Wireless. Sprint lowers the cost of their unlimited data plan. Facebook sharing user data with phone makers. The FBI recommends everyone reboot their router.

FCC Alerts on Robocall scams. Facebook's Clear History Privacy option. Many Amazon Reviews are fake. They interfere with my gaming it seems. I tried setting a manual IP on my Xboxlive connection but it will not allow me to connect after doing this it's in range of allowed IP's.

I am trying to apply QoS settings to give it priority over everyone else, I have the rules in place, but everytime I reboot the router, it dynamically assigns a different IP to my Xbox! So how can I specify QoS?

Is there a way to allow individual IP's on the network to be static? Or am I going to have to set up each one individually with it's correct IP address? Hopefully you understand what I am trying to do. Is it possible for static and dynamic to co-exist through one router? Qos probably won't help as much as you'd like it to. Instead, look into setting up a permanent lease on your router, so it always doles out the exact same IP address to the a specific MAC address i.

I want to make a counter strike server but i can't because i have dynamic ip. I checked at properties tcp ip and it was obtain ip adress automatically.

Don't i have to call my internet provider to give me a static ip? You think it'll work? It would be smart, though, as this is a common problem. See the notes in the article for easy ways to get your external IP at any time.

However since the WAN IP is not static sometimes the line dropped and reconnected itself the remote computer cannot be set to route to one specific address. This make remote monitoring very frustrating, any tips? We have security cameras installed at home and these are connected to our home router and through that to a wide area network our security camera provider and on to the internet. To view remotely i.

However, if the internet drops out at home then the WAN tries to assign a new IP and will not assign it automatically. But we have to reset the WAN from the home computer and not remotely - for a reason I don't understand that doesn't work Any tips or tricks??

I would get a mssg about limited or no connectivity. When I run ipconfig to get my ip address i get following mssg: Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services for further help.

Unknown media status code. Here's the interesting part: I assigned a static ip Any advise would be greatly appreciated! Yeah, stop messing around with your registry settings until you know what you are doing. Here is what I am trying to do: There is a live camera type of software that enables user to bid on something remotely.

Due to the firewall settings I have at work, I am not able to get to this application as it comes back with a message like "server unreachable". I can run this applcation fine from my home computer. So the other day it finally dawned on me that I could use an application like VNC to start a server on my home laptop on a home wireless network with LINKSYS router and run a "vnc viewer" session from work to access the aforementioned application through my home laptop computer.

I have followed your directions and created a no-ip. I can see my ip address and I can ping my laptop by either IP address or xxxxx. The only problem is I cannot ping this address from outside my home network. I vnc'd into my work computer and try to ping my laptop from there without success. I also tried to vnc from my work computer into the home computer without success as well. I also tried your "simple p2p port probe" with a bunch of ports 1,2,80, I called my ISP provider and I need a total revamp of my internet connection: Your help is greatly appreciated, Vali As I've often advised, here and elsewhere, these problems are best tackled with the sinple strategy; "Think like a packet of data".

If you do, you will realize that you the packet is bashing its head off of your outside firewall. Open some ports, dude! George Aidam - I think you need a new ISP. If I want to connect to my office computer from home using Remote Console how do I get it to find the public address and then get inside the NAT to the static IP I have established for the office machine? You simply find the external IP or dyndns.

Simply setup a port-forwarding rule. This page is about something else. Timothy Misiko - It is connected to my router. After 5 days I got it working over the internet. I then went to stay at my grandparents house. I was worried that it had broken. The next day I rang my parents and asked them to check the ip address.

I noticed it had changed! How to I keep it the same. What do I do?! Scroll up to the top of this very page, where there is an article explining it. Your information did the trick! PPPoe Settings are what im using. I want to set my ip as. My router requests the true gateway of the ip adress im requesting not my routers.

Are you really Italian or Sicilian? Dark Royale - My question is, how to prevent these behavior? I'm really concern regarding this matter. Hope to find answers here. This is perfectly normal, as I stated in the article, above.

It's total shite and wildly overpriced. Anything else you'd like to know? My ISP says they do not provide them. Therefore, 1 is an external IP address my only option and 2 how do I get one? I read your article and most of the forum, but still feel confused re whether or not I need an external IP address. While this sounds like a generous enough offer, the idea that you would need a static IP to work with some web host is completely ludicrous.

I advise you politely decline, and seek hosting with a proper web hosting company; they are quite cheap; certainly cheaper than forking out for a static IP. I'm using a dsl router to a netgear wireless adapter , many thanks.

On Windows, I recommend uTorrent. Either way, yes, you need a port open, and yes, you need a static IP on your local machine the one running the BitTorrent client.

See the article, above, for full details. It's for the voyager , but mostly applies. As I like to advise, "think like a packet of data", and just follow that packet from them to you, open whatever ports and forward them to your machine, as you go.

As well as a static internal IP address so game data packets can find you via some port-forwarding , you need to tell the game servers your external IP, right? That is the only time it should cause problems. If I were a game player, this would be as good as a static external IP, pretty much.

Other than that, I recommend pestering the game creators to allow the use of dynamic host names like myhost. Then there would be no problem. Why they haven't done this already, like a decade ago, I do not know. Hosting a game server - It should not be necessary now, let alone in the future. In the future, one would hope that proper host names would be allowed anywhere IPs are now required except perhaps extremely secure setups , and then the actual IP address is irrelevant.

Otherwise, what was the point of creating the DNS system in the first place? I am using BT Internet, if this helps your answer. Many thanks in advance, Colin No, this will not increase the security of your admin - if I wanted to get around your IP ban, I would simply attack from via a local proxy.

Even if that weren't possible, security by obscurity is not a sound strategy. Instead, use a proper authentication system, with passwords, perhaps over SSL, or use pajamas or something. The only situation where IP security is useful, is where you have a fixed, static external IP. But even then, the IP part could be spoofed, and some other authentication mechanism would still be required.

Your first problem is that you are running the netstat command directly from a Windows Run command. When it's done, the window closes. Not a lot of use if you wanted to read the output. Instead, run "cmd" no quotes , which will open a DOS box.

Either way; once you have a DOS box open, then you run the commands. As for hiding your IP address; the only way to do that effectively, is to use secure proxies, or tor, or something along those lines.

This isn't the place to get help with that, though. Your second problem, is that your spelling sucks. Until you master it, consider Firefox, with its built-in spell-checking. My own spelling leaves a lot to be desired at times typos, like you , but those red dotted underlines quickly fix that. In theory, the two are identical. In practice, you may get better performance from a static IP address, though you would need to check with the users of a particular ISP to discover whether or not it was a change worth paying for.

Raghunath M - We told them that we already had a network set-up here and they didn't need to install a new line. They however sent out Comcast to install a line to their equipment here. The tech spliced into our line before our router and connected a new line to another router then to their equipment.

Is this a usual charge for a static IP and shouldn't their be a reduction in charges for one or the other services for using the lines in our house? We already pay I can't comment on whether or not this kind of thing is normal, though I do think it is a form of extortion.

Anyway, surely your wife's company is paying for this, so it's not a problem. Finally, now that you have this static IP, why not ditch your old dynamic line and use the static IP line for everything? And it would be easier I'm sure but what I need to do is be able to print from a remote location to the printer at the firehouse. For mission critical use, yes, I would advise you get a proper static IP. In most scenarios, this isn't an issue; in a minute or two, everything is back to normal.

In other scenarios,"a minute or two", could be the difference between life and death. My catalog page as of now is using this revolving ip address that change every so often. I know that they are high in price ATT that is: Threatening to switch to another ISP; I have found; will get you an instant reduction in any price. But there is nearly always a but! I am puzzled by the entry "Alternate DNS server".

Should I enter as you do " And if not how do I find out what I do enter. An answer would make your explanation perfect. It can normally be left blank, the gateway device usually your router; the device at the first IP address should handle all that.

If you happen to know the IP address of a name server that's available to you, you can enter that in the Alternative space. If the primary name server fails, the backup server kicks-in. You put this in for instance if your ISP's primary server dies, then your server knows where to look as a backup. I guess I should have asked for just the DNS numbers They given access to ip address that i have provided, but my ip address is dynamic so how can i connect their pc remotely?

Tushar If possible their software will allow "names" as well as IP addresses , get a dyndns. Cheers a lot for your blunt straight forward way of solving things Martin F - I would like to know how I can allow people to log into my camera attached to my telescope.

I have a website www. Assuming you run the site from your home, you simply need a way to tie that domain name to your IP. That is what DNS is for; and the subject of much of the above article. Most of the dynamic host name companies dyndns. You might also want to take a look at zoneedit , which is free. I ran many anti-virus softwares, spywares, adwares, but the problem is same. Anything that comes after that must make even less sense, so I skipped it.

Security issues, was it? Get yourself a secure gateway and stop worrying, is my advice. Whatever makes you feel secure, is usually enough.

Is there a chance that if I set a computer or other device as static that it could possibly interfer with the way the DHCP router allocates IP addresses?

Or would that never happen? I use a computer to remote access into another computer. I have an icon set up for that A static address would ensure that I have the same connection each time.

I'm concerned that the router might happen to give someone else my IP address when I want it reserved for me. Once the computer has a fixed lease, it always gets the same local IP, and there are no conflicts. Is it possible to route requests without a router? If I set a static address on my host, will my host and VM be able to talk to each other eg. This scenario just came up, as in we're being asked to demo something but have no access to the client's LAN or routers.

This pretty much means we can just the laptop and the VMs on it. Thanks much Pixie It depends on your VM, but usually, yes, there should be no problems networking to and from one machine inside another. Check the VM's setup prefs when it isn't running. There's an online after download game and their web forum which have recently put an IP ban on me so that I cannot execute game program opening nor view web forum.

I am currently seeking a cheeper alternative. I haven't gone to those footnote sites yet which I cant see right now , but I thought I would toss the question out there "What would you do? I don't have enough information for a more technical answer.

Naba kishore - Because IP Addresses use numbers , and if you hold down the shift key with numbers, you get symbols. Or did you mean something else?

On most operating systems, the hosts file is queried first, and if a result is found there, he system looks no further. In other words, yes, the host file "works". There's quite a lot written about exactly how it works, here. I also like the hints on how to get IP etc. Can u tell "how can i send a message on pc2" when someone sit their Thanks for the article, it was very well written; however I do have a quick question.

After setting up my static IP, I can't log into my router for port forwarding. Have you seen a problem like that before? Any help is greatly appreciated. My wife likes to watch streaming video from a server in Korea Can a route be preset? Anand Ayyappan - I am facing a problem. I am able to ping using the dynamic domain name provided by no-ip. Hope your knowledge in this field will help me.

Thanks in advance Anand. I already understand the private ip thing, and port forwarding things etc. But, my problem is that, I need to assign static 'public ips' to a number of machines on a network four of them. I've got a list of 5 ips set aside for us by the isp, but I'm fucked if I know how to now assign these to the different computers - the ISP told me that they cannot help me with this - and the company we've bought the custom made software from have told us that all their other customers have had BT do it for them we don't use BT as our isp and he then tried to charge me for the privilege of sending me that email 30 mins of support my arse.

Anyway, I thought perhaps you might have an idea. Yes, I have googled around, but so far have not been able to work out what I need to do.

People keep talking about directing different ips for web servers, but this is slightly different and involves different computers so I'm struggling. Any help would be appreciated! Invalid starting ip " Now I want to forward my ports, but my Netgear WNRv2 router will not accept as the last 3 digits. Anything over works. But I change my IP in my interfaces file to something like Wish more technical articles were written like this - thank you.

I go in game, i find a server, i enter the server, i play for 10 seconds and then im thrown off the server, and i think its something to do with the router. What should i do? Amy Lomasney - They verizon lied to me that I was getting a static and am wondering if there is a solution for me. I have read through your article but admit I am terrifed to try on my MAC. Love to see more "simple" articles explaining "complex" stuff. Plus, nice site and sense of humor. How do I change my IP no for fooling a site when I coonect to it which happens to have put a ban for a whole 1 year period??

I've learned a lot about Static IP address from your article!! How do I do that?? It has made so many things clear to me in plain easy to understand English. Instead I see IPv4 Address Is this the setting that needs to be changed? The Connection screen says IPv4 Connectivity: Internet and IPv6 Connectivity: No network access, so I guess not but I don't like to guess. Thanks for your help. IPv6 isn't fully implemented, yet, and you don't have to put anything into those inputs.

If you have a lot of puters, it makes sense to do this at the router. That way you have one central configuration you can backup and restore in one single place, as opposed to dozens of separate configurations on as many machines. That's assuming your router can do this. If not, consider IPCop or similar. Nowadays I always recommend folk setup their static IP's from the router wherever possible as explained in the article. This way you never have to worry about configuring any of your individual machines.

The router is also the place where the port-forwarding rules live, so again, its backup is also the LAN configuration backup, all-in-one. If you didn't , how would the server know where to send the pages? If this bothers you, use a proxy. If you don't need DHCP, disable that and try again.

Is there any specific reason because most of them I have seen is told to assign the first network ip to the gateways. Is there something to do with dhcp. Alen Ghadimi - I rarely leave comments at sites but with yours I couldnt help myself, cause i guess i found it inspirational. I have a wireless printer on my network. I use DHCP for all the devices on my network, so everyone in the house can painlessly add and remove devices. However, to communicate with the printer my machine and every other machine needs to know its IP address and that must not change.

Is there any way to give the printer a static address but not turn off DHCP - its too convenient and works fine for everything else cheers. All printers HP used to get booted off network until we set up the static IP addresses. I had reaad about it in an obscure little article I belive in PC World, not a large piece at all. I am so thankful for the explanations given here. This is what I was looking for. I would find it helpful to know why even though one has static IPs one can still have a item booted off the network?

For example I understand that if one unplugs ones modem here and there or is it the router I would like more info about this as well as on the DCHP settings and as one gentleman wrote, it must be disable in order to have the static setting enabled. But I will take your word for it. LOL I just would like any more info that relates to this article eg.

I'm not looking for tech support. Althouhg if I could find any it would be grand; I;ve been working on the printer being off the network for days now. My more knowledgable friend is so busy Hence teh static setting, I get it. But when it doesn't work, there are reasons, those I would like to find someplace so I can try and fix this asap. Anyway, nice chatting with you all, this is a nice informatie place to visit and I wish more knowledgable folks would putinfo like this up.

I do but it is on birds, pain management anad grdeninv not on pcs. Now I cannot get everything configured where the laptop will logon consistently. I am guessing I need a static IP. Will what you described fix this issue? Can anyone help with iPhone and iPad connection problem? Then one day they both asked for the Network Key again which we entered, paying attention to case sensitive.

BT gave the advice to increase the Hub signal strength from 1 to 7 because we have several wireless devices trying to connect at the same time. It worked for a while, but no longer. We would be really grateful to learn of something which would be permanent. I had thought of assgning a static IP address, but then foumd this website so thought would ask here first. Bipin Rohit - They have an anti auth selling system, which detects the ip when logged in.

If the ip address that logs in all the time is the same, then you're safe, but if it's different, then you'll get ban. However, I've got ban, and when i asked them to give me an explanation, the game masters told me that I've logged in from different ip address, ip addresses that are from different parts of the world, how is that possible, i didn't tell anyone my game auth, and i don't think i got hacked as well. So i guess it's my ip constantly changing that caused me to get ban, mind if i know how to solve this issue or prevent it?

Reply me question please, by email or any methods, thanks. Therefore I cannot get access to the virtual Windows box. I have access to several hosted virtual Linux servers which have static IPs. For extra credit, is it possible to do the same thing, but with Win Remote Desktop access?

Thx for any ideas The answer for these sorts of questions is always, "Probably, Yes". If there's an ssh server running on the Win box, simply open another ssh session from inside the linux ssh session; only bandwidth and patience limits the number of links you can daisy-chain this way and that; more than once I've been inside a telnet session inside an ssh session inside a VNC session or three inside an RDP session; it can get quite confusing, especially over dial-up. Proxy Servers List ;o Cor.

We switched to cable a short time ago and just haven't cancelled the dial up. I am using it for a public wireless connection for visitors to use when in the building. These connections are thru two different internet providers.

We run an internal online sales system. I would like to be able to switch seemlessly to the dial up connection if the cable goes down, which it has a couple times. In order to do this I would need a static ip that will work with both connections. Is this a possibility? Even if the cable and dial-up connexions are with the same ISP, the chances of getting a static IP assignable to both is remote at best.

You could ask them. Check you really do need a static IP address, though. I did get a static IP for the computer, but could not get on the internet anymore.

I was missing what to put in the Default Gateway and Preferred DNS Server sections, so i just emulated your line of reasoning and it worked great. I really appreciate folks like you who put this free and invaluable advice on the web.

I am at lost to what is the cause of not being directed to the CCTV. Is this a port forwarding problem? A modem only modulates and demodulates mo-dem data for use with telephone lines; it knows nothing of "ports". Perhaps check the router isn't allowing the web interface yet blocking the CCTV's port, whatever it is. There was so much I didn't know! The "unknowns" were all covered for me! PS Added to my "favorites"! We have given up trying to maintain our own domain server and now use a remote hosted server for everything from MS Exchange to MS SQL and file storage.

Is it possible to pay but not too much for a secure internet-based service who would let each of us connect by user name and password or even VPN and give us a static IP address for onward connection to our server? However, they may have technical limitations preventing this, for example, their authentication system requires dotted decimal IP addresses.

At the end of the day, you may need to compare the cost of all these static IPs against hosting the server yourself. There are too many variables and not enough information here for me to give great advice the kind I prefer!

Also, the question has nothing to do with this article. In this sort of situation, usually it's smart to go directly to your campus' IT support department. I have a small group of computers, several in-house and several outside the LAN, i'm trying to simply host a server, not a website, only for PDF file sharing.

We want an electronic bank of information because of it's sensitivity and this way none of us have a the hardfile on our actual computer it will be password protected. The IP address I would get from namecheap, is that static, would that work for what i'm trying to accomplish? Thanks dude, rock on. You are confusing two issues. You don't need a static IP, nor a paid-for domain name.

Having said all that, by the sounds of things some kind of VPN might suit your organisation's needs better. Will retry in 60 seconds. Perhaps your firewall is eating the duc's packets. It's has been very helpful, and answered many of my questions. Thank you once more. Sandy Singh - How do i change the ip or make it so it will always stay the same?

Now I don't have to look up my ip address when sharing files on my home computers. Get them to contact you somehow, and see; even email is fine, if you know how to interpret the headers. Or you could setup a server somewhere and have them connect to it a juicy web page or ftp stash is enticing ; get them to setup a dyndns.

You could even ask them if they don't know their external IP, have them visit this page. Now I have configured my network! Next thing I need to learn is how to run X servers across the network. But seriously, this was a pain in the ass, as I was writing host files, and it kept changing. Thanks for the tutorial.

Can a static ip address solve at least 1 of the problems? Possibly; check with spamhaus. Well, people keep bring it up for me! I guess I should add a wee command line section; thanks for the reminder. Use some kind of proxy, Tor maybe. Personally, I would switch ISP immediately after a terse email to their customer support. The server and each client has static ip addresses.

My dilemna is that im moving and will be tranfering the entire network server and all to new location.. Let me ask u how would u deal with the following:

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