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I've tried Chrome and IE and it's about the same. You just have to make sure your internet speed is fast enough to handle it. I'm in Canada, near Toronto. I don't use Apple products personally so it is possible that they can do more than I give them credit for. They should because most of those streaming services are supported in Canada, but I haven't tested it myself. We love this app for its simple design and functionality. Also your advice on how to save on cable simply won't work here in Canada.

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Free Internet TV - A Complete Guide For Canadians

To get the full experience, you want to be able to control your TV with a remote - not a keyboard and a mouse. Fortunately, there have been many technological advancements in this area and there are a lot of HTPC remotes to choose from. After trying several remote styles myself, I personally have settled on a basic air remote with basic controls on the top and a mini keyboard on the bottom.

Fortunately, new software is continually being developed to create a better user experience. Support for Canadian content can be spotty - but it does exist. Plex is a free media server that allows you to stream all your media files from a single computer or NAS on your home network to any of your internet connected devices from anywhere. There are add-ons for Plex that allow you to stream some content from the Canadian networks. These add-ons usually aren't officially supported by the networks themselves so sometimes they shut them down to encourage people to use their own apps and websites.

It is open source software, so there are tons of community maintained add-ons available for it. The problem is that managing add-ons and keeping them up to date can be time consuming and takes a little technical know-how. If you think that the cons above seem like a huge mountain Want to pay less for cable?

Some links in this article may be affiliate links. We're letting you know because it's the right thing to do. The best version runs on Android TV. What are you talking about? But since you downloaded it on Windows and never used it, you wouldn't know that, would you?

I use both the windows version on desktop and the android version on tablet of Kodi. The interface is not the same, nor is how you arrive at the install from zip and install from repository options. I like the windows version and so far all of the add ons I downloaded and installed on the tablet are also working in the windows version on the desktop.

I suspect most people say the windows version sucks because they are following instructions for the Android version and quickly become lost since the options are in different places between the 2 interfaces.

Change your skin on your windows machine to the same skin on the android machine and it will be exactly the same. Probably want to download Confluence skin and use it? Are you still running Jarvis on Android? Android and Windows interfaces are the same if you are on the same version of Kodi and have not changes the skin. I've been a Windows guy my whole life. I've tried both Linux and MacOS but have never been won over.

I've tried some other OS too like Linux, but always come back to windows. But if you've tried Linux lately, it has got more user friendly and I'd compare Cinnamon or 17 much more like Win7 today: Just tested it yesterday, still works fine. I also tested Hulu. No Hulu, no Netflix. These VPNs seem to be dead in the water and it's been this way for about six months.

And yes, I've tried every end-round. Until something should change they have you beat. I am getting ticked off that yourself and others are still "selling". If you follow the steps in their guide, then it should work fine. For me, I didn't even need to go through the advanced blocking of IPs that they suggest some people need to do. Rebooting your computer will also flush the cache I believe. Also, if it was not working, I don't have the resources to test this on a daily basis.

I don't work for Unlocator although I am part of their affiliate program. If I find out it stops working, then I will certainly remove the parts that say that it works for Netflix and Hulu as soon as I can confirm that. Try contacting their tech support if you are still having issues. I used to use vpn 4years ago to get Hulu and US Netflx Hulu was the first to bump you off then netflix this past year..

I have since explored other means to get my content to me. I found it much easier to get what I want to watch on my hard drive usually within hours after being aired with a little program called sonar and nzbget to download them from usenet groups awesome setup.. I have tried Stephens way and half the sites you have to have a subsciption with a service provider to watch????

We use a combination of three things: This provides uncompressed HiDef local channels - better than cable or satellite hi def. For series and movies. It was a hurdle to make the change. But the results are worth the setup pain.

Watching TV where everything is 'on demand' is completely different. I can't imagine going back to cable or satellite. Our TV viewing habits have changed too much. Plus, there's a ton of content on netflix you can't get on mainstream tv. The TV is excellent, and not available on cable. It's about the footprint of a credit card.

I am aware of the Rasperry Pi angle - but I decided to leave it out of the article because it is a little more advanced and device is somewhat under powered. Want to make sure people get the easiest and best experience possible. I think paying a higher initial one-time cost is worth it for increased performance and convenience since you will be saving so much money on a monthly basis anyway.

Great cheap option though for those who are willing to put in the time. I am new to Internet streaming with any box but with this Jodi box, is it free to stream anything? I really want to make sure sports are available for my husband Will I be able to steam baseball games and hockey when they are on tv? Is it possible to get TSN free? I would give up my satellite service if it weren't for my CFL. I do that with my dad's account sometimes if there is some locked content I want to watch.

Wonder if they will do the same in So, if you only like 1 or 2 sports, you can still get access to them for much less than the price of cable. Find a friend that has TSN, get his password to watch on-line and viola Yes use Kodi and than go on the UK Turk lists addon Use sports and you will find all the Canadian Sports channels, You have to be patient as sometimes there is lagging issues however generally very good.

If you have any questions email me. Just checked here to see if you had posted my comments from yesterday publically. Was glad to see that you had not! Thanks again for this site - this section where people share is wonderful as are your very clearly written instructions. Just a small note of disappointment: I was unable to get the free unilocator service for 7 days when I tried yesterday. They kept redirecting me to the pay for service page.

Hi Bonnie - actually the comment did go up on the other article Save Money Challenge 1: Slash Your TV Cost. I think your comment is fine, but did you want me to remove it for you? I agree that a dedicated PC is the best option for Internet TV but it does take more money and time set it up properly, however you only need to do it once. For those who's not willing to spend too much money and effort , Roku is a great option because it's really simple to set up as long as you have broadband Internet Roku 2 and above are recommended.

I sure wish it was easier for the whole country to use a TV antenna Andy. I tried myself years ago but I got really crappy reception on 2 or 3 channels. You're right - the initial hassle of setting up a dedicated PC is totally worth it.

It takes minimal maintenance after you get it up and running properly. As always the networks with the most popular shows still require a subscription to a TV provider, such as History and Showcase on your list.

HBO requires a subscription. AMC as well however no Canadian providers are listed for their shows online. Is free TV on the internet really as limited as I see or am I missing something? It doesn't feel that limited to me Rob - always lots of shows to watch. If you supplement with Netflix or other streaming service, it's way more than I could ever watch. It doesn't have everything, that's for sure, but I guess it depends on how much those extra shows are worth to you.

I watch these through a laptop hooked up to the tv but have recently purchased a Goobang Doo MXQ so will be hooking that up soon. Enjoy the channels, they are all out there for free. Thanks for the suggestions Greg. Those sites are most likely hosted internationally so they can skirt copyright laws and prosecution. Using them isn't technically illegal - but the content creators almost certainly aren't getting a cut from viewership through those sites.

I try to stay with the official sites myself but everyone has to make their own choice on these things. I also use [removed].

It works okay for movies and television but content availability and quality will be disappointing for those interested in live sports. As already told in this thread, all you need is an antenna and the picture will be top quality. From time to time they have refurbished units that are cheaper, I bought one. By the way they are in Kanata ON. To locate the local stations, try this tool: Here in the Maritimes we have really few channels available with very spotty coverage.

I have used TV Fool before to locate towers, but in the end it wasn't worth the effort for me. I have been streaming tv for almost 10 years now. It is worth the time it takes to learn how to use it. I am currently a cable subscriber, but love the thought of saving money, but am concerned that I would lose the golf channel, tsn, sportsnet, and the food networks - can u confirm that I would still receive them.

Unfortunately sports is still a tough things to get through legal free internet channels. You are able to get it through some sketchier sites that basically rebroadcast cable or satellite feeds. If you live in major metro area, like southern Ontario, then going with Over The Air OTA would give you access to some stations with sports. CBC does stream the odd sports coverage online.

Check out the online schedule here:. I tried to access one of their programs online, and couldn't, even if I get it through Bell Fibe. I emailed them and got no answer. I think you can only do that from the U. Those two are not available to my knowledge. All the BBC channels do appear to be available live although they "recommend" you have a TV subscription to watch them. No sign in is required though. Aha - I guess I must have had my Unlocator account active when I clicked the link myself and not realized it.

Unlocator truly is a useful program as it positions you in the correct country depending on which site you are viewing automatically. It only does this for media sites with video, so you will still be treated as a Canadian on all other sites. I use an android box to watch my tv online. I've had a couple of different ones. They have quite a few international channels including Jazeera. This android box is for streaming tv shows and movies? I'd like to look into this.

I googled it and found www. I assume this is the correct website you got it from? I'm looking at cutting the cord from Bell, to really cut cost down from the very basic satellite Bell package which is getting way to expensive for seniors on a fixed income , to watch only free TV online, no netflix, no sports or paid content.

We're located in Quebec and there is no OAT reception here. Would you be so kind as to clarify a few points for me Would I be able to get these channels on a Roku? I'm glad you're able to find most of the content you want online already. I think you would be able to get the rest of the American stuff using a proxy like you're trying to do.

They only route you through the United States or other country when you are viewing well known website that serves video streaming content.

Otherwise, you will always appear as Canadian, which includes all the Canadian network websites. They even let you control your setting on a site by site basis for some sites where you might want view content from multiple regions like Netflix.

You get different content if you are American vs Canadian, so you can switch back and forth as you please using your Unlocator account.

UnblockUS doesn't mention any of these things on their homepage and I don't remember it working that way when I tested it a while back. I'd stick with Unlocator for the added convenience and features. They provide detailed easy to follow instructions for setting up each of your devices, or you can make a one time change to your router and then all devices connected through your router wired or wireless will automatically work including Roku.

The only thing with Roku, is that it might depend if you register with them as a Canadian or an American. I'd test it using the Unlocator 7 day free trial just to be sure it will work. There are also no limitations on the 7 day free trial - full immediate access. I don't know if Roku natively supports all those channels, I don't think so. Knowing that I don't have to switch DNS settings on my laptop once it's set up, and that ROKU doesn't easily stream the channels we're looking for and might not anyway, really simplifies things I'll stick with the laptop and forget about spending on the ROKU.

I'll just set up a very clear favorite list of channels and shows that we watch on the laptop Thank you for recommending Unlocator for their ease of setup, use and features, I'll go with them and set up the trial on the laptop only, when I know I'm ready to do some final testing Last year I cut the cord on the phone with Bell and set up with voip. So I now have another question for you Stephen. One to make the experience even more comfortable: I have been using a cordless mouse and one remote for the amplifier, to control the sound volume and mute commercials: You suggest an air remote, which I've looked at on Amazon.

If I understand well, it would replace the mouse I haven't used a keyboard in the tests I've done but it might come in handy? I used to recommend the Logitech Harmony line of remotes as a single remote that can theoretically control everything.

You had to use arrow keys on the remote to control the mouse cursor which was a major pain. I also needed to use a USB infrared receiver to receive commands from the harmony remote because that was its main method of communication.

Using the harmony software to recognize and configure all your devices is a challenging task anyway. If you want it to operate everything with a single button click like "watch TV" that turns on your computer, turns on your receiver, turns on your TV to the correct input, sets the volume, etc the programming can be tricky and error prone.

If one command doesn't get through to a device, then you're left trying to get that one device up and running. Although, stuck with multiple remotes, I still recommend the air remote control option like I recommended in the article. Thanks for replying Stephen. I don't think I was clear in my question, so I'll give it another try I don't expect one button click to do more than one action and I really like the idea of getting rid of the mouse and I plan on continuing to turn the computer on and off manually, so the the air remote with the flying mouse that you recommend is extremely interesting to me.

Does that make more sense? I so appreciate your wisdom. Yes your question does make more sense now, but I just threw in the "one button click" stuff as extra information that you may not have known was possible.

I have a similar remote I bought a while back from another company and I wasn't able to get it to do something like that. However, I see in the item description for this model it does specifically say it has an IR learning functionality that allows it to control up to 5 buttons on your TV remote.

I just bought a Roku today in southern Ontario hoping this would be a way to get rid of cable. Unfortunately, it would be wonderful for movie watchers, but I can't see that it replaces any of the channels my husband watches. He likes his sports and BNN, and I don't see any replacements for that. Re the sports, we got NHL for free, and I understand it allows him to watch any hockey games even if they would be blacked out in our area.

But he said, hockey's almost over, what about baseball, and I couldn't find any baseball channels for him. So if you're looking for specific channels, Roku doesn't do it. The reason I have it listed under the easy setup is because it is really easy to get up and running with little technical know-how or patience.

However, for what you get in convenience you pay for in available content. Most of the network streaming sites aren't available. You may be able to get some of them using a hookup with Plex. Roku is supposed to support most of the sports streaming subscriptions I mentioned a few comments above yours of course you have to pay yearly subscription fees for those. However, I'm not completely sure they work in Canada. They should because most of those streaming services are supported in Canada, but I haven't tested it myself.

I'm very tempted to give your suggestions a try. Does the recent crackdown by Netflix affect your recommendation to explore Unlocator? Still worth it IMO. Also, you can cancel anytime. If you're concerned, give the free trial a go and see how it works for you.

They give you a big warning in your account settings about this so it is hard to miss. How are you accessing Hulu? I have been set up to watch US or any other country Neftlix for quite some time but have never been able to access Hulu as it requires a US credit card when you sign up for their monthly plan.

You don't need a USA credit card to stream the free content. You just need to find the well-hidden free checkbox that shows up when you are browsing content. I usually use the Popular Shows view to browse. Once you check that off, it will show you the video available to everyone without a paid subscription still a lot. Thanks Stephen for this info. Is there a lot of french shows and movies on internet tv? Cause Crave tv and netflix does not offer much. Hi Dominique, you'd have to check and see if French-specific channels are available Unfortunately that isn't something I've gone looking for.

I need some basic help. I want to watch netflix, nfl games and hbo. I have an older sony bravia which i have apple tv connected to but dont use much as bell fibe has netflix. I desperately want to cut the cord but want to transition in a smart way. Any suggestions which android tv box to buy? Well, you've got Netflix covered. Most devices can do Netflix no problem.

Getting HBO might be a bit harder. The Android TV box I mentioned in the article above should be plenty for your needs. Stephen, I want to watch BBC. The player that you recommended requires you to have a UK location. Where do I find it and where do I install it?

If possible, I would prefer not to use the laptop. Great article, thanks in advance. There is a link in the article above. You would have to configure it on your router if you want to use it on all your devices. They have guides that show you how to do that. Stephen; Is it possible to have TV and Telephone what happens to my email? I am 76 on fixed income and just cant afford it! I do not want Netflix, sports channels etc. We like news, history, PBS, national geographic etc.

US channels would be a bonus. Jim, if you want to use your existing computer, then I would suggest a ChromCast for streaming from your computer to your TV using hte Chrome web browser. You'll have to check and see if there is enough content on internet TV to keep you happy. Some live news coverage might be harder to get. Just play with the list I've provided above and see if that is enough for you.

You can use magicJack or Ooma for your telephone - just wouldn't trust it in an emergency. If you have a cell phone backup then it's fine. My hobby is genealogy. I need the internet for that. Sure, with different computers on your network no problem. You just have to make sure your internet speed is fast enough to handle it.

How does my iPad configure into this? I currently watch shows on Netflix via my iPad while on treadmill in a room with no TV. I'd like to maintain that. There's nothing wrong with AppleTV and the list of Canadian apps they support is growing. However, with an Android box you get the full Play store, whereas with Apple I believe they have a restricted store that is only good for AppleTV.

No reason you can't continue to use your iPad in tandem with whatever other device you buy. I don't use Apple products personally so it is possible that they can do more than I give them credit for. Hello Stephen I just discovered this site. I am not very technologically advanced. I have recently spoken with someone from INL3D. Their Android box seems quite user friendly. Do you know anything about their product? Is there anything I should be know before committing to this?

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to provide. I don't have a ton of experience with Android boxes myself, I just know lots of people use them and have read about them. They basically work just like an android phone but are more powerful usually and are meant to plug into a TV. You can get all kinds of different software for them that help you get a wide variety of content. Getting some of it to work well can be challenging and require tech savvy like Kodi.

However, if you just stick with apps from the Google Play store for streaming content, it's as easy as pie. Then you can play with more advanced stuff as you have time if you're so inclined. Don't know anything of that particular box so I can't really comment. Make sure you don't go for the cheapest model though. More power is better with these boxes. Short answer - Yes. Whether it is cable or ADSL, there are smaller providers that can offer substantial savings over Shaw, Telus, or others of that ilk.

You can search you area for alternative ISPs through http: This should be at least 1 to 1. If you email is with you provider myname myprovider. Otherwise it would probably mean getting an email account with yahoo or some other universal free email account. What I have done I use linux free on my laptops as it can make a slightly older machine seem young again, installed kodi with the exodus plugin on one, connected it to the TV, and I have TV on demand.

My VOIP home phone allows me to setup a 'simultaneous ring', so that if I am out and about, or the power goes out at home, calls to my home number still go to my cell. I intend to shave a little more by switching to 's speakout service for cellphone when my present plan expires next fall. It takes a little research and work, however it is possible to cut down the cost of all these 'mod cons' considerably. Sense your note on Mat 31, I have been told that the highest broadband I can get is 6Mbps down and one up.

Teksavvy tells me that 6mbps VOIP phone likely would not work good-cutting in and out etc. I don't have a cell phone. If I can make this work I will have to get a router to send wirelessly. Also I only have one computer and will need to allow someone to watch TV at the same time I am on the computer doing genealogy. I am beginning to think this can't be done in my area.

I am paying You folks have helped a lot and I thank you very much. I've had VoIP on a 5mpbs connection before and it was decent. However, if you are heavily using your connection for other streaming purposes at the same time, the quality could suffer.

It is tough to get a decent and reasonably priced internet connection in some areas - wish I could help you more with that. I have to say I tried Unlocator and simply could not get it to work. You are right, the instructions for installing the Smart DNS were simple to follow. I tried every suggestion made and there was no way I could access Netflix. I really do not feel this is an option anymore. Last comment I made it was working just fine after testing it several times.

However, the last few times I tried in recent days it didn't work for Netflix - but it did work for other sites. I thought it was probably because I haven't gone through the full configuration of my router didn't need to previously.

I haven't had a chance to test it out fully yet with the router to see if it still works. I will report back once I've had the chance to test. Is there any way to stream sports like hockey, baseball, and NFL to my laptop? I'd love to cut the cord, but sports is pretty much all I watch.

Thanks for any advice. In terms of legal ways, most of the major sports leagues now offer their own online streaming services. The prices vary and it changes depending on how late in the season it is. You will get a LOT more games with these services than you would get from cable. I'd pick your one or two favourite leagues and get a subscription.

Having recently dumped cable, I was very interested to read this article. However, I ran into the usual problems. When I tried to watch a video on Discovery Channel I got the usual log in with your cable provider bs. Not going VPN, so I'm pretty sure your article is pretty useless.

Only clicking a couple of links and calling the article useless seems like a bit of a stretch without much effort on your part. In the table it is clearly spelled out which sites have some locked content.

Discovery is one of those. I am going to cut my cable and go to an Android box, but I am not clear if I can watch shows as they are being aired? I watch the Bachelorette on Monday evenings, will I be able to watch shows the same as cable?

Not unless you have a friend with a tv subscription and you can piggy back off their login. Otherwise, you can catch your shows starting anytime the next day. I used to be able to get Global TV live, but it seems like they've blocked this now. I'm in Canada, near Toronto. I'm mostly interested in the news channels. Anyone at least tell me how to get Global? Hi, Thank you so much for all the great info! Right now, I use the netflix app with no problem, but I'm not sure how to watch tv shows I tried going on the internet app and then going on the website for each channel, but the videos didn't stream at all.

Just came up with some error every time. I haven't tested this myself, but it sounds like the browser isn't a full-fledged browser that can handle streaming video.

They essentially succeed with a "partial" success rate by being able to access some U. Bell Canada's DSL routers to not allow full bridge mode and their This has been a nightmare for me. If you really would like to help Canadians with this issue, please give a step by step procedure to set up a "full" bridge mode, most importantly how to stop Bell's IP from showing up on their DLS service. Trying to go to Bell with this issue is futile. I have tried their 2 Wire and now their newer Bell a Sagemcom FAST with my Netgear N, along with disabling their DSL, and every other button in their hub, plus using a wrong sign-on in their connection hub, and it still does not work.

The internet is filled with stories of frustrated Bell customers spending many hours trying to get their bridge working properly and eventually are forced to go back to Bell and have them re-set their system which they can no longer access. I didn't know this problem existed for Bell customers Scott thanks. I am sort of a Bell customer, but in the Atlantic Canada region so I think things are different for us here.

I wish I could be of more assistance to you on this but you've reached the limits of my expertise on this one. I hope someone else will chime in to help guide you. Scott, you don't disable anything, and as a network engineer based on what you're saying here especially your comment about bridge mode I'm thinking that you don't understand how a VPN works. Similar to how when you visit a website and a connection is opened to that server to get the HTML, images, etc Where the web connection shuts down after loading the web page, the VPN connection stays open until you shut down the VPN programme.

After connecting, the VPN programme creates a fake, or "virtual", network adapter on your computer and makes it look like it has a cable connecting your computer directly to the VPN server on the other side. The VPN programme then tells your computer that all traffic destined for the Internet is now supposed to go through that virtual adapter and to the VPN server instead of directly out your Bell xDSL modem.

If you check your public, Internet-facing IP address with a website like http: On Windows, for example, "tracert www. Just like the public IP address shown with ip4.

If those two simple tests do not show any differences, then you have incorrectly set up the VPN programme. BTW, a "bridge" in networking is when you take two or more separate network interfaces and combine them into a single virtual interface. You might does this when you have a PC with 4 network cards in it.

Normally, each port will be associated with a different network block i. To make things easier, you bridge those four ports together into one virtual one and then it would act like the 4 port switch on the back of your xDSL modem or your WiFi router where everything gets an address from that same A second example of bridging has to do with what is doing the authentication and login for your Bell xDSL connection. For the default setup that Bell likes to use for residential customers, you enter your Bell credentials into the xDSL modem you got from Bell and it manages the connection.

Alternatively you can bridge the xDSL interface of the modem with the 4 ethernet ports so you can plug a second device into the modem. Then on that second device you would configure a PPPoE connection using your Bell credentials and it manages your internet connection with the xDSL modem essentially turning into a dumb pass-through device. As for those stories of "frustrated Bell customers spending many hours" that you mention, as somebody with 25 years of professional experience in computer networking, including working for small telecom competitors to Bell, I find that they are the type of people who know enough to be dangerous but don't really know anything about networking.

They read some set of steps off a web page, don't understand what they really mean or why they might not apply to their specific situation, which is why they screw things up and have to call Bell or Rogers, or Shaw, or Telus, etc… to get things reset.

Sounds like you have an Android box Cindy. You won't be able to get all Canadian stations that way, but most of the popular ones have apps. Thanks for the help. The play store should already be installed as an app by default.

You just need to access your "app drawer" - I think that is what it is called" and look for the app called "Play Store". Android TV delivers a world of content, apps and games to your living room. Press the mic on your remote and tell Android TV what you want. Just tap the Cast button on your mobile app to start playing on your TV.

Single-player, multi-player, online or offline. Whether you play casually or go all-in, Android TV offers a new way to play. Grab up to four game pads, Android phones or tablets to play Beach Buggy Racing head-to-head with friends. Finish a level on your phone, then play the next one on your TV. Discover apps for movies, TV, music, radio and more in Google Play. Explore a selection of Android applications that you can use to make your Android phone, tablet, wearable, auto console and television one-of-a-kind.

Use the previous and next buttons, as well as the keyboard arrows, to change the displayed item. Or connect an Android TV device to your existing television set. No additional boxes or cables required. Explore the Android phones, tablets, wearables, auto consoles and televisions that you can use to customise your digital life.

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