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Does this have any correlation to what friends view your profile the most frequently? Just yesterday I was contacted my a guy who says he works for you by the name of Carl saabach. Changes, but when you click the profile again, it sets back to the new one. What in the world had happened! Attached to this mail is a copy of your verification letter from the Facebook Headquarters kindly download it and read carefully as it contains vital information about your winnings. Hi Pete, How were you able to revert back to the old profile please. I have made numerous attempts to communicate with Facebook, but NO ONE of any real responsibility has gotten back to me.

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Not happy one bit!!! Sir I only know his name and want to know his password only. Any way to have it auto reset? This app is so cool but i have one question. I kindly demand a clarification on this pls. How to deadeactivaz shadow account? There is no option for deleting account. I did not want to use. I just sign up to check whether its true or not. Help me to where to do deactivation. Hello admin… I wanna hack my own fb account… I forgotton my password….

Now zshadow not working because link become expire and hacker not working on site plz give solution Whenever i open site it not work. Hi all admin please can you help me out with the link on how to get the link to download the zshadow app thanks… I am Ade by name. Please I really need help from you, I have some accounts on my Z-shadow.

My victim has entered his phone number and password. Can I get it through profile link or else. Hi, I took the new link for Facebook. For a crosscheck I myself used the logged in to the link and when I came back My Victim List is empty, sent it to a close friend and he logged in I refreshed the Victim List and still it is empty. Then I created a new account and again we both Signed in to the new link of the new account but still My Victim List is Empty.

Can you please fix it. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. Hacking Facebook with Z Shadow using the website method: Hacking Google Account Using z-shadow: The first step in this process will be to open to go the website of the service.

For this, you will need to go on Google or simple open the official website of z shadow and enter it. Once you are on the website of the app, you will need to create the account in order to do any work on the process. To create an account on z shadow, click the sign up button and proceed. Now you will see a registration form for the sign up process. You will fill this form just like you do on any other website for creating an account and then you will sign up.

Once the process of filling the form and other things are done, go to your email which you have entered there and do the confirmation of your account by clicking the confirmation link in the email sent by the website.

Now you have confirmed your account and since it is created, you can now login and you are good to do the hacking process. This step is the most crucial step since here you decide whether which method you should choose to trick your victim. You could choose the service of providing the Facebook followers or any such offer from all the offers that are being provided by the app and once you have chosen the offer, create the link.

After creating the link, the next step comes which is sending this link to the victim and that you will do it by sending it through the Facebook chat.

Copy the link and send it to the victim in his chat. Once the target has clicked the link, they will see a new page which will ask them to enter their Facebook email and password. If they do this then your job will be done and you will be able to get the email and password of your target. Now ask the target if he has entered his or her email id and password in the link and if they say yes, then move on to your next job which is to get and see that hacked password. This is the place where you will be able to see all the hacked password.

If you are done with all the steps involved in the process, simply open this victim tab and you will know the password of your target within a matter of seconds and then you can use it for anything you ever wanted to do. Fist of all you need to log in to your z shadow account. After that, you would have to locate gmail or google in right side sites list. Then click english or any other language. A link will open. Now send this link to the person whose account you want hack means your victim.

Some tips to send phishing link to your victim are given below you can get idea from there. Now you would be able to access that password via victims page on z-shadow. First of all the most common method that most of the hackers use is to send the link via fb. Because the victim can easily be deceived.

If the facebook is not allowing you to share the link then use link shortner. If still you are not unable to share the link then i have another idea as well. Create a free blogger blog and share the link there and then send blogger blog url to your victim. You can also send the phishing url via email directly if you know that your victim uses email regularly. Click the link given in the guide to download the free Z Shadow apk and wait for it until it gets downloaded on your phone.

Move it to your phone if you have downloaded it on a pc if it is already on your phone then you are good to do. Now go to the folder where you have downloaded the apk file, open it, and this will start the installation of this app on your android device. Johnd August 23, Reply. Appreciate you sharing, great blog post. Pankaj March 23, Reply.

Arslan hi July 20, Reply. Ruben September 5, Reply. Please be informed that you have renewed my linkedin membership for this year automatically without sending me notification or reminder, you have charged more that dollars which is a lot..

Please cancell this membership fees that you taken few days ago and return the money to my credit card.. Worst customer support I have an issue that has not been resolved via back and forth emails. It takes almost an entire day for someone to get back to me. They ask me one question. This back and forth for one question may take three days…for 1 question. I like the site but if you need help with a complicated issue, they are the worst company I have ever dealt with.

I find it very frustrating that it is so difficult to find an email address to get help. I have gotten 2 emails that are from linked in that I suspect are spam but there is nowhere to simply forward them with an inquiry. Nothing else is needed. I can not reach anyone and all of my contacts are gone.

Your service lacks everything you people stand for. Maybe you should have trained your people to look at it people on hacking experience. I have emailed you so many support help with documentations and I am the one being punished? I have worked hard to build a reputation. I have tried to reach Linked In several times without any luck. My problem is that they want me to link to my son Adam Rider who passed away 2 years ago.

Very heart wrenching everytime they do this. This needs to be refunded immediately. I did not request this. My social network was hacked and I have had fraudulent charges against my account. This was reported to Wells Fargo and I received a new debit card with a new number but this was still charged. Please refund these charges immediately.

I have also provided the below email address that I used to have. I have since changed it to the one above because of the fraudulent activity. Hi, I keep getting a message stating I have been temporarily restricted from using Linkin. I do not have Facebook, but my wife does on the same home PC.

Maybe this is causing confusion. I have attempted to close out my account, but have been unsuccessful so far. Yesterday I had forgotten my password and was sent an email and successfully changed the password, but then the restriction showed up after logging in to Linkin.

I have attempted to follow the directions to close out the account, but it says someone else is using my Email? I have been trying for two months to cancel my premium membership. All I get is the run around. There is no customer service. This is all a scam and not worth the money or time. Linkedin been billing me every month for past years few dollors USD, just in Feb 26th , they billed my Citibank Master Card the following, what the xcuk!!! I want to unsubscribe from linkedin but am unable to do so.

Please terminate me from your system: I would also want to unsubscribe from linkedin but am unable to do so. I am unable to do so and I never subscribed to it. If I am not unsubscribed within 48 hours I will go to nighter headquarters. Terminate me from your system, no emails, no ads , no anything from linked.

I am going into the hospital for major surgery and do not want to be bothered by linked in. Hi I really need to talk with a person to solve my problem. My linkedin profile uses an email address of my previous employer. Customer support what a joke, no phone number or contact info anywhere.

Is this a professional site for professional people? I have another LinkedIn account from a previous employer but remember the email address and would like to transfer info from this account to my new one. Please shut my accounts down. I suspect suspicious activity going on and through all of my accounts due to this type of hacking. Shut my accounts down. No customer service with Linked in. The phone numbers only give you a fax number.

Customer Service has been substandard. I cannot call and I cannot get someone to call me. I need to cancel a subscription and we keep getting billed because no one will respond to my request. I need to speak with someone from Linked In. Must I call an attorney? I left a company and they deactivated my e-mail. Now I cant get back in to view or edit my profile. How can i get back into it without redoing my whole Linkedin page???

Should not be this difficult to do. Explains why our country is so unproductive. Due to hurricane aria hitting my town directly I have been unable to contact Linked in to cancel my premium membership.

Please have someone stop payments and refund my last payment. That money is vital to my survival. I have no phone service at this time. I joined linkedin a couple of months ago, but had difficulty getting anything up and as a result have not used it. I have as far as I know done nothing at all. I do not want the service. I wish to cancel my membership and require that I get my money back.

Customer service is unacceptable! I am shocked at how hard it is to find a way to contact someone at Linkedin. My dad gave me his iPhone5. I was trying to delete his iCloud account but then it requires its password. How can I delete this thing? Should I reset it or…? I tried to delete his iCloud thru the security questions. Thanks for contacting AppleCare chat support. My name is Alexis. Please give me a moment to look over your information.

I have a company iPhone 5 that was reset using iTunes that on activation is requesting the iTunes information of the last person that had it. I want to be able to remove this association but I do not have readily available access to the AppleID information.

To clarify and make sure I understand properly, your device has an iCloud activation lock of someone else that had the device at your company before yourself. AlexisFor an iCloud Activation Lock, there are only two ways to disable it. The second option is to bring in the original proof of purchase to an Apple Store to have the lock removed.

However, since it is a company phone, someone in charge of the purchasing for your company would most likely have to be the one handling this issue.

AlexisI do, most likely the person who does the phone purchasing would need to handle this on your behalf as it is company property. AlexisUnfortunately, even though the employee did not own the device they put their own Apple ID on there, which caused the activation lock. Apple takes privacy very seriously, so it is not something that can be overridden without having knowledge or proof of purchase.

Because it is a company owned device, the person who does purchasing may have the invoice or receipt to prove the ownership of the company, so it could be unlocked for you. Excuse me, but how is this a privacy issue? I just want the phone reset to factory state so it can be reissued.

AlexisUnfortunately, the person put their personal Apple ID on there, which they did not disable once they returned the phone. We do not have anyway to override accounts without verification, particularly via chat, only over the phone or in store have those options.

It has to do with privacy because that employee logged into their personal account, which contains personal data. Or an email address we can use. We own the device, and you are telling me I have to drive 40 miles with a receipt to be able to use it?

I dont want access to the current data on the phone nor do I want access to their AppleID acount. I simply want the device reset and erased. There is NO privacy issue here.

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