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Mortal Kombat 9 (2011): Kabal’s Fatalities
Raven Tekken 6 Frame Data. King Tekken 6 Frame Data. However, because his low option, Buzz Saw is unsafe up close, you have to be able to read your opponent before you can confidently commit to some of these mix ups. Alisa Bosconovich Tekken 6 Frame Data. One of his main strengths is his zoning and screen control.

Yoshimitsu Tekken 6 Frame Data. Zafina Tekken 6 Frame Data. Smoke Mortal Kombat 9 Guide. Mortal Kombat 9 Legend. Kabal Mortal Kombat 9 Guide. Scorpion Mortal Kombat 9 Guide. This fireball can be done in the air. You can shoot iAGBs low enough so the opponent cannot walk under them. The grounded version is very unsafe on block. Air born version has much faster recovery and is nearly safe.

Standing version will whiff on a neutral crouching opponent. The rule is that only one Gas Blast can be on the screen at a time. If you shoot another one before the first passes all the way through the screen, the first one will disappear.

This is only possible with iAGBs. Can combo off of an offensive jumping 3 or 4. However, this can be very difficult to do. You have to buffer the first B command into the jump kick for the Gas Blast to combo. Doing instant air Gas Blasts at the lowest height will build meter very fast. If you hit a jumping opponent from across the screen the following combo is possible. Very unsafe on block.

Does no damage on hit or block. Very good for punishing jumps from mid to long range. To do this, simply do the command for the move while you are in the Nomad Dash animation.

You cannot cancel into another Nomad Dash. There are cases where you can cancel the recovery of a normal move or string with NDC to give you frame advantage on block.

Useful for long range wake ups as this fireball must be blocked low. Has a large active window so you can easily do a meaty Buzz Saw on wake up. Good two in one mix up with Tornado Slam. So you cannot throw two Buzz Saws in a row. Knocks down on hit. This is an overhead so it must be blocked standing. Will grab the opponent out of the air.

Cannot be neutral crouched. Does more damage than Gas Blast. Much faster start up than Nomad Dash. Has super armor at start up only. The second blade gives this move a larger hit box, which makes for even better meaty low wake ups.

Kabal has one of the fastest sweeps in the game. On hit, Kabal recovers quick enough to jump over the opponent for cross up pressure. After the NDC, you are left at a slight advantage. Kabal is a very technical character with a high level of execution.

One of his main strengths is his zoning and screen control. His iAGB can be used as an amazing zoning tool, but can also be very difficult to consistently execute correctly. For it to be used to its fullest potential, you must do this move low enough for the opponent to not be able to walk under it. His Buzz Saw is also very useful for mid screen wake ups as it is a low fireball. He is able to combo off of multiple situations, however once again the execution can be very strict.

This takes some strong hit confirming reflexes as well as tight execution. However, because his low option, Buzz Saw is unsafe up close, you have to be able to read your opponent before you can confidently commit to some of these mix ups.

Nomad Dash Cancel is a very useful and tricky tool. But by creating them in 3D graphics, they can build them from scratch. Kabal's hookswords were first designed for an early plan of Baraka during preproduction of Mortal Kombat II. They were also used as generic weapons that were packaged with select characters in a line of MK action figures that briefly hit the market in , which were based on the figures of G.

In the original plans for Mortal Kombat: Special Forces , a pre-scarred version of Kabal was to be introduced as one of the Black Dragon bosses. Screenshots were released and the character model can still be seen in the game, though he has no name or special significance. Of note is that he had a Southern accent and left the player his hookswords for use. This concept was later used in Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks , where there is an optional mission to rescue Kabal in the Wastelands.

Being a Black Dragon warrior, Kabal is a ruthless but level-headed kombatant. His weapon of choice is a pair of Hookswords , which he can use to eviscerate his enemies with ease.

After being ambushed by Shao Kahn's extermination squads, he is forced to wear a respirator system to keep himself alive, and wears a mask to hide his hideous deformity, which is apparently so revolting that other kombatants would cower in fear because of it strangely though, in Mortal Kombat , the kombatants are oblivious to his face. Kabal's other defining trait is his superhuman speed. He is able to move at such blinding speeds he appears as a blur, making him the fastest character in the series.

His speed has even been compared to the Flash from the DC Universe. Kabal is mentioned along with Kurtis Stryker in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation as warriors having been captured by the Edenian general Rain , but they do not actually appear in the movie. Kabal made one appearance in episode 11 of the cartoon series Mortal Kombat: Sonya sees Kabal with his mask removed and she is startled, but later she expresses disgust over the prejudice he faced due to his disfigurement.

Kabal is shown without disfigured features in the episode. This page uses content from the English Wikipedia.