Safari cannot connect to internet?!

ipad will not connect to safari

Safari not working? How to troubleshoot your problems
Apr 15, 7: Apr 14, I connected to his computer using TeamViewer so internet is basically working , and then did a ping on Google. Similar Threads Why I am unable to clear the entire iCloud storage? I saw that nothing was checked. The login screen appears even if you usually login automatically.

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Why is Safari not able to connect to the internet?

Originally Posted by iMore Question. I checked my settings, safari is not restricted, I am connected to the internet,. I am not connected to any cellular network, so this only happens over wifi. Ive tried other wifi connections and it still doesn't work, so it cant be the router.

Possibly restoring as new. I cant send mail or messages, nor do I receive any Didn't work,nor did resetting network. Thanks for the suggestion I'm connected through wifi at home, I don't use 3G since im not connected to a service. Im on an iphone 4 What do you mean by a clean install? I got Kik from the App store before things started acting up. Originally Posted by qbnkelt. Originally Posted by Bigeric Originally Posted by Ledsteplin. How are you connected to the internet and on what device are you connected?

Is both Wi-Fi and cellular data enabled on the device? If you've "reset" your device is okay as long as the current installed iOS version is not corrupted. Having said that, you should do a clean install. Did you download Kik from the App Store or via 3rd-party source? Not Quite Right Trusted Member. It's normal for the iPhone 4 to be a little buggy on iOS 7 and 8. If you're on either, it may help to do these things.

To help your 4 run as smooth as possible, try these suggestions. This helps to not constrain the system. Get rid of unnecessary features. Yeah, some are cool, but they will bog down an older model phone. Toggle on "Increase Transparency" in Accessibility. Toggle off "Background App Refresh". Originally Posted by Not Quite Right. Originally Posted by gfederline9.

When you do, do you mind sharing what they say? I would like to know whats wrong with mine, and yours seems to have similar problems, though I'm unable to make a trip. Either way, I still don't have a solution for the problem with my phone and safari. Facetime, I have found out, is also not working. Why is only kik working but nothing else with internet works? I can't browse to any website using Safari; yet, Google Chrome and Firefox are working fine. The Mac App Store also reports that it cannot connect.

Whenever you experience issues with Safari, App Store, iTunes and any other service that uses the "same" WebKit, but seem to see no problem in Google Chrome or Firefox, it's good to check if you have your Proxies configuration clear. Since sometimes Chrome and Firefox override these settings for their own multi platform stuff , they may work while the formers fail.

In any case, if you don't know what it is, you can safely ignore it, but if you have FTP problems every now and then or FTP is slow as hell , check that and try again. The local ignores for proxies was added by the Operating System, but it's usually a good idea to have your local stuff ignore the proxy.

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cannot connect to safari on ipad