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I am having the same problem from time to time, I couldn't figure out what is causing it to happen so therefore I don't have a reliable repro I am using Lenovo X61 tablet. I tried the prevx. I like many other users am running windows 7 ultimate, explorer. I currently have Norton Internet Security installed. Thursday, February 18, 9:

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Anybody care to tag which ones resolved their problem? I fixed my by modifying the Shell key right click Shell leave rest but on value data: I scrolled quickly posts and made a conclusion that the issue is related to standalone computers. All W7 have the same issue. I have the same problem occur after a windows update. Is this really a joke? A brand new out of the box system with a single update and then suddenly a black screen, no mouse, no keyboard both wireless.

Just before this happened I had an issue with the video settings - they were automatically resetting to a lower resolution. So I am assuming this is a video issue related to the this crappy OS. Just as a side vent: Windows XP a very reliable OS is hands and shoulders above this shinny box garbage. I do not think it is due to virus or malware as the machine is new. Initially, on day 5since I received it, I found it only have black screen while mouse icon was shown.

I can start task manager - but I can not start explorer from task manager. I tried to restore the system to a previous point, there are 4 points, each after a microsoft update. But my restoration fails each one at last step. I decided to make a clean installation -- While Dell technical support seems a little scared at this idea. I make a clean installation, so everything is OK initially, but I found the network adpater and wireless and Broadcom USH and an unknown driver were not installed.

So I download the drivers from dell website and installed the driver. After restart, the system become worsen as after the system is powered up, it enter the black screen and without mouse icon. I can not even make another clean reinstallation, after the "Loading files" of restoration process, it entered black screen again without mouse.

I have the same problem. I ran Malwarebytes on my PC and it didn't detect anything. I currently have Norton Internet Security installed. I'm running Windows 7 Ultimate.

Now run the web id: Personally the prevx fix did not work for me and i was almost out of options before i found this site. I am using windows 7 and i would get a normal login screen, after logging in i would get black screen, no taskbar, no start menu etc.

The general info for checking out your registry keys is a good idea. I followed the instructions and all my registry keys were in order as far as i could tell.

The one thing that did resolve my problem was going to task manager, if i had access to the start menu it would be more simple. So i just give you instructions on running cmd prompt as an admin from task manager. Run this command by hitting enter. Latitude E about 4 months old, turned off Friday in doc, now boots to black screen, white cursor.

I can see my restore from a known good time and I can't restore it from rstcui. Better not have shipped the disk like this cause that's freaking embarassing if you did.

Seems like this is happening to a lot of people since around the end of Jan It is different than the other issue with prevx is given as the fix. You said that the task manager screen showed up? From there, go to processes and find explorer. End the process and then find File. From there, go to New Task Run Your desktop will now show up. Remember this as this problem might happen again. The step are as follows to make sure:. Hi i had the same problem. Here's another "me too, me too," but I haven't seen anyone address what I've observed yet.

Last weekend Feb 28, I opened my laptop and saw that Windows updates had downloaded and the computer needed to restart. I restarted, and then had this black screen problem.

Black screen on boot after Windows 7 splash, no login option. Restarted in Safe Mode, system started ok, rebooted, went to black screen again.

After getting past the initial frustration, I restarted in Safe Mode again, went to System Restore, and restored to the point before the Windows "critical" update. So far so good, laptop booted just fine. Now, move to today, March 8, Another notice that a Windows critical update had been installed and the computer needed to be restarted.

Hesitantly, I did so. I could not, not matter how many times I tried, get past the black screen Again, after getting past my very real frustration, I pressed F8 on login and went to the "repair your computer" option. This did not help. I tried again, selecting System Recovery this time. I selected the point before the first one. Went through it all again, selected the pont before the second one, and this time had success.

So, I say all this to ask the question The directions from the prevx fix for the run command to directly download and run the prevx fix does not fix the issue. No popups come up so I'm not even certain that is completely installing. I can then download the prevx file that way and click on it to run. Nothing happens, restart does nothing. So I can't browse files on my computer. I then have to reopen task manager to kill the locked one.

Booting from the W7 backup disk and running the repair tool does not work. It says something was repaired, but upon restart we're back to the black screen of death. I do not have a restore point to back date to so that doesn't work. Even though they should exist. This solution from another source was successfully completed as in the steps worked but it still didnt fix my issue.

What helped for me is described at the end of my thread "After SP1: For me, uninstalling my AGP chipset driver and having Windows reinstall it automatically was the definitive solution. Of course, other folks may be in a different situation and not even use an old AGP video card and still get that problem The quickest way to resolve the screen issue is to log in as the system administrator local administrator.

Add yourself to the users group, even if you are in the administrators group. Log out of the local administrator account and back in as yourself and the system works perfectly. Add me to the list of frustrated black screen victims. My case is a bit unusual in that I have multiple users set up.

Only the administrative user's account went to black screen, the other users were fine. System restore was of no use, disk scans and antivirus scans showed no errors. My cause turned out to be a power saver utility provided by my motherboard manufacturer. Uninstalling that fixed the black screen issue. That program has been installed for months, all I can figure is that something in Win 7 SP1 conflicted with it when I tried adjusting it.

Moral of the story is to undo any changes you made recently and not rely on System Restore to catch them all. Only your solution work.

I am stuck with the black screen and curser. It is completely black and only mouse curser which can be moved. I tried to go into Repair Computer Option and ran Start up repair, It said there is no problems found. But the next time I login the sam blcak screen and here at the repair area, nothing has changed to registry. I read so many articles in the past 4 days and tried load hive and try to change the key from cmd. Can you please please help.

I have few important configurations done in that system like outlook with 4 mail configured and it has 15k emails in it. This is just the example of a painfull situation that i am in. The issue happened wihen I did a force shutdown when the computer was unresponsive after showing desktop.

I've recently been blessed with this black screen on Windows 7 Pro and have read this entire thread for a solution. I'm on a basic Latitude 13 laptop with solid state drive. I can issue no keyboard commands or clicks. I can only move the pointer around. I've disconnected ethernet cable and disabled wireless. All versions of Safe Mode have the same black screen result.

When the hard drive is reinstalled, same result. In my case, a malware made this changed in registry. In process of cleaning my laptop and bringing it to normal state i. I may have found a solution to this problem, well atleast in a domain environment. We have four PC's running Windows 7 Ent and three of the machines are booting to the black screen after login, i opened task manager and ended the windows startup script process and bam, the desktop loaded as normal, so the script we are using thats comming from our server running Windows Server is not compatible with Windows 7 causing the black screen at login, hope this helps those of you in an domain environment.

This is more cheating around the problem then really fixing it, but here's how I did it. I just formated my hp laptop which had xp, to windows 7 prof and i kinda get the same problem and already tried the f8 solution. My laptop has an Nvidia Gforce grafics card and after i log in my account, after a sort period of time i get a black screen although the laptop still works for example i can see the hard drive work and the online radio doesn't stop.

Whats even funnier, if i connect a second screen everything works fine but i get kinda dizzy with 2 screens on my face and that can't be the only solution. Immediately, upon reboot, the system functioned entirely normal. At that point, I installed the drivers for the new board. I will be installing the drivers for the new video card next. Everything seemed fine, so I restarted in normal mode. The system is working just fine. I'm not sure that the disabling the Memory Remap Feature was the key, but it certainly worked in this case.

Maybe someone smarter than me could use this bit of information and determine what was happening. I spent a couple of days fooling with this and I am relieved that it's now working. I finally got my computer up and running! My screen was all black and there was no toolbar, the only thing there was the mouse pointer. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Remove From My Forums. Windows 7 IT Pro. Sign in to vote. Wednesday, November 18, I fixed this issue, I too had the same problem.

Here is how I did it. If you do not have the system restore points, try startup repair. Sunday, January 31, 3: This fix is opaque and comes from a third party, but it fixed the problem for me: Sounds somewhat plausible, but the fishy part is what caused that? They followed up with the non-null-terminated string hypothesis.

Before running Prevx's tool, the registry key existed, RegEdit visually displayed the expected value explorer. Yet, of course, I couldn't successfully log in. My pure speculation about the cause: Operating under that hypothesis, I ran Forefront on Wednesday using the current signatures, but it didn't report anything.

Another wild guess - perhaps the act of installing certain classes of patches could cause the problem, due to a hypothetical bug in Windows Update. Windows Update does something on boot up to configure patches, and it looks like this happens after login but before Explorer is running. If that's how it works which is a big guess , then maybe when WU restores the registry key value to explorer. Of course, I would have expect to see a bad value for this reg key in RegEdit if this were the case.

I didn't - perhaps there were some unprintable characters in the string, or I've empirically shot down my own wild guess. Perhaps something during upgrade may have introduced some registry corruption that didn't show up until another value in the registry was changed later? Proposed as answer by Blair Briggs Friday, December 4, 6: Friday, December 4, I had the same problem, until a few minutes ago. My problem was that I had a NAS box set up on my local network, and 3 drives mounted and mapped the the Windows machine.

I was getting ready to reinstall, when I tried rebooting the machine without networking in safemode. Pull out ethernet, or turn off router before login, see if it helps, if it does, use fix. If it doesn't, this was not the issue and I cannot help. Restart whatever machine you've got mapped to your machine, or turn it off, it's gotta need some repair. Saturday, January 30, 9: I experienced this problem today after installing an application called "Neatscan to Office 1.

The program appeared to install correctly and documents could be scanned into Office programs. Watch what you are installing. Neatscan claims Vista compatibility, but does not appear to want to play nice with Win7. Dell Latitude E, Windows 7 Ultimate bit. Tuesday, January 26, I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate, a brand new install not an upgrade.

I held off for a couple of weeks, hoping to see Microsoft come out with some sort of statement acknowledging that our experiences were real and at least begin working on a solution. I never saw one. I eventually decided to repeat what Brian had discovered and done, running the prevx. I haven't had the problem since and it's been almost two months. Based on this, I recommend others try it too.

My thanks to Brian's experiment and recommendation. Thursday, January 28, 7: Nobody can give some comments or advice? Marked as answer by Linda Yan Wednesday, November 25, 1: Thursday, November 19, 8: Hi, yesterday I installed Windows 7 and after a few updates and re-starts I now have the same problem. I have no idea what caused it and how to cure it!

I do not want to start explorer manually, each time I logon. Wednesday, November 25, 6: Linda, As I reported above this works but is not really a cure for the problem. Linda, To answer your question, I get the same issue with Safe Mode!

Also I created a new user to see if this was related to the user account but I observed the same thing. Wednesday, November 25, 7: Then I got prompted to activate with Microsoft so I did. Then i got this problem with a black screen. It happens whether I'm logging in under my user account or an admin. It happens under safe mode, too. Still doesn't launch when I login. What happened to Windows 7 and how do we get this fixed? Monday, November 30, I have also been getting black screens lately, but not exactly as you describe.

Several times the last days I had some explorer window stop responding. When trying to kill it, I get a black screen, and have to use the power button on my computer to restart Windows. When trying to kill the explorer window, I get the option to try to restart explorer this is what I select , but it don't work. After I try this, everything is black, and nothing works not even the mouse. I am running Windows 7 Ultimate. In my event viewer, under "System" I now get an error when starting up my pc.

The system cannot find the file specified. Tuesday, December 1, I have the same problem on my home machine. I'm getting various incarnations of this problem: Cheers, -MaF Manuel Fahndrich. Tuesday, December 1, 4: On my Vista 64 home machine I had this black screen also. I did the restore because my first indication of an issue was OneCare would not start. I also noted that I can no longer run a command prompt as administrator either. All of this seems related if you read the information from Prevx on the issue.

For the record, safe mode appeared to boot fine. But OneCare won't start in safe mode so I couldn't test it. Using the fix from Prevx I was able to get my screen back but the same issue with OneCare now exists. I suspected corrupted files but I now suspect a permission issue.

I also noticed that the program Steam from Valve stopped working but I just ignored that until now. Tuesday, December 1, 5: Restart and boot normally which makes the problem go away and make my desktop re-appear This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. Tuesday, December 1, 6: I seem to have the same and perhaps worse. Symptoms don't match exactly, however. Received a patch on Nov 24 or Upon reboot the computer laptop has a totally black screen. Not even the bios startup stuff appears.

However, the timing is impeccable. Received the patch, let it reboot the computer, and the problem started immediately. I was able to connect a separate monitor and see everything fine. Using the separate monitor, I can find no hint of the problem - other than the laptop screen not powering up.

After all the the problem still persisted. The laptop screen started working days later - don't know why. I did reinstall some non-MS updates to apps after the restore. Tuesday, December 1, 7: This happened soon after installing the updates. No matter what I tried the computer would not respond. I installed prevx's fix last night and it seems to have corrected the problem thus far. Wednesday, December 2, 4: I had a very similar issue to this. I just bought my computer two weeks ago and had this happen the night I set it up.

I first happened when I restarted. I called HP and they had me press f8 until the bios menu popped up. I was then able to restore default settings. I had to do it twice form Windows to even boot. It's only happened once since then, and again it was after I restarted. I used the same method to get it going and have been ok since I'm guessing it is related to all this. Thursday, December 3, 3: Thursday, December 3, 5: Linda, I am having the same problem as these other people. I activated the OS at that time.

I've never seen this happen before. I decided to use the phone method and was able to activate it. I'm not saying what is causing the black screen but this has happened to me at least 3 times now.

I've always forced the computer off and then rebooted successfully. I didn't know about the Task Manager trick. Whether this is a problem introduced by MSFT or not, I would expect MSFT to listen to their customers, believe them, take this seriously, and do something about it rather than generally telling the world that there isn't a problem.

Give us a diagnostic. Try to simulate our experiences. Thursday, December 3, 6: Add me to the list of the "Black Screen of Death. I have kept current with Microsoft updates.

Yesterday, I experienced the same problem. The computer booted up to the User Account screen. I logged in and at that point the screen turned black. So far, I have only been able to resolve it by logging off through the Control, Alt, Delete keys and restarting the computer. I have a Radeon video driver if it relates to this problem. Either Windows 7 has a bug or one of the later updates in November created the problem.

Microsoft denies the problem is related to these updates. They should investigate the problem again. It can't be ignored. Thursday, December 3, 9: This will open the advanced user account properties dialog box. You can also get to this screen by typing run in the command box and then typing.

When you uncheck it and click OK, you will be prompted to enter your current password for the currently logged-in user account. Now restart your computer and you should be good to go.

No more having to type in a password or having to click on one of those user icons. So how do you get it back? With a registry tweak. For the different views Windows 7 uses templates. What type of template Windows 7 use for the folder can be seen in the context menu of a folder on the tab "Customize". To activate the free sorting for each of the 5 file types "General Items", "Pictures", "Documents", "Music" and "Videos" in the registry must be set up a new template for each of the 5 file types that allows the free sorting.

Therefore open registry editor "regedit" and go to this section: There create this new key: For the other four folder types create a template in the same way:. Files in newly created folders can now be sorted.

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