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Best Linux Torrent Clients for 2018
Perhaps you miss uTorrent a little too much? My Rec ommendation for KTorrent. It serves it purpose well, but a small nag, it sometimes consumes a little more memory compared to the others! Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Deluge and qBittorent are also available in Ubuntu repositories.

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Top 5 Torrent Clients For Ubuntu Linux

Very minimalistic, straightforward design philosophy. Files can't be downloaded sequentially. The app is hiding too much information. Pre-installed on multiple Linux distributions, including Ubuntu. If data is corrupted, torrent file has to be re-added. No proxy server support. Works great on a seedbox with its web interface. No preload magnet metadata.

No built-in search engine. My Rec ommendation for Deluge. My Recommendation for Deluge. No web seeding suport. Does not preload magnet data. Can't "force start" downloads. Functionality can be extended with a variety of plugins. Demon not lightweight as expected. No built-in broadcatching support.

Includes minor UI issues. My Rec ommendation for KTorrent. My Recommendation for KTorrent. Works great even with a high number of torrents.

My Rec ommendation for WebTorrent Desktop. My Recommendation for WebTorrent Desktop. Missing some more advanced controls.

My Rec ommendation for rTorrent. My Recommendation for rTorrent. Can be managed over ssh. Handles lots of torrents well. My Rec ommendation for Tribler.

My Recommendation for Tribler. No local peer discovery. Uses P2P onion routing to provide anonymity. Has a p2p search engine that can never be taken down. No website needed to find torrents. I am going to list top 5 torrent clients for Linux , which are lightweight, feature-rich and have impressive GUI. Ease of installation and use is also a factor. Since Ubuntu comes by default with Transmission, I am going to exclude it from the main list.

Transmission is perhaps the best Linux torrent client. One of the reasons why it is the default Torrent application in several Linux distributions, including Ubuntu. Deluge has been chosen as the best torrent client for Linux by Lifehacker and that speaks itself of the usefulness of Deluge.

Fast, sleek and intuitive interface makes Deluge a hot favorite among Linux users. Deluge is available in Ubuntu repositories and you can install it in Ubuntu Software Center or by using the command below:. As the name suggests, qBittorrent is the Qt version of famous Bittorrent application. Sort of lightweight and have all the standard features of a torrent program, qBittorrent is also available in default Ubuntu repository.

It could be installed from Ubuntu Software Center or using the command below:. Tixati is another nice to have torrent client for Ubuntu. It has a default dark theme which might be preferred by many but not me. It has all the standard features that you can seek in a torrent client.

You can measure and analyze bandwidth and other statistics in nice charts. Vuze is the favorite torrent application of a number of Linux as well as Windows users. Apart from the standard features, you can search for torrents directly in the application. It also comes with a video player that can play HD videos with subtitles and all. Vuze can be installed from Ubuntu Software Center or using the command below:. Frostwire is the torrent application you might want to try.

It is more than just a simple torrent client. Also available for Android, you can use it to share files over WiFi. You can search for torrents from within the application and play them inside the application. In addition to the downloaded files, it can browse your local media and have them organized inside the player.

The same is applicable for the Android version.

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