Mikrotik IPSec Tunnel/VPN When Both Sides Have Dynamic IPs/DHCP

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How to configure a MikroTik IKEv2 VPN & connect iOS devices (iPhone/iPad)
This is only done in HO. If you feel so inclined, please leave me some feedback if you found this useful. Chris, Follow the dns update script above. You are commenting using your Twitter account. First the cabled tests, although it was configured as an access-point also, it did not have any clients connected. An external user contacts one of your services running in Site A. Well, there you have it folks.

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You can figure out their numbers by issuing print commands from a terminal:. You can see that the script resolves the IP address for siteA and siteB, then sets the entries as they should be. Well, there you have it folks. So if you have DHCP at both ends and you are trying to establish a service that requires IP addressing, you can use this script to make it all work.

If you feel so inclined, please leave me some feedback if you found this useful. Thanks for this, it works like a charm. You are correct sir. Strange but any ideas? So the IP update script is working, but the settings update is failing. I assume you checked your time and date on the run portion of your script? Possibly you have it set to start January with a repeat every 5 minutes, but the time on your router accidentally was reset to January ?

Hi Greg, Yes the script works, but when scheduled it does work. The dates are correct and it also shows me a run count, so the scheduler is working. Could it be that there is a delay in contacting the DNS server? Lets see if anything is being reported. Also, put some informationals in the script every so often so you can see if it is just jamming up on a specific part: Thanks Greg for your great tutorials.

Keep up the good work and have a good new years. Great videos and information by the way. I owe getting OSPF off the ground on my network to you!

JB Whichever interface is in the same subnet as your remote addressing, set arp from enabled to proxy arp. I have done this an am successfully able to get connected. I have enabled proxy-arp on the internal interface.

I can connect to the vpn and ping any IP on the network from my netbook. Also check that the network you are connected to is not set as public in your file sharing. Then check to make sure that file sharing is enabled for work and private networks.

Also set your local address in your profile instead of the secret. Set the profile drop down to the one you just created. It is helpful to mention that the default firewall rules need to be adjusted as well to allow TCP traffic on port as well as the GRE protocol.

Email required, will not be published. Subscribe to comments on this post. Paperpunch Theme by The Theme Foundry. Filed under Mikrotik , Networking. I believe you can specify the same local address, not that it will help with your question. Kindly to have explanation how to figure this out. Thanks in Advance, Indra, Are you trying to print from the hub site to the remote or are you printing from the remote to the hub site. Hi I have a problem. Francois, Try enabling proxy-arp on the inside interface.

I will appreciate any help. A very informative site from a guy with a very cool name. Thanks for your help. Jay Are you using windows 7 pro? Normally you do this once: Open the MSC file in a text editor that understands Unicode. Save the MSC file. This is the mapping table of ProgramMode values to the UI: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.

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