How Iran Is Taking Over the Middle East

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Iran's "terrorist affiliates and proxies," the report said, "demonstrated a near-global terrorist reach. It stretches to Lebanon, where the Iranian-backed Hezbollah is the unquestioned power and is pushing to enter the political mainstream. Messenger with the need to comply with applicable laws. Microsoft refused to explain its move. Iran's influence in the Middle East is greater today than it was six years ago. Shielded by his immunity deal, Salih conspired with the Houthis to destabilize his successor's government, and while the world was watching helplessly, the Houthis captured the capital in September In Iraq, the U.

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Even when Assad crossed the red line Obama had drawn by gassing his own people several times in , Obama simply negotiated a deal with Assad to hand over his arsenal of chemical weapons. That was no help to the , Syrians who were killed by Assad's conventional weapons. While Syria was a former ally of Iran, today, it is more or less its proxy. Yemen When his people finally rose up against him in as part of the Arab Spring, the corrupt dictator Ali Abdullah Salih killed his nation's youth on the streets for almost a year until a deal was arranged so he could step down without fear of prosecution.

Iran supported them, as it did the Iraqi and Lebanese Shiites. When Salih stepped down, his successor was his respected and reform-minded vice president. A defected army soldier backing anti-government protesters rides a truck as protesters march to demand trial for Yemen's outgoing President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Sanaa.

Shielded by his immunity deal, Salih conspired with the Houthis to destabilize his successor's government, and while the world was watching helplessly, the Houthis captured the capital in September A few months later they forced the new president to resign and then flee to Adin in the south.

Overnight, a leader who was a legitimate ally in the war against terrorism was toppled by a militia supported by Iran -- all while the Obama administration was almost completely silent. He is not in charge of the entire world, after all. Obama could have done a lot. Iran's nuclear program is the main issue over which Israel and Saudi Arabia have expressed concerns. In , the Israeli air force attacked the Iraqi nuclear plant near Baghdad.

The attack bought Israel about a decade before Iraq was again close to making a bomb. Israel wanted to do the same with Iran in Bush refused to cooperate with that scenario. Saudi Arabia tried to persuade the U. We strive to balance the benefits of providing our users innovative communication services such as Yahoo! Messenger with the need to comply with applicable laws. US sanctions against Iran have not changed since last October , immediately before Yahoo!

The tightening of trade restrictions did not prompt Google to remove Iran from its country lists. Iranian nationalist bloggers have claimed Yahoo! The action included an attempt to Googlebomb the search term "Yahoo mail" with pro-Iranian websites.

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Amazon frags support for its own games controllers A basement of broken kit, zero budget — now get the team running Probably for the best: The meetings come as Macron and other European leaders try to salvage a landmark accord to curb Tehran's nuclear programme, which Trump pulled the US out of last May.

The Iranian film for next year's Oscars has stirred controversy at home both over the choice of a downbeat movie and for taking part in the Hollywood spectacle at a time of tense Tehran-Washington ties. The Farabi Cinema Foundation tasked with selecting Iran's contestant for the best foreign-language film category has announced its choice of "No Date, No Signature", which won best director and best actor at the Venice Film Festival.

Vahid Jalilvand's film, which has scooped a host of other awards aboard, tells the tale of two men tormented by guilt over the death of a boy in a road accident, set against a background of social injustice. Eyewitnesses claimed that diesel was leaking out of the oil tanker after the crash and footage showed the bus in flames with smoke rising from the vehicle.

NEWS from Iran, sadly 18 fellow Iranians have died in a heavy collide between a Tehran-Kerman bus and a tanker cnnireport The scene is painful but more disturbing is lack of action by government to save lives. With some 17, motorists killed annually, Iran has one of the world's worst traffic safety records, attributed mainly to widespread disregard for traffic laws, unsafe vehicles and inadequate emergency services.

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