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[Solved] IPv6 “No Internet access”
Joel Coehoorn 24k 8 70 But when I go to Test your IPv6. No, you router need to be setup to request IPv6. Go to your Applications folder; go to Utilities; and double click Terminal. I'm trying to connect to the wireless network created by the Airport Express so the router's wireless settings shouldn't be afaik relevant. Originally Posted by Callender.

IPv6 Connectivity: No network access

Machine is setup correctly: I'm very surprised at this since their Actiotec router has the settings to support it. I guess that explains why I can't get it to work From what I see in Verizon forums they don't support it even though they've been promising it for over 2 years now. Thanks for trying to help - at least i wasn't doing anything wrong on my end. Similar help and support threads Thread Forum ipv6 anyone know lots about ipv6?

Its apparently added into this newer edition of the cisco course im taking, lot of emphasis on it. I mean i know the advantages on it and stuff, its just hard, memorizing all the ipv4 stuff and then all of the ipv6 stuff plus all of the commands for everything and This will allow Windows to use the EUI industry standard to Please give me suggest for the same..

On the second computer I entered the correct password but was then told that IPv6 must first be enabled. I have verified that the box next to IPv6 is checked on both computers. Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation.

All times are GMT Yeah I tried the link above too and it says charters dns are standard and might not work with ipv6 sites, something like that. And I recently had a tech out the other day saying IPv6 I should have since its here. So what might be going on here? Does the modem need to be reprovisioned for IPv6 or something? Because it says its only provisioned for IPv4 atm. I've also personally experienced issues due to lack of rDNS, so both of those are real issues that they're doing good to point out.

Honestly i don't know why people keep asking about it. It means literally nothing to you if its enabled or not. Every IoT device configures itself now, its zero thought process for the end user. What game have you played that requires configuring ports?! None of that stuff happens anymore since the days of dialup. Or search "multiple sip router site: HI I was wondering when charter finally partially changed to it. I haven't noticed it until yesterday.

I did "what's my ip" in Google and it showed the new IPv6. I verified by checking other sites too and they came back with same results. No big deal or anything just wondering.

Yeah, I posted a topic last week that I enabled IPv6 when I was configuring my new router, just for fun, and that it worked in Native-Stateless mode. Napsterbater Meh MVM join: Your current configuration will continue to work as web sites enable IPv6.

You appear to be able to browse the IPv4 Internet only. You will not be able to reach IPv6-only sites. Are you in a legacy Charter area? Can you tell if they're using ipv6 autoconfig or DHCPv6? February 9th, 4. Join Date Mar Beans 1, Quite possibly there's indeed another host with the same IPv6. February 9th, 5. You should contact your ISP. February 9th, 6. First I disable Wifi. Then I enable Wifi.

I keep on 'refreshing' "ifconfig", and it shows there appears a or two? In my dmesg there is a line:

Ran fixit to enable IPV6 but still no IPV6