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FAQ Payment and Activation
If you are certain that the purchase was made at www. Battery type Li-ion 3, mAh 3. Spatial Audio 1st order ambisonics. When you activate Vuze Plus a number of plugins are automatically installed to support the various Plus features. Vuze will proceed to install the Plus plugins. We use cookies to improve your experience. Just 12x12x3 cm and grams.

Borderless VR

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If you have questions about Vuze products please visit our Vuze Forum to connect with our online community of users and moderators. We're happy to help and get you the answers that you need. I'd like to suggest you reduce the cost of the subscription. If everyone paid your current subscription fees for all services we use, we'd be pretty broke pretty quickly.

Therefore if you see it from our perspective, with all our differing budgets, a pay-what-you-can-afford model to remove the ads would be better suited to the end users. You'll then attract developing nation not just first world subscribers. Even in the first world I can't afford those fees for everything I want to subscribe to. The subscription could then be pay what you can afford? Go to the Vuze Plus Code Recovery page and read the instructions for recovering a lost code.

If you have confirmed that you paid for an official Vuze Plus activation code and you clicked the link at the end of the page, you will arrive at the Vuze Plus support form.

One of our kindly Plus support representatives will get back to you with your Plus activation code. Vuze Plus requires client version 4. You will need to upgrade to the latest client version before you can activate Plus. The latest client installer is always available on www.

Vuze Plus is able to be installed on three machines using a given activation code. Attempting to install it on the fourth machine will cause an error message to appear. If you have arrived here after clicking on the link in the error message, then that means your activation code has already been used to activate three instances of Vuze Plus, and it is time for you to purchase an additonal license.

There is a wealth of information there to help you master Vuze, as well as the new Plus features. Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds for Vuze Plus. Instead, we offer all of our users the opportunity to use Vuze for free for as long as they like before upgrading to Vuze Plus. We are, however, committed to helping you solve your technical troubles with Plus. Please check your statement to make sure that you made your purchase through www.

If this is the case, your statement should have a charge that looks similar to:. Unfortunately, if this is the case, the company you paid is not associated with Vuze, Inc. Vuze has always been distributed at no charge to our users, and it is available to download for free from a limited number of trusted official sources, as well as our own website, www.

If this is not where you obtained your copy of Vuze, we strongly encourage you to uninstall your current installation of Vuze and download an official installer from www. You may have dealt with one of these companies. We are not associated with them and do not receive any portion of the funds they may collect.

If you have dealt with one of these companies, we are unable to help you because the software you purchased is not a supported Vuze product and this company is in no way associated with Vuze, Inc.

If you are unable to get satisfaction from the company that sold you your software, you may consider contacting your payment provider to lodge a complaint or seek a refund. If you are certain that the purchase was made at www. Ask your family members if they did this. If not, then please call the number on the statement and a customer service representative will assist you. Vuze Plus licences are managed by a licence server - [ http:

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