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Connecting to a VPN is one click on both my laptop or iPad and I can connect both of those to my tv to sit on my couch and watch any event in the Olympics. I tried to watch the opening ceremony. Thanks Kevin, what a charming and helpful comment. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Here you can see an example from the Winter Olympics where we were catching some hockey streaming on, fittingly enough, the CBC website. With this daily report, the canadian news channel keeps you up to date about all the economics aspects of this industry.

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See all live tv channels Most TV Web Site: EuroSport Eurosport is the largest european sport network and offers viewers varied sports such as UEFA Champions League football, the Paris Dakar Rally, the Olympics, cycling, tennis, wintersports and youth sports like skating and surfing. Most major sports including football, basketball, baseball and college sports can be seen on ESPN networks. Web Site Discovery channel Discovery channel provides non-fiction variety programming focused primarily on the themes of popular science, history, and knowledge about the world, which are usually showcased as documentaries globally.

Also entertainment, business, science, technology and health news. The TV channel offers braking news stories, sports, afternoon court cases and classic comedy such as Sainfield and Scrubs. Billy Morgan's bronze in the snowboard big air means that Pyeongchang has been a major success, bringing the total to five medals. More than 2, athletes from 90 nations are battling it out in Pyeongchang to take home a medal, with plenty still left to play for. The action is turning the Winter Olympics into one of the most-watched sports broadcasts of the year, with over one billion viewers are expected to tune into this year's Winter Games, which last until February Whether you want to stream the Winter Olympics online, watch it live on your television via cable or watch it mostly without the constant interruption of commercial breaks - we've got you covered.

Here's the entire schedule of the Winter Olympics and the Winter Olympics medal table. If you're excited to experience all the drama and excitement at the Games, just be aware that there's a nine-hour time difference between PyeongChang and London, and a hour difference with Los Angeles. Here is TechRadar's quick and easy guide for how to watch the Winter Olympics or PyeongChang as some call it online from anywhere in the world!

Youtube and the Olympics committee have put together some compelling short videos on some of the lesser known sports think Curling or Biathlon. You can watch them straight from Youtube on the official Olympics Youtube channel not to be confused with the Olympics channel. Sadly some of the videos e. See how to do that below. This is the best way to watch the Winter Olympics online - from absolutely anywhere in the world - without any commercial breaks: This book is small by mighty.

The authors give a brief history of the sport, and a separate brief history of the sport in the Olympics. I appreciate that the authors treat the women as legitimate athletes, and don't put the women's records and courses in parentheses.

They also provide women-centric factoids as a matter of course in the text first regular women's event? A brief description is provided of the basics of performing each sport, and judging or winning the events. It it conveniently organized alphabetically by sport, but includes the sports schedule within the games on the first page of each entry. So if you are wondering about Olympic table tennis, one need only find it in the alpha organized book, and find out when it will be played.

If you have access to a paid subscription TV service, you can see just about anything on the web, live or after the fact. I know the games have already begun, but I think it is worth the price for the next 2 weeks. I give the book 5 stars because I have no major complaints; occasionally the authors use terms I don't know are they british?

This book is an interesting combination of information, including: Where will each event be held, what days, how many athletes, how many "golds up for grabs", and who are the main contenders? Interesting tidbits of knowledge, such as a history of the Badminton shuttlecock around the world "In ancient China Ti Jian Zi was the shuttlecock game, in which players used their feet to keep the sophisticated feathered shuttlecock aloft.

In the gymnastics vault, what is a "Twisting Yurshenko" exactly? See the answer, with diagram, on page Thanks to all the historical and technical information included, the knowledge here will not expire after the closing ceremony is complete.

The book also includes a nice set of appendices, with such information as discontinued Olympic sports Tug of War, anyone? A comprehensive index is also included.

As you might guess, this is not really a book to read cover-to-cover in one sitting. However, if you're getting ready to watch some Equestrianism at Greenwich Park, 27 July to 9 August , for example, and want to brush up on both the basics and the finer points, reading that chapter would be an excellent place to start.

I purchased this book a few days after the start of the Games and found it to be a fantastic reference for the remainder of the Summer Olympics. Simple, yet detailed information on every sport even allowed me to enjoy some events that I would have otherwise ignored.

I finally have a better understanding on the indoor cycling events pursuit and rowing sculls. This book also proved to be handy at answering many of the random questions that popped up while watching events like "I wonder what temperature the pool water is?

I am hoping a similar book is published prior to the Winter Olympics so I can finally understand and maybe appreciate the sport of curling. This was not what I was expecting. I thought I'd get a book filled with stats.

But this is a wonderfully, witty and very funny book. It has that most delicious Brit sense of humor. It is such a delight to read that I was up till past midnight reading it. Plus it gives all sorts of interesting data and factoids about the Olympics - just my cup of tea. Maybe I'll get the Complete Book.. But I would recommend this one for fun and as a gift for any Olympics geek.

One person found this helpful. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Easy read, great content. Good for those who don't know a lot as well as those who are already more knowledgeable about the olympics.

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