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It's more accessible than ever for new players to find good items! A toggled on ability will turn red to indicate it will be used for the next attack. Enjoy, much more to come, hoping to get back to regular updates to get the monsters all out there, so I can move on to the next big phase. You can also fish in it! The dopplegangers will now always mimic your gear Level one maps now spawn the correct map size Using a heal charm no longer takes up mana if the target is already fully healed Increased chance for Ambush! If you are just starting you are probably going to come up short with the post count, fg, and join date. Arcade Discussion - Discuss our arcade games.

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If you have any questions, feel free to post here. I'm kind of new as well, I have an August join date, so not an expert. But I'll try and help if I can. The only thing I don't really like about JSP is their elitist attitudes. Also, I don't play ladder so it's hard making money on non-ladder unless you're trading some seriously godly stuff and oh you better have a trade history for it.

What are some good items to begin selling for micro transactions that are easy to collect for people new to the game? Nobody has had much interest in my simple items like Occulus Crystal. Would socketed white armors or shields go for anything?

Spirit or insight runeword stuff? I've found I don't even know what half the stuff they are selling is, ex: In game gold, pgems, low runes, eth or ebug items, white sockets items, socket quests, level 40 bumpers, rushes, grushes, runesets spirit, insight, etc.

Some of the few easier things you can sell. There's always demand for a char full of pgems or full rejuvs, you could get a couple fg doing these afaik. It's a little work and you don't get much for it but it's a start hehe.

Thanks for the info! I made an account a few weeks back but didn't know how to use it. I will give it a try! Thanks for the guide, was looking for this. Just to add a little to your great post, the economy is greatly affected by the ladder reset.

You can also find a niche market and make your money that way. Usually luck but you can also make a sorc right off the bat and rush people in exchange for their forge drops or set up a mf bot. Botting on a sorc is probably the fastest way. That's a lot of hell rushes, and I've seen people sell these runes at the very beginning of the ladder. I'll admit I've shied away from d2jsp since I didn't understand how the trading system worked. Maybe now I'll give it a shot.

Yes it was very intimidating for me too. I was lucky to have a friend kind of walk me through it like this post does.. Try it out though, worst case scenario, you just don't use it. Thumbs up for the writeup! I enjoy d2jsp, it makes trading for specific things so much easier when you can convert items into a currency and then don't have to depend on people needing the exact items you have or having a wide variance on what the value of the same item is.

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This means whoever has either: Making a selling post: People may post "bin" or they may offer on your item. Both players in game Me: Hey, SlayDotExe here Them: Don here Make sure you have both identified yourself.. Perfect shako - 2fg bin Enigma MP 15ed - 20fg bin Etc. If your post gets no interest: And as a bit of a disclaimer: You CAN be scammed.

Fixed a bug with objectives where starting an objective, leaving and returning while another character holds the game, caused other random objectives to become enabled has been fixed. While a lot of testing went into this, there will inevitably be things that were missed.

I will work hard to address all bug reports as quickly as possible. I thank you in advance for your patience. Thanks to everyone that helped test this version and provided feedback and ideas! Please review this page before reporting "bugs": Welcome to hardcore season 3! Welcome to softcore season 17! This was set to 99 for all objectives, which would not allow you to complete any objective once you were over level You will not receive auto notifications when groups outside your range are created.

Level and quality depends upon what level you explore the maze at. Within those zones are specific monsters, native to that area. There are no random encounters for turning or moving on explored spaces, traps or wells. At the end of each map is an "uber chest". As an aside, the map system has been planned since mid, with big inspiration from Dragon Quest 9.

This was something that fit in well with my overall design plan on Ladder Slasher, namely, the ability to jump into instant combat action, while still having a sense that there is a world or something to explore. It also fit well within the already defined and designed monster eco-system, and compliments it nicely. As many of you already know, the DQ series has been a huge inspiration to my game designs, so this is just one more tribute to such a great game.

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoy the new features! Make sure to return to the main http: Kotnaschor Reset the SC Ladder! Welcome to softcore season 16! Note that any item data that is too long will not be sent. Added some ladders that show the last 24 hours, week, and month guilds and players to the View Ladders page: Hope you all enjoy the updates! Special battles will still be designated with unique random mob names - Ice Mastery can now spawn on items - Fire Mastery can now spawn on items - Lightning Mastery can now spawn on items - Earth Mastery can now spawn on items - Wind Mastery can now spawn on items - Element Mastery stats will increase the damage of that particular element, as well as increase your elemental resistance against damage taken for that element.

Much more to come, hopefully soon, getting more pieces done towards some longer term goals. This is a fairly big step in that direction. Please separate fish stacks accordingly and explore the feature now to make sure you understand how it works. This means that some monsters will attack a bit faster for their first attack, but some will be slower to react than before. This also only affects the first attack, not subsequent ones. Hoping to get 1. Apr 20th 7: A new end game challenge has been unlocked and added for everyone.

Monsters will now continue to get stronger beyond level 70, allowing for some high level races and challenges. Your achieved higher levels will actually mean more than vast amounts of time, as well as offer new rewards towards higher drops and bonuses. More rewards, goals and bonuses are to come after this update.

A contest for the monster abilities will be posted shortly. Enjoy, much more to come, hoping to get back to regular updates to get the monsters all out there, so I can move on to the next big phase.

If it does not, you may need to refresh or clear your cache. More to come Enjoy! Still not the "big one", but I decided to try and get back to incremental updates as much as possible, and figured out some ways to do so that will hopefully put updates out more frequently. In any case, I am pleased to announce v1. You can get to rank 4 on tier 1 fish, rank 9 on tier 2, rank 14 for tier 3, etc. Bits and Pieces - Added new objective: Also, make sure to return to the main http: Have fun, and keep on slashin'!

Welcome to softcore season 15! All monsters and there abilities are and will be listed here as they are discovered: Will probably extend the contest to these here shortly! Some functionality may not work if you do not have the proper version. Monster information will be posted here as people discover the actual correct monsters and their ability s: This is still not "the big one", but we're getting closer. Only relative to you joining the group, just like their stats - You can now click to select a charged ability icon to use it on your next attack without using hotkeys - Slugslider now has a chance to use Call For Help slugslider more details on http: Previously I posted some teasers regarding monsters.

Each monster has an actual name, with abilities associated with it. This is the beginning of transitioning to that. Please do not post "suggestions" on ability changes or what other monsters could do, until all of them are released over the coming months.

Thanks all, and have fun! This is not "the big one" that I am still working on, but it does have a lot of nice updates none-the-less. I am still chugging along on the bigger updates forked out, so I can get as much done in pieces as possible , and hoping to continue more frequent updates in the near future.

In the meantime, here are the 1. Slash the Swarm lvl 20 Added new objective: Four Corners lvl 25 Added new objective: Elemental Education lvl 45 Added Catacombs Auto Dummy Pilot which will attempt to explore the maze for you automatically. Please note that it is as it says, and will not take the smartest routes, and may sometimes go around in circles, and does not have an explicit intent to explore every unexplored space. Also note that you will still have to engage between fights, and if you find a treasure chest.

This feature is for those that "hate to drive", and have no one in their group that wishes to do so. Thanks everyone, and have fun! Edit Jan 26 If cost amount is Wildmike Resets Sc Ladder by njaguar on Aug 27 Welcome to softcore season 14! Cole Reset The Ladder!

Welcome to hardcore season 2! After a quick turn-around, I am going to go ahead and release v1. Below is the changelog: Essences will now auto-stack. Remove a stack from your inventory if you do not want it to increase further. I am pleased to announce the release of Ladder Slasher v1. Below are the release notes: Increased drop rate of totems Pressing the Escape key while a text box has focus will now cancel focus off of that text box Added a Keyboard configuration section to the Settings window.

This means that the minimum values that can spawn will be tied more directly to the tier of the item. No more 5 heal catfish, for instance Base Fish heal ranges have been changed from per level to per level Base Comfrey minimum heal value increased As usual, please return to the main LS index page, and click your resolution again if you have it bookmarked.

I have rolled all of the fixes into an official release of 1. This is fixed; it now nags you to turn it on instead. This should fix the ASE errors with glyphs! Thanks to everyone that reported these errors, and your help in narrowing them down!

Especially the last one! It should show v1. Welcome to softcore season 13! I am proud to announce the public release of Ladder Slasher v1. See below for details. If you feel someone is "leeching", you can always kick them from your group or not. Mirror Maze client bug on final fight fixed - Bug fix: You can now use just the right box on skills that have two boxes but can have single item input example: Fishing in the dark well no longer restarts client side regeneration - Bug fix: Spending points in primary class abilities will net you the best results, while classes at or below your class will result in less results, and class abilities above your class the least results.

You can use it according to the type and key you have assigned it to. He assigns it to the Ctrl key, by Ctrl-clicking it on the stats window. All three can charge simultaneously. Please note that heavy weapon melee will still have the 2 second cooldown. A new portal category and complete guide on abilities will be added as time permits.

I have the ability to modify the effectiveness of abilities without restarting the server. This will allow me with the players help! Going into this release, it is a given that not all of them will be perfectly balanced, but with the help of the community, we can make sure every ability is reasonably and well balanced against the others, so that there is never a single predominant choice that everyone chooses.

Also, please note that most all of these abilities will be changing over time as the game continues to progress through development stages. This will make more sense as future upgrades are made. I also plan to create an ASE reporting tool, that will simplify all ASE reports and put them in a single location where I can review them accordingly.

The features announced in the previous version are still going to make it into LS, just not in this version. Also, the mob changes will still come, but have been postponed to at least the next release. Thanks to Dan and Kevin for their help testing!

This is the lowest item you can use to gain a proficiency point in that skill. It should display v1. Will continue working on resolving the remaining ASE reports, but these were the two big ones that people had been reporting. Congrats to ironmind for resetting the softcore ladder! Welcome to Softcore Season 12!

Some game dynamics have changed compared to past versions. Changes and New Features: Client and server codebases have had complete overhauls to improve performance and reliability Groups are now persistent, in town and out. You can now venture into the catacombs, and your position will be saved upon returning to town. You can create a group, then enter catacombs while you wait for people to join.

Plus more that you can discover! Returning to town will not reset the map or fight if you are in one Mob spawns in catacombs has been adjusted to be more strict based upon how many people are exploring.

This makes it solo-able, and also more interesting for larger groups. All the bonuses for large groups still apply the more in your group, the better! Upon exploring the entire maze, if your entire party returns to town, when you go back into catacombs, it will automatically transfer you down a level to a new map. Most objectives can now be completed without a full group, and some can even be completed solo.

Falling through a trapdoor or exploring the whole maze and leaving cata and returning will re-initialize objectives that you can complete. Drop qualities have been increased Groups are now managed and created via the Group Tools icon in the bottom right of town hotkey: F Any available groups will automatically be found and displayed when you first select your character Damage and healing is now displayed in a new format, and you can tell who the source and target is.

When a charm is used, it is displayed on the screen, so you can tell when an enemy is casting vs. Can now change equipment during combat A skill icon will appear when a group member is doing a skill eg, a fish when they are fishing, etc If a group member is not in the same location as you, their character will "fade out". This will indicate that they are in cata while you are in town, and vice versa. This bonus increases with group size. Only works in groups of 2 or more.

The more mobs, the slower the cast rate. No Maze No More, required level 55 to complete, must have completed Hack the Horde A text notification will appear when another user uses a glyph on you Well of evil has been removed from town Dark pools can now spawn in catacombs, and function similar to how the well used to. You can also fish in it!

Removed some old mobs, and replaced with newer ones see below for more info on future updates regarding this You will now receive notifications after you receive new private messages on d2jsp.

Critical hits are now displayed in red text All melee weapons are now modified by a strength and dexterity combination, rather than pure strength or dexterity. Ratios are listed on the Weapons page on the portal. PvP is now real time, and player position specific PvP is divided into 10 level rooms, for instance, levels are in room 1, in room 2, etc.

Up to 10 people can duel at a time per room! Dueling is now HC safe, there are no deaths in PvP, only knock-outs. You must be next to your opponent to hit them use the WASD or arrow keys to move Melee requires that you are immediately next to your opponent not diagonal! Casting allows you to be 3 squares away in a straight line not diagonal! And many other fun and surprises waiting to be discovered! The next version will include a lot of new features that expand upon this version.

Some of them include: Huge Congratz To Dion! Welcome to Season 11 softcore. Please note that all your softcore characters will be reset back to level 0, as the ladder has reset.

You will retain all your items and proficiencies. Good luck in the next season! Please read below for the updates and changes. This includes some really cool new features that enhance game-play considerably!