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Most allow you to live-stream any torrent file or magnet link you can find, direct to your Kodi-enabled device. Avast Free Antivirus raises the bar on security with real-time protection, intelligent threat-detection, and added security for your network, passwords, and browser. Apr 08, at 9: Aug 13, at 2: January 30, 1. Some VPNs constrain their users in the traffic.

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I would also like to mention that one of the reasons I selected HMA is because of the good-looking interface you showed. Their dashboard really looks impressive. Well…on my Mac there is no such thing! Only a little window to turn on or off the VPN and select from a long list of countries. Aug 06, at This might actually have done you a favour long term.

In terms of the dashboard, I use MAC too. Feel free to drop me an email with a screenshot of what you are seeing. Aug 07, at 1: Can you tell us the downside of using a VPN in Thailand other than the cost?

Is there much of a hit on the connection speed? Jul 29, at 8: Of course, when on mobile there are certain areas in Thailand where connectivity is poor, and having the VPN on exacerbates this. Jul 18, at Will this be available from 1st to 31st anytime I log onto the net, and even if I tether my connection to another mobile device?

Jun 26, at 2: Yes, with a VPN, you boot it before you start browsing. Once connected, you are secure. If you tether from the connection that i encrypted by the VPN, the tethered device will also be secure because it is using that connection. Jun 26, at Jun 12, at 9: Jun 12, at Hi being I am having problems with paypal,is using a visa to get hma a good idea,I have read some posts saying that they where having problems with third party transactions……Thanks.

Jun 13, at 8: Jun 13, at Jun 02, at 6: They can be handy if you are travelling in a group because you can connect to an Internet source and make it a WiFi hotspot, which allows multiple devices to connect at once.

That said, if you have an unlimited 4G package, multiple devices could tether off that connection. Jun 02, at 5: Jun 01, at 5: Jun 01, at Oh thanks man for the reply. No worries, glad you are finding it helpful. A pocket router is no different, you will still want to use a VPN to encrypt your connection and identity. Have a great trip. Jun 03, at VyprVPN allows more simultaneous connections — as long as everyone is in the same geographical location the Terms of Service state otherwise.

Interesting though, the link in this article brought me to a more expensive page. A search on HMA Pro took me to the 5. Hopefully, this information will be of use to those who travel outside the country.

I went with HMA! Pro for that reason. May 07, at 9: He shares my login while on holiday there due to the great firewall they have. I have just confirmed this with their support. May 08, at 7: Google voice works well for a free phone service.

I still have my account from when I lived in the states and I can now receive phone calls through hangouts on my cell phone. They permit 3 connections from anywhere in the world.

My daughter in TX uses one of my 3 connections and I use the other 2 here in Thailand. Loads of servers all around the world so you can appear anywhere you like.

May 08, at 8: I also found the connection inconsistent in Thailand. Good call on Google Voice no pun intended! I have never really felt the need to bother with a VPN in the past here in the States, and only vaguely considered it in Thailand, but after reading this I will definitely be using one when back in Thailand.

Apr 18, at I think VPNs are fast becoming the norm in many countries anyway, simply because people value their privacy. Moreover, VPNs provide an extra layer of security when online in cafes and public areas.

For example, I visited a cafe in a mall the other day. It was an open connection. Apr 18, at 9: I am test-driving vyprVPN and so far find it easy to use and the customer support acceptable. Thank you for your input re: I am definitely not tech-savvy, so I will have questions to ask of you as I use it, if you please. My wife and I will soon be moving permanently to Thailand Hua Hin and will be taking unlocked dual sim smart phones with us. We will be purchasing dtac or some other company sim cards here in the US and activate our phones when we arrive in Thailand.

Apr 08, at 4: I use a DTAC sim card and generally have found it very good. I tether from my phone for internet and this often turns out faster than my home internet! In terms of ISP. I am planning a post that covers all the ISPs soon so I will keep you posted. Apr 08, at 9: I have been a happy user of ExpressVPN for some time, but recently it has stopped working. I can connect to a server outside Thailand, but I can not access the Internet after the connection has been established..

Apr 02, at 8: This sounds like it could be a local server issue. Does it work again when you restart your computer? Apr 03, at You said that you have more than one VPN installed on you computer at the same time, so I assume I could do the same. Would it be a good idea to install a Free VPN please recommend one and one for pay to see if the former would suffice for my computer use? Please bear in mind that I am a not particularly tech-savvy senior citizen.

Later I will picking your tech-savvy brain on other matters of concern as my wife and I prepare for our move to Thailan — I greatly appreciate having you and your blog as a resource for my technical education; as a former school principal, it is my goal to be a little more tech-savvy each day; I thank you for your assistance in this endeavor.

Mar 30, at 3: I use 2 VPNs because my work is based online and I travel around a lot. I also do some consultancy work where I will connect multiple devices more than 6 on a network to VPNs and therefore I will split this between the two. Both are easy to use and designed for non-tech-savvy users.

The interfaces are intuitive. You can cancel at any time on a month-by-month plan, but the best deals are usually when you buy a 6-month or yearly package. As a standard web user, one VPN will be adequate for you. You can trial both for free. Vypr does a 3-day free trial. As mentioned in my post, when you get one of these services, you simply download the software desktop or the app on mobile , choose the location you want to appear in and connect.

I actually found that on my mobile phone 4G connection both are giving me faster speeds than my home Internet connection. This is not unusual in Thailand though because often ISP speeds are weaker than mobile. Mar 30, at First, I should state that I am a not particularly tech-savvy computer novice, so please bear that in mind when you respond to my inquires.

I have bookmarked a number of blogs and just discovered yours which seems to have certain information I have not found on any of the others; also, you strike me as being a very knowledgeable, plain-talker.

I like your style and would like to avail myself of your Thai expertise in a number of areas, the first of which is my concern about secure use of my computer while in Thailand, particularly my online banking bill paying, transferring funds from US to our Thailand bank account, etc.

I have read all you have written here about VPN and have a couple of questions: Mar 29, at 6: HMA provide a lightweight piece of software program that you download to your computer, and an app that you install on any mobile devices you have. When you want to connect to the VPN, you simply boot up the program or app, choose the location you want to appear hide in and click connect. I have been trialling the service for the last 3 months because they have great server coverage and offer some advanced privacy features.

I previously recommended Cyberghost for basic users but the service has become somewhat unreliable in the last 6 months, which is why I trialled alternatives. Lastly, yes, you can use the VPN wherever you are based. Both of these work a treat inside Thailand, and will do so from the US too, where they have multiple servers in different states.

All the best with your move to a Hua Hin. I have been there a number of times. Mar 29, at I also tried Ghost after reading your review — although only on the free plan, it was horrid compared to VyprVPN on thier free plan. Feb 11, at Remember though that free plans usually limit performance anyway by restricting bandwidth. I still use HideMyAss too because it is so damn reliable. Feb 12, at Are they using some type of key logger or something?

Are there any other security holes I should plug other than using a VPN? Feb 05, at 8: The gov will be monitoring use but not hacking in. It was most likely a coincidence and a hacker made easy work of a plugin security flaw in WordPress, or was successful in a brute force attack because of a weak username and PW combination. There are a lot of hackers operating out of Thailand, so that could be the reason for the name used.

Be careful when using open WIFI networks here, like those in many cafes. Run a test on your computer for a keylogger just in case. Feb 05, at Hi, I use Outlook to manage my mail on my computer and Expressdata services for my email address. When I called Expressdata to ask for help they said the problem lies with my ip address and that I should contact my ISP provider to sort the problem. The problem also occurs when my VPN is turned off.

Dec 05, at 7: That can happen with Outlook when using a VPN. The way around that would be to logon directly to your email server and send emails from there when connected to your VPN. Dec 06, at 9: Has it been blocked by 3BB or the government? Would switching VPNs help? Nov 12, at Nov 08, at 8: I never get those government blockages now that others seem to be experiencing.

Nov 08, at 5: Once the VPN is fired up, how is your connectivity back to the states? In the EU the infrastructure is pretty solid in most places but I have heard to many horror stories about the quality of service in TH…. Oct 24, at 5: The majority of connections are slower than I experience back home, but still fast enough and some as good. I go to a few co-working spaces where the internet is super fast and download speeds second to none.

Oct 24, at 9: Except for a few glitches which the support guys fixed straight away, the service works fine. Previously they were offering volume-based packages, now they are offering monthly, semi-annually and annual subscriptions which is a I think an improvement.

Its super easy to understand and use — thats why so many users switch to expressvpn from other providers at the moment. The Express VPN software interface: Although ExpressVPN is not the cheapest provider on the market but customers with fileshare requirements will find it a great choice.

You can also get a Free Trial for 30 Days. Some VPN providers advertise that their service is suitable for P2P users, however they fail to advise customers that this relates to legal P2P use only, when customers attempt torrenting or other activities they find their service promptly disconnected. With ExpressVPN, the server locations and company policies are a transparent indication that any filesharing activity is acceptable and allowed in the terms of use.

All of the data that is transmitted or received by ExpressVPN customers is securely encrypted and cannot be read by ISPs, hackers or eavesdroppers and the company believe that the privacy of each individual is a fundamental right that should not be ignored. ExpressVPN guarantee they will not share customer details with any other organisations and its secure service prevents customers being tracked by any third parties.

The privacy policy of Private Internet Access is separate from that of the website you are navigating to and may ask for different or additional information from you. Please review the disclosure on the third-party website for detailed information regarding their privacy policy. Private Internet Access is the leading VPN Service provider specializing in secure, encrypted VPN tunnels which create several layers of privacy and security providing you safety on the internet.

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After establishing a secure connection to our security layer, you will be issued a new U. Integrating the advanced firewall and filtering capabilities of the Netfilter Project , you will never receive any unwanted connections to your computer or smart phone. This server-grade filtering software delivers optimal performance and keeps all network intrusions out.

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