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Any music you already purchased or uploaded is still available, and you can continue uploading your jams at music. Tap the Settings app on your Kindle. This allow you to connect your Kindle to your computer and manage it using the command line. Remove the check marks from the items that you don't want to sync with your Google account. Tap your profile image or Sign in.

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Use your Google Account on your iPhone or iPad

This can be done in the Google Play settings on the My Devices page. Click on the "Edit" option at the right-hand side of the screen, enter a new name, for example "Dan's Nexus 7," and click the "Update" button. This will make it easier to download apps on shared accounts or to organize multiple devices. When attempting to download a new app you will be presented with three options: Clicking one of these three options will display a drop-down menu with your newly organized device list.

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This will allow you to add a Google account to the device. Sign in with the same Google account. Enter the account information for the Google account you want to link the device to. You can use the same Google account for multiple Android devices. Open the Google Play Store. If there are multiple Google accounts on the device, you may be prompted to select the one you want to use. This will display the Play Store menu and the active Google account in the upper-left corner.

Verify that your newly-added account is visible. You should see the account you just added in the upper-left corner of the settings menu. Tap the account that's there and select your new account if the wrong account is active. Access your Google Play Purchases. You can also tap the different media categories and then select "My media " to view your purchases. Installing the Google Play Store will give you access to all Android apps, including purchases you've made on other Android devices.

Tap the Settings app on your Kindle. This will open your Kindle settings. If you haven't already done so, tap your serial number 7 times to reveal a hidden Developer Options button. Toggle "Enable ADB" on. This allow you to connect your Kindle to your computer and manage it using the command line. Connect your Kindle to your computer via USB. Windows should begin to automatically download and install the correct drivers to allow you to connect to it.

If everything installs properly, you can skip the next step. If Windows does not detect your Kindle Fire properly and the drivers don't install, you can do it manually: Extract the ZIP file after downloading it by double-clicking it and selecting "Extract.

Download the script used to install the Google Play Store. This script simply automates the long list of commands that you could perform yourself. It does not contain any viruses or malware. Extract the ZIP file. Open the new folder and run the script. Open the folder that was created when you extracted the script files. A Command Prompt window will appear. Approve ADB on your Fire tablet. After starting the script on your computer, you'll be prompted to allow ADB on your Fire tablet.

You'll need to unlock it to approve the request. Start the installation on your computer. Reboot your Fire tablet when prompted. After installation is complete, the Command Prompt window will instruct you to restart the Fire tablet.

Hold the Power button on the tablet then tap "OK" to confirm. Turn it back on once it shuts off. Launch the Google Play Store after rebooting. This will prompt you to sign in. Sign in with your Google Account. Sign in with the same Google account you use for Gmail or your other Android devices.

Wait while the store updates. The Google Play Store and Google Play Services will begin updating in the background, which may take minutes to complete. You won't notice a change until you exit the store and open it again in a little bit.

Use the Google Play Store to install any Android app. Now that the store is installed and you're signed in, you can download and install any Google Play app, including Chrome and Hangouts.

Tap "Update" to update it. You can download certain Google applications onto your laptop and sign into them, but no, it is not possible to install the Google Play store on your laptop.

It is for Android and Kindle Fire devices only.

Add one or multiple Google Accounts