120 Best Kodi Addons for *September 2018* 100% Working List for Krypton 17.6

Neptune Rising Kodi Addon Regained Top Spot for Most Popular Kodi Add-on September 2018

Some of these providers such as Hulu advertise and charge a monthly fee. Nightmare Sports is perfect for streaming Live IPTV channels on your Android device because if its interface that has been made user-friendly for Android users. November 24, at 8: It has a specific section for kids where they can watch cartoons, kids movies, and anime. Pure Sports brings you best Kodi addon for Sports where there are separate sections i.

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You guys are making it toooo easy to make good looking web sites!!! Keep up the good work. I've looked at all the online website builders and they are mostly monthly subscription or a bit complicated to use and will take me quite some time. Your program Mobirise looks like it will so easy to use. It is found in Legion World Repository http: The only thing that differentiates between the two add-ons is the language. Poseidon can be counted as the best movie and TV add-on for Firestick users when they are using Kodi.

It has a similar interface as Exodus or Covenant so it is simple to use. Another factor that makes this add-on great is its update media library. How to Install Poseidon on Kodi. Team UKodi1 brings another blockbuster Kodi addon that has got everything for your entertainment needs.

Firecat Kodi works well in every device including FireStick. It is found in UKodi1 Repository. Tubi TV Kodi is far above and beyond the regular movie addon that covers huge list of movie genre i.

Its simple, yet an effective way to watch high quality entertainment content. Found in Diamond Wizard Repository. You will find this add-on hassle-free as you only be needing to click once while playing any movie.

This add-on keeps updated with all the new movies and TV shows that works. This add-on can be found in Kodil Repository. Oculus Kodi is another great add-on.

These movies and TV shows are separated into new movies section, popular section, top rated section, and so on. How to Install Oculus on Kodi. Redemption has returned with a better interface and with many categories for Movies.

It is currently fighting the law enforcement in courts and also asks for your donation inside the add-on. It is found in the Digital Repository http: Kratos is Movie add-on that makes it into our best Kodi addons list because it offers something additional to all others Movie add-ons out there. It is found in UKodi repository http: This feature tells you that you can watch the latest media content at the best quality available. Found in Pure Repository, located inside Blamo http: Blamo Repository has recently released spectacular Kodi add-on by the name Uranus Kodi.

What makes this add-on so special is its Trakt account option. Anyone having a premium Trakt account can continue streaming in HD video quality and with no Kodi buffering at all. Even without a Trakt account, Uranus Kodi streams content perfectly. Sometimes it is best to bid farewell to the new Movies and their stories with CGI effect and best stroll down to the Classic Movies lane and enjoy the time that our ancestors had back in the day.

It also shows Movies that are recently available in Theatres, but will show in HD cam quality. It is found in the TV King Repository http: Also, the particular media content is available in good quality. It is found in My Razer Repository. The Resistance Kodi add-on has just stepped foot into the Kodi world and has taken everyone by surprise. It is an exact replica of Exodus and Covenant add-on that airs movies and TV shows.

It offers HD viewing and is continuously updated to provide Kodi users with the best streaming experience. It is available in lockzone Repository. Seems like the wish list of all the Bollywood fans has come true. After considerable research, we collected some of the finest Kodi add-ons that features Bollywood movies and TV shows. Check them out below:.

It further lets you see the synopsis of the movie along with its genre. It has a list of popular genres listed that will give you an idea which category you need to watch beforehand.

SnagFilms is a hub for Bollywood movies and TV shows where you can see a long list of categories in this Kodi add-on. Alongside Bollywood entertainment content, you will also find African movies, Korean dramas, and so much more with SnagFilms.

If you want watch videos online, then Kodi provides the perfect solution. Using the best Kodi video addons, you can stream unlimited amount of videos.

Plex has recently announced it new Kodi add-on that will be available for Kodi users. Plex, an ultimate video streaming experience will bring a fitting collaboration with its long-time competitor Kodi. After downloading the zip file, connect to the Plex Server and start streaming movies and TV shows.

When Exodus developers bid farewell to their add-on, many Exodus forks came into existence, where Gurzil is one of them. Gurzil is not just any other Exodus fork, but it also functions the same as Exodus. It has all the latest links and sources available for streaming video content. How to Install Gurzil on Kodi. Reddit is a massive community where people from all over the world can interact.

It contains multiple subreddits or categories of different topics. This is one of the best Kodi video add-ons because Reddit hosts millions of videos each day. Hardcore followers can search, play, add or remove video directly on Kodi. There are numerous sports events taking place as we speak.

But, if you have these addons for Live Sports, you can enjoy your favorite sporting events on Kodi in an instant:. Just Sports Kodi addon is the simplest of all Sports add-on that has only 5 sub-menu but features all Live Sports happening in the world right now. The first option in the menu i. Just Sports Multilink, you will find all the Sports channels around the world. This new Kodi add-on is found in the UKodi1 Repository. Along with streaming Live Sports, it does show brief highlights of the match.

It is found in Rock Crusher Repo http: Further, if you have AceStream add-on installed, it will show you many sports channels. It is found in Pure Repository which can be downloaded from Blamo Repo http: Catch all the sports highlights at Sports Replays R US Kodi addon that brings you highlights for 25 sports from around the world. With this addon, you never have to worry if you missed any Live Sports match. It is found in the GenTec Repository http: Pure Sports brings you best Kodi addon for Sports where there are separate sections i.

You will find various channels under these categories that shows live action. It is similar to other Sports addon but its differentiating factor is its enormous list of channels located in each category. Atom is a complete Kodi add-on with a massive library. Its library contains new movie releases, live IPTV channels, live sports, and kids zone.

It has a separate section for Real Debrid users who could log in and stream channels without buffering. This new add-on can be found in Supremacy Repository. Skydarks has recently emerged as the new Kodi repository that has launched an all-in-one add-on called Chronos. It also has an adult content, but for that it requires a password. You can find this add-on from Skydarks Repository http: This add-on covers all sorts of sports that are being played live anywhere in the world.

If that sport is available in the top sports channels, then you will be able to view it as well. Some of the best sports channels i. It is found in Maverick Repository. SportsDevil is among one of the best Kodi addons for firestick. How to Install SportsDevil on Kodi. You can also use the addon to play live or catch up TV. But due to nature of addon, channels are provided from different regions in different languages.

Watching football leagues that are happening around the world is most desired by football fanatics. Kodi add-ons that are featured below brings you live football action, highlights, and expert opinions before and after the match.

So make sure you get all of these add-ons. Fan of a College Football? One Nation Repo brings a unique induction of a new Kodi addon that features College Football matches from season. You can watch all the latest full-length American Football matches that are widely followed in America. Found in One Nation Repo http: Sports World Kodi add-on offers more than just live football matches. It is the home for all types of sports including NFL matches. Its interface is designed on the basis of sports categories where football is located at the top.

You can view matches from all the leagues from the option, or select channels that features your respective football match. Channel Pear is an unusual, yet the most entertaining Kodi add-on. Upon installing this add-on, you will find that its completely empty.

You can add channels onto Channel Pear add-on through Channel Pear website. You can select any football channels from its website and then sync the channel on your Kodi. This way you can watch live football and so much more. Elektra Vault add-on is especially dedicated to watching live sports where it has a separate section which shows only live matches.

This add-on is frequently updated with latest matches. You can also watch highlights if you have missed an important football match with this add-on.

Hard Events Kodi is an addon that streams live events such as festivals and concerts. Only a few Kodi addons have such features where people can watch live events at their homes that are happening around the world. No need to get a ticket when you can enjoy a concert live. It is found in KNE Repository. The name of this Kodi add-on might sound a bit weird, but the content that it offers makes up to it. Quality of these videos can also be highly praised with most of the media content present in High Definition.

In addition, it shows Movies for free and the latest ones too. It also feature those movies that are available in cinemas and brings to you HD cam version.

You can explore its variety of categories once you install it from Maverick Repository. How to Install Ustv Now on Kodi. Brit Flix Kodi add-on is exclusive for British fans present all around the world. It further offers Movies and Documentaries that you can view all day long without getting bored. This addon can be found in the Bizzle Builds Repository. This addon will air live sporting events, news channels, and movies from across the globe.

Some of the channels remain to be geo-restricted for which you can use Kodi VPN, but regardless many other channels work just as fine. According to the latest statistics, YouTube has over 1,,, mobile video views per day. It is found on cazwall.

NBC Sports Live Extra offers live sports, replays and highlights from best-of-the-time sports events. Not to forget, some of the sports events require NBC cable subscription. Halow Live TV is great add-on for sporting streams and live TV, but it has a much bigger media library than you imagine. It also has a movies, TV shows and Kids section which is also popular amongst Kodi viewers. Further, it also features radio programs but you require a Kodi VPN.

Wraith is a program add-on that fetches information from TMDB website for all the video descriptions and ratings.

The important aspect of this add-on is that it will stream any Movie or TV Show from other Kodi add-ons that are present on your Kodi. You can find this add-on from Blamo Repository http: Never you have to pay cable bills when you such a great IPTV addon that brings you all the live sporting events and news broadcasting directly on Kodi. Selfless Lite Kodi addon has a simple, yet effective interface. When you open this add-on, you will find 3 options i. Once you click any of these options you will be presented with a series of sub-categories.

Choose those categories and enjoy watching your favorite content. Found in Bookmark Lite Repository http: The developer of this add-on made a great effort to make it quite exactly like Phoenix as it features Live TV and Live Sports. Found in Tojelako Repository http: However, since it took a broader perspective and changed its name to Kodi.

Here are a few add-ons that work well with Xbox One:. Further, the reason why it makes a best Kodi add-on is due to its many links and sources for a movie than you would ever find for Covenant and Exodus. Here is a complete guide to installing Neptune Rising on Kodi. How to Install Neptune Rising on Kodi. It has a similar interface as that of Exodus or Covenant, but allow you to watch the media content in high quality.

It has separate section for New Movies and New Episodes where you would get to know the new arrivals in media content. It belongs in the Incursion Repository http: Xbox One Kodi users can now watch Live Sports all day long. The add-on is easy-to-use, meaning that it only has one option i. Find this add-on in Qwer Repository http: Xbox One user might want to celebrate this feat as now they can stream any media content with Copy and Paste Kodi add-on. The name could be a bit weird, but the content of this add-on includes all types of genre Movies such as Musical Movies, Psychological Horror, Martial Arts Movies, and so on.

You can get this add-on from http: Rebirth Kodi add-on is identical to Exodus add-on which was once a popular third-party addon for Kodi. XBox users will now experience the same feel as Windows, Android, and Mac users have been feeling for many years.

It is always tough to spend money on something you can get it for free. However, premium Kodi add-ons are unlike any of the add-ons because it features premium channels that cannot be offered for free even on Kodi. Here are the list of Premium Kodi add-ons:. Nemesis covers normally every media content there is, but it comes with a price.

Players Klub Kodi addon is designated to provide you with live sporting and PPV events that occur throughout the year. It further offers a complete list of IPTV channels including the ones that are premium. If by chance you have missed important program on your TV, you can watch the highlights of the shows on this Kodi add-on. It is probably the best Kodi add-on for News that has such a massive library. While viewing the RT Live section, it would lead you to choose a country where it would stream directly from that particular country.

It is available in the official Kodi repository. Fox News provides a worldwide coverage of News around the world. However, this add-on would not show the network coverage live, but will update clips every few hours related to many different categories. Also found in the official Kodi Repository. Here are the best maintenance tool Kodi add-ons:. It provides you with an assistance to connect with major VPN services.

Just select the VPN of your choice, enter login and password, select a server and hit connect. It is found in the Zomboided Repository. Kodi Fresh Start is a program add-on which is commonly used to factory reset Kodi. It happens more often that Kodi users install a Kodi Build to get various add-ons pre-installed on Kodi. However, they are unsure how to remove a Kodi Build.

Fresh Start is an add-on that would restore your Kodi to its original state. You can get this add-on from Dimitrology Repository. Backup — Backup and Restore Kodi. One of the main issues surrounding Kodi users is to back-up their Kodi software whenever a new Kodi version is introduced. Backup Kodi add-on not only lets you install the latest version of Kodi that is available, but it also restores all of your add-ons, Builds, Wizards, that were accessible to you in previous version.

Merlin Wizard comes from the Merlin repository which is a perfect Kodi add-on when it comes to clearing cache and deleting thumbnails and packages. Merlin Wizard speeds up your video streaming and enhances your streaming experience. It is definitely a Kodi buffering killer, the one you will most probably install. How to install Merlin Wizard on Kodi. Any add-ons that are geo-restricted most likely requires a Kodi VPN to air channels across different countries.

It protects your privacy and also your internet activity. Here is our list of best geo-restricted add-ons:. Maverick TV may not be considered as a new add-on but it has currently shown a resounding increase in its popularity.

Maverick TV has its own repository from where you can download. However, its replacement add-on has done a decent job in maintaining a good viewer traffic. Amazon Firestick offers illustrious content for entertainment.

And, if you install Kodi to Firestick , your entertainment experience reaches a new level. With these Kodi addons for Firestick, you can use the service at its full potential:. Dogs Bollocks renamed as Magic Dragon Kodi. Maverick TV Repository came up with another all-in-one Kodi add-on i.

Magic Dragon, when the similar add-on called Pyramid Kodi was shut down. Kodi allows you to enjoy various pay-per-views PPV live online. The below listed addons are the best when it comes to streaming PPV from anywhere:. This add-on was recently been closed for a while, but is now back again, and definitely worth your while. It is found in ares project repository http: With Kodi installed on your Android device, you can enjoy unlimited online entertainment.

These best Kodi addons for Android will allow you to enjoy live sports, popular movies, TV shows, and much more on the go: View our detailed guide of Kodi on Android to learn more. Nightmare Sports is perfect for streaming Live IPTV channels on your Android device because if its interface that has been made user-friendly for Android users. Watching Live Sports on your Android device is now made easy, while catching all the highlights is at the palm of your hands.

It is available in Mad House Repository. However, you will find these Movies in the Spanish language instead of English. All the sub-menus and categories are all presented in Spanish. It is found in Gold Flix Repo http: What could be the most fun time spent by your kids other than cartoons, movies, and TV shows that are targeted towards kids? Children are going to get excited when they hear what features this add-on brings to the table.

It is found in Lumberjack Repository http: Global Tec Aio Kodi is the mother of all Kodi addons. We say this because in total it has seven different categories, and in only one category i. There so many things to explore once you get your head into it. It is found in Star Trec Repository. Nevena Cinema is the best Kodi addon from Tojelako Repository that has-it-all. It helps you find Movies by the name of actors and actresses.

Crazy addon has 3 most important sections that forms a massive entertainment package i. Movies, TV Shows, and Kids section. FireStick users may find this add-on overwhelming due to its latest media content available in high quality. It has also made it easier for Kodi users to search cartoons related to most-viewed and highly rated categories. It is found in the official Kodi add-on repository.

TV Ontario Kids comes with official Kodi add-on repository that has more than cartoons category to offer for Kids. The add-on has collected informational TV Series for Kids, informative shows, cartoons, anime, and so much more.

In general, it has two categories including kids of years of age and kids under 11 years if age. It is found in the Blamo Repository http: Fitness is the key to success and that statement holds true on every occasion. Kodi fitness add-ons provides instruction details on health, exercises, diet tips, and so much more. All fitness addicts out there must look out for these add-ons. It is the best Kodi addon for fitness thus far.

Merlin Fits Kodi addon makes you the fittest person on the planet earth where you get to learn many physical fitness workouts. This add-on brings you the easy-way and the hard-way exercises including their shortcuts. There are also various Fitness TV Shows that are brought to you by health professionals.

It is found in Kodi add-ons Repository http: A good music is a source of relaxation for mind and body. It releases the body from stress, and yet where can you find all the good music in one place? We listed some of the music add-ons that is worth your while. This Kodi addons library contains the latest and old songs along with their videos. It has a separate genre section that would let you search for Rock songs, Hip Hop, or Pop. It is found in MaverickTV Repo.

BeatZ is a massive music add-on with its extremely large music library that never fails to fascinate its viewers. The good thing about this add-on is its limited dependency on YouTube. It collects data from various different websites while it updates the add-on accordingly. Spotify, the music hub Kodi addon has everything to offer related to music industry. It is a music, podcast, and a video streaming service that has gained attraction from many Kodi users.

It has various categories including Rock, Pop, Solo, and so much more. It is found in Blamo Repository http: With movies and TV shows, you can also enjoy countless anime series on Kodi as well. To help you pick the best Kodi addon for anime, here are some addon you should try out: Dubbed Anime is a simple Kodi addon that features all types of Anime genre.

When you open this add-on you will find only three main option i. Search, Genre, and Latest Episodes. The list becomes enormous when you select Genre option, and then you will find many different categories including Comedy, Drama, Action, Fantasy, Historical, Horror, etc. Squad control is the best Kodi addon for Anime and Cartoons. You can find the latest and old shows for Kids. We find kids and adults taking same amount of interest in Anime so we made sure to include the best addons.

This add-on can be found in Blamo Repository http: When the Kodi community had the scarcity of Anime addons, Incursion Repository came up with an extraordinary addon called Anime Incursion. Anime fans can find all the recently released Anime Movies and TV Shows, while it further includes Special category that features special Anime videos. It is found in Incursion Repository http: This add-on is all about Cartoons and Anime.

It is found in the Incursion Repository http: Here are the generic steps that are highlighted to install any Kodi add-ons. Please follow the steps below:. Quantum add-on has recently been launched since the disappearance of the popular Sanctuary add-on. Sanctuary has ruled the Kodi world for many years by offering movies and TV shows on-demand. Currently, Quantum add-on is trying to meet the same expectation that was created by its predecessor. It is the new add-on which you ought to try this weekend.

It is not often that you see a News Kodi add-on that brings you all the latest news. Each section has atleast 3 to 4 news channels, but often requires a Kodi VPN to unblock geo-restrictions.

You can find this add-on from Jesusbox Repository. Veilside Kodi addon comes from ComicSaints Repository, amongst a handful of repository that has stuck around with Kodi since many years. Veilside does stream every media content, but its sports section is especially entertaining. Abyss is an unusual Kodi addon that not only is a dedicated MMA add-on, but it also features Kids section where you watch cartoons, anime, Kids movies, and so much more. It also has a Movie section where it has a bulk of movies from the 90s, 80s, 70s, 60, and 50s.

It is found in Abyss Repository. Golden Gloves is a boxing add-on that shows you all the Golden era boxing matches based on the individual categories. It features complete matches for all boxers. It is available in Zero Tolerance Repository. Similar to all other Movie add-ons, Iron contains a similar set of categories that represents Action Movies, Comedy, Horror, Kids, Family, and other related sections. Even though you can view any Movies in relatively great streaming quality, but Trakt account viewers can insert their account information to pull more links.

It is found in the Zero Tolerance Repository. As the name refers, Golden Age is all about bringing you classic Movies based on abundant categories. This addon is available in Zero Tolerance Repository. Focus Kodi has been put into the list of best Kodi add-ons because it frequently updates the media library bring New Movies and TV Shows in to the list.

It is also a Covenant and Exodus fork that brings it to the table of a competitive Kodi category. This add-on is available in Lock Down repository. Remember Metalliq Kodi addon? You will find a lot of genre in each of the sections and that was exactly the unique capability of the Metalliq addon. Among top Kodi addons for live streaming is the iStream Kodi addon. The addon aims to provide complete assistance and information about basics, FAQs, technical issues and installation across different platforms.

In addition, users can find detailed information on about how to use Kodi on Windows, Linux, Android, Raspberry Pi, Xbox and more platforms. Football Repeat is one of the leading-edge Kodi addons that offers one-touch access to thousands of football matches.

That said, Football Repeat is the preferred Kodi sports addon for football lovers around the world. AnimeGo solely offers Anime shows and films, as the name suggests. Fans can find a full-fledge range of media along with a brilliantly designed layout.

There are over different anime series and movies available on AnimeGo. Therefore, with fast streaming speeds and various video quality to choose from, AnimeGo will curb all your cravings for some manga action. You can listen to specific music that you like if you have an experience with selective music genres. For example, it has sub-categories in metal, rap, hip hop songs, that further divides into many categories and thus bringing you the specific song that you desire.

Anyone who loves watching Music concerts from different musicians around the world, can now install Bandicoot Kodi add-on for live viewing. This add-ons additionally shows live sporting events and also runs YouTube and contains classical movies. In the fitness section, it contains tons of videos where fitness experts instruct viewers on how to perform exercises in a correct manner.

These instructors also provide tips on the diet plans. So this is a perfect fitness add-on for beginners. CartoonsOn add-on is a perfect blend for children and adults as it has old and new cartoons added in its media library. Further, it also contains movies on its database where it features animated movies for kids. Anyone who has kids must get the add-on from Noobs and Nerds Repository.

Regardless of the name, Cartoons Clown is the best Kodi add-on for kids because this add-on is not restricted to cartoons or any animated stuff, but it also have movies and TV shows that attracts young crowd.

Kids love this add-on due to its massive library and variety of content. It can be found in Super Repo and Kodil repository. Being a fans favorite addon, VidTime offers live sports and events coverage. The addon holds a massive on-demand entertainment library, offering sports, horror, comedy and much more.

It is without a doubt a best Kodi add-on for Firestick users because of its various features offered and a massive media library. Rising Tides is another product of a genius where you can find so many sports channels which allows you to watch live PPV events.

This is an add-on which is not known by many Kodi users, but since the downfall of big sports add-on, it has accelerated to the top. Deliverance is a new Kodi add-on that has gained popularity in the midst of all the chaos when SportsDevil and Castaway Sports add-on went down. Deliverance was introduced at the right time and has gained a good lead in the sports add-on category.

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