How to Setup OpenVPN on Microsoft Windows

Installing the OpenVPN Server software

OpenVPN Windows PC Client Configuration Steps
Like the server configuration file, first edit the ca , cert , and key parameters to point to the files you generated in the PKI section above. Save Password File Required for auto login. Hide your IP address and protect your privacy and security on Internet. As an example, we will revoke the client2 certificate, which we generated above in the "key generation" section of the HOWTO. This completes the OpenVPN configuration. For example, chroot jail would cause the OpenVPN daemon to cd into the jail subdirectory on initialization, and would then reorient its root filesystem to this directory so that it would be impossible thereafter for the daemon to access any files outside of jail and its subdirectory tree.

OpenVPN Windows PC Client Configuration Steps

HOWTO Connect Client Configuration

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EASY Setup Guides for Alternate Configurations (Advanced):