The Best Android Phones of 2018

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Best Android Phones for 2018
See more Galaxy Note 9 photos. The camera on Google's flagship is just as good, though, and some would say that the overall experience, aided by that great software, is more consistent and approachable. Nice physical keyboard with powerful shortcut key. Meanwhile, while some top-of-the-line phones pushed prices to nosebleed heights, those propping up the budget end of the spectrum kept costs in check while still delivering quality specs and speeds. It's sort of our job to write brilliant phone reviews.

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Best Android phones (September 2018): Our picks, plus a giveaway

Strong ratings from CNET and others, plus savvy fan-based marketing tactics, have helped catapult this once unknown into a cult brand. The OnePlus 5T replaced the four-month-old OnePlus 5 -- which the company stopped selling -- adding a larger screen and thinner bezels.

This is the high-end value play. It's an outstanding all-arounder, especially for the price, but lacks filigree such as expandable storage and water-resistance. You'll find it at OnePlus' website. It's steady-on for Motorola's phones for cost-conscious buyers, and the 5G Plus rises to the top of the heap.

With a metal build, good camera and splash-resistant coating, the G5 Plus measures up -- especially for the price. But it's the way that the hardware and software, a near-stock version of Android, come together that makes the Moto's effort our favorite budget phone of the year once again.

Moto G5 Plus review. Good hardware, unexpected software perks and the right price make this the Moto Mod-compatible phone I'd want to buy.

Even cheaper than the Moto G5 Plus, this is the absolute best deal for folks looking for the lowest-price phone worth having.

One of the most exciting debuts, this unique device has two full-size displays that can unfold into a mini-tablet. It's got a long list of flaws, but I love its daring. What can entice you to buy the first phone from a lifestyle gaming brand? Oh, and the twin Dolby speakers, which demolish the competition.

It's a gamer's phone at heart, but one that can provide lessons in buttery-smooth visuals for everyone else. The guy who made Android made this phone, too and then took leave and apparently returned , after reports of improper conduct.

Aimed at Android enthusiasts who like a clean Android look and next-gen snap-on modules, the Essential debuted as an exclusive with US carrier Sprint. Falling prices and software boosts have heightened its appeal, though it's far from mainstream.

The BlackBerry brand returned in with a keyboard phone. It has some genuinely clever tricks, but not enough expertise or clout to claw BlackBerry back into the collective consciousness.

Another comeback kid , the Nokia 8 was the brand's first high-end Android handset after a slew of entry- and mid-level devices.

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Don't show this again. Phones The 6 most important phones of From wallet-busters to wallet-friendly. Best phones of the year. The camera is all-new this generation, with a sensor that does fantastic processing to remove noise and sharpen fine detail even in poor lighting. It's aided by a dual-aperture lens to get the best combination of light and detail in different shots, and is paired with a secondary telephoto lens for zoom and portrait mode shooting.

Whether you shoot in auto or mess around in manual mode, you can get great shots in just about any scene. When you take it all together, it's a complete package. There are several other awesome picks out there depending on your specific needs. The Galaxy Note 9 is easily the best Note phone Samsung has ever made, and for once it's actually better than the latest Galaxy S phone in every way.

That means you get top-end specs, a great camera, an industry-leading display and so much more. And the Note has an S Pen, which remains unmatched in the smartphone world.

That makes this an "upgrade" and not the standard recommendation. These top-end phones are expensive, but that doesn't mean you're stuck paying top-dollar for your next upgrade. OnePlus has dramatically improved its camera offering to where the OnePlus 6 is just a stone's throw away from the top-of-the-line phones, which just adds to the great value this phone offers. The Huawei P20 Pro is all about the cameras — a 40MP main sensor is assisted by an 8MP telephoto camera and a 20MP monochrome camera to give you so many shooting options and out-of-this-world results.

It's a photographer's dream. You may think that the "Leica" branding is a bit of a joke at first, but don't let that turn you away — the Huawei P20 Pro has an amazing set of cameras that can produce the best photos of any smartphone today. The combination of a 40MP main sensor, an 8MP telephoto camera and a 20MP monochrome sensor give you unending shooting options, and the software pulling it all together knows all of the tricks to create stellar photos. The rest of the phone experience isn't subpar, either — Huawei's built a beautiful phone here with powerful specs.

It's just let down as ever by the Huawei software that heavily tweaks and modifies Android — to a fault. Some can look past that to get those wonderful cameras, though, and will even go so far as to import an international version to the U.

The cleanest, smoothest and most Google-friendly phone available. It has sleek hardware, simple software and a killer camera, with years of guaranteed updates and unlimited Google Photos storage. The camera on Google's flagship is just as good, though, and some would say that the overall experience, aided by that great software, is more consistent and approachable.

You also get three years of guaranteed software updates, which provides excellent peace of mind. Now that it's almost a year old, you shouldn't consider it at full retail. If you fancy yourself more discerning about software experience, you'll want to look at the Google Pixel 2 XL — you'll have to buy unlocked or from Verizon, but that Google software is worth it.

For less money, the OnePlus 6 gives you a near-flagship experience and also has great clean software. The most versatile camera imaginable can be found in the Huawei P20 Pro, and the rest of the phone isn't exactly bad.

It provides the best experience, top-end hardware and most features for the widest number of people. It's also available everywhere, from any carrier or retailer you could imagine. The Galaxy Note 9 is on the list as an upgrade pick for when money's no object.

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