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I am in China. I think HMA should mention this when describing the information they collect. HMA is probably the best bet. So you can never cancel them and they keep you charging every time and they do not even reply. Well, you totally can and totally should! In conclusion, if you need to browse and can use ANY proxy available, the service is good to ghide your IP and pretty fast. Used to be great.

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When I saw my bank statement I knew that they charged me fraudulently. When i created so many tickets - i was not replied not yet refunded. I still do not know where they have kept Auto Renewal thing. So you can never cancel them and they keep you charging every time and they do not even reply.

So what should i call it? I wanted to cancel its subscription after poor service but i don't see any way to do it. Was a customer for years untill they didn't support Netflix Impossible to cancel. I stopped my subscription but they continued it anyway. No email that service was renewed "automatically". Customer service is not helpful. I Had to call PayPal. Never will use HMA.

Slow service that i cannot even stream a movie. They keep charging my credit card and i have to fight with them. Hi Ross, Sorry to hear about your experience.

Please contact us at info hidemyass. HMA is fast and reliable, however sometimes doesn't respond, especially with the new version, but the customer support is always available. HMA is great for doing what it says, but I used it on my iphone, and it kept needing to switch locations all the time which is not automatic and kind of a pain to have to make sure you are always protected.

However, when it was on, it was always working great. Your review must be at least characters long. Adding details really helps people understand what you like or don't about this VPN. Downloading and installing HideMyAss! Once you choose your subscription and open an account, the latest version of HideMyAss! Then, all you have to do is open the file and install it. Once that's done, the HideMyAss! Login with your credentials, and then you're all set to start using the VPN. You can find out more about how to install HideMyAss!

Safe, SSL protected payments can be made via Visa and MasterCard through the online registration platform, and are recurring. The service has a comprehensive support forum that features an extensive, user-friendly FAQ, as well as a number you could call at any time to get support.

If you do experience any problems with the VPN, there are several ways you can resolve them; they not only have a well-maintained support website with numerous FAQs and help videos, you can also contact them through several different social media sites including Facebook and Twitter. They also offer a live chat option which is available through the working day, the staff are very nice and quick to resolve any issues.

Some regions even offer a contact phone number. Yet with a formidable network of world-encompassing servers and a minimalist, user-friendly experience, HideMyAss!

A couple of downsides: They are a bit pricey compared with other VPNs who offer comparable service, and they don't have specialty servers. But, because they understand the importance of privacy, we recommend them. Another great feature HMA provides is a fast file uploading service , allowing you to share large files for free. Best of all, this service bypasses regular email providers and ftp websites. When I tried using it, uploading was fast and, best of all, I remained anonymous thanks to the security protocols and VPN tunnel.

Well, you totally can and totally should! Lastly - and this is where HideMyAss! You can use HMA for torrents, but only on selected servers. As a result they are not the fastest VPN service if you want to use it primarily for torrenting. That said, torrenting is allowed, and you can ensure that you download with complete security and anonymity.

Another great feature HMA provides is a fast file uploading service, allowing you to share large files for free. HMA's Windows console boasts a lot of useful features to help improve the user experience, with options clearly labelled intuitively so it's not difficult to get the hang of. As with most of these services, downloading and installing is pretty straightforward.

Once it has been installed, the dashboard will appear showing you connection status and location options. You can connect with a single click to the nearest server — automatically filtered to the top of the list — or to any chosen server in the world. If you have any problems setting it up, the support services are known for being very helpful and quick to come to your aid.

The app itself is very simple and only allows you to connect, and choose your location but, for a mobile device, this is usually more than enough. This is always done using the OpenVPN protocol. Although the Android version doesn't have all of the options available on the desktop versions, it connects to the network quickly enough, and keeps your browsing secure. HMA has put a lot of effort into overhauling the Mac client recently. They have done their best to make the layout and operation as similar to the Windows experience as possible, allowing you to use the newest features.

The team has also started implementing changes suggested by customers, and as a result is now more stable than ever, whilst being easier to navigate.

This client is one of the most easy-to-use Mac clients that we have tried, and is so simple that, once set up, whenever you want to use the VPN network you can be connected and online within seconds. The default settings work fine, and we suggest you leave them as they are to connect to the nearest server, if you don't have any particular reason to want to change them. That said, changing between servers and countries is as simple as choosing them from a list, or from the server map-view.

It can be downloaded directly from the App Store. The app itself has been designed to operate on iOS as similarly as possible to the Android version. Once you have input your registration details, the service is quick to set up, and runs smoothly in the background, plus there is a help function built into the app itself. There is a minimal setup required, and you can browse securely within minutes. This can be used as one of your 2 allowable simultaneous devices, so can be used with a desktop app, without interference.

HMA has VPN servers in locations in countries around the world, of these servers are in North America, mostly in the USA, so it shouldn't be hard to find a server in the location you prefer to connect to. This is great for local US customers, who want the security of a VPN connection but still want the content services for their local area. This is the largest server network of any VPN service, with almost every country included, and they're continually adding more.

Unfortunately, this VPN is no longer active. But if you are connected through a reliable VPN service, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy free internet accesses. Fact, invisibility is not possible in real life. But in the cyber world, you can pretty much become invisible. Simply connect to a VPN server and you can already surf the internet without being detected or monitored by hackers, your ISP provider or even the government people. You can also hide your actual IP address and represent a totally new one.

However, if you wish to access all the pages or websites on the World Wide Web, even the restricted ones, all you need is a VPN service. All data that are transmitted over the internet are prone to risks. If you want to secure all data which contain personal and sensitive information that is being transmitted or received by your computer, make sure that your system is VPN-protected.

With a VPN secured connection, all your data will be encrypted. Meaning, only the authorized recipients can access the information. Get amazing internet protections for affordable subscription fees. New VPN companies are springing up around us all the time. Various established names in the industry are finding it hard to compete with these new entrants, and this is because new companies now come with attractive features and VPN offerings at affordable prices.

It is only a matter of time before VPN becomes mainstream, especially due to the interference from Government agencies in the form of spying and unlawful surveillance.

During the early days, it was sufficient to understand the underlying popularity of a VPN company before signing up. Now things have changed, and recent revelations about different VPN service providers and their data logging policies have put the users at risk.

When you are comparing VPN providers, these are the factors to consider: Price, network, protocols, features, and ratings. If you are still in doubt, we have handpicked our own top 5 favorite VPN providers.

Each of them excels in different areas, and all five are excellent all-around VPN providers. Our general advice is to choose a well-established VPN provider with a significant footprint and feedback from real users. And a final tip: Take a close look at the user feedback on our VPN reviews.

First launched in , PureVPN has gradually improvised over the time to turn out to be the preferred choice for a large customer base globally. It is seamlessly compatible Windows and works well for iOS as well with fantastic speed.

However, for Android, its speed is a bit variable. That is why PureVPN never stores your private and personal details, the browsing behavior. So, you will have an overall peaceful experience while browsing through this VPN. Besides, it also offers remarkable security to its customers while browsing.

Each of its pricing plans offers you 7-days money back guarantee. What else would anyone expect from a VPN packed with such great features! Want to know more about PureVPN? Read our complete PureVPN review. NordVPN has gained a vast customer base from around the world owing to its fantastic performance with different operating systems. At first, its location Panama suffices to make one relax from the data retention point-of-view since Panama is an independent country having no particular laws in this connection.

Secondly, NordVPN had declared a clear No logs policy in its detailed privacy policy proclaimed on the site. This no log features certainly gives an edge to NordVPN over others. NordVPN has several diversified servers, which empower it to work efficiently for Torrenting.

With this feature, it works best for all other procedures bypassing location restrictions on various websites including Netflix. Want to know more about NordVPN? Read our complete NordVPN review. PrivateInternetAccess is yet another amazing VPN service for anyone interested in anonymous browsing.

PIA offers a plethora of robust features for secure browsing along with diversified servers that let you bypass geo-restrictions. But, upon comparing with a vast majority of VPNs, it indeed offers good speed. In other words, if you want to experience speed at a lower price, Private Internet Access indeed comes in as the best option.

It has a clear no logging policy. Hence, it will never record or monitor your traffic or communication logs. However, it does record a few essential details from your usages, such as your email address and payment information.

Moreover, if you choose the optimal control panel, PIA may store a temporary cookie in your drive. BitTorrent, Kill Switch, and file sharing are just some of its prominent features. The pricing plans of PIA have a moderate cost. Though the rates are not as cheap as we expect, it offers a 7 days money back guarantee. It means they are confident to grab their user with their exceptional services. Giving it a try may not be a bad idea, what do you say?

Want to know more about PrivateInternetAccess? Read our complete PrivateInternetAccess review. Though it may appear a bit costlier, its range of enthralling features justifies its price. Though the exact number of servers is not disclosed, its representatives are confident to claim that the servers can adequately handle a bulk of the users.

It means that they have a large set up to cater the needs of a vast clientele base. At first glance, the location of this VPN, that is, the tax-free zone of British Virgin Islands, and the lack of detailed information available the internet, may create an ambiance of skepticism.

However, you should not confuse their concealment as their incompetency to protect you. ExpressVPN now declares openly about it on its official website. Earlier, there was not much information available on their site.

It also has stated a clear no logging policy — clearly, a feature of some top VPNs. Thus, you may use their services with full confidence about your security and anonymity. Plus, it also works well for different web browsers as well as routers. A quick look at the pricing plans of ExpressVPN might scare you for a while. Want to know more about ExpressVPN? Read our complete ExpressVPN review.

You may have heard its name. But, if you are curious to know more about it in detail, then here is our quick review. HideMyAss has a rather interesting background. HMA was launched by Jack Cator — a 16 years old boy at that time.

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