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Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Following feedback from a large number of PlayStation Network users, a redesigned version of the PlayStation Store was launched on April 15, via a firmware update. Each master account is associated with an online virtual "wallet" to which funds can be added. Not sure what is going on with the app but I can not get it to play for more than a minute before it needs to buffer. Amazon Instant Video has a content deal with Channel 4, giving its members streaming access to All 4's archive in a specially branded All 4 collection.

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So prepare to write down which episode you last watched of every single show so you won't forget! Also, the Running Man issue is even worse on this than it is on Roku. It will only show up to episode 59 which is horrible for a series that has episodes. Considering I am way past episode 59 it means I can't even watch it. That app should be pulled and fixed.

Something with this many over sights should not have been put out for their paying customers. By KLS on June 15, I love Korean drama and was SO happy when this app became available on fire tv, as the content itself is pretty good. I dont watch anything on the computer and feel its a waste when I have a perfectly good big screen TV to broadcast things. After a few months of paying premium to have access to everything without commercials I had to call it quits. The video playback was constantly having issues, stopping, fast forwarding and not showing subtitles.

I complained many times to DramaFever to look into this but they never seemed to have any answers and at one point just ignored me. But it was having my inquiries ignored by the staff I guess its all volunteer perhaps that forced my hand at giving up on DramaFever. Then Hulu lost almost all of its Korean drama content suddenly Since I used Hulu mainly for Korean drama I am at a loss Viki is not available thru Fire Tv so my options are nil.

I am sad to say that while I hoped things would change after having gone several months not using DramaFever at all, the same issues still remain. But unless you enjoy being seriously aggravated constantly, this app is lacking, and not having a customer service team that wants to make things better for the customer base doesnt give me faith that things will improve anytime soon.

By REM on August 2, This is for anyone who is tired of spending big bucks every month to watch hum-drum TV through one of the local cable or satellite providers. The programming is mostly from Korea with a pretty good selection from Japan, Taiwan and China. You can watch for free, but then you have to put up with frequent ads.

All of the shows have subtitles in English and Spanish, but you have to learn to read fast! Programming consists of TV shows and movies. We hardly watch anything else in our house except for sports and local news. Kelly on December 27, I very much enjoy Drama Fever. In fact, I was using the Google TV version, which worked fine. It didn't update at times with what I was watching, but it worked. I was very happy when I heard this product was released, but I was only disappointed.

As others stated, you can't see all the episodes of some shows, and it bugs and starts showing the same episodes twice over in a list. You can't carry on from where you were before.

It doesn't remember the last episode you watched. Fast forward is so laggy that it has actually frozen my FireTV and forced me to restart it. When I email DramaFever, I get the same response I've gotten for the last year We are updating it shortly, and adding all the stuff you asked for By bluerain23 on January 23, App won't work on my kindle anymore, what's the problem???? By Bodea on June 17, I love this app when it's actually working.

It plays great on my kindle and I love having all of my favorite Asian dramas at my fingertips. All4's technical support's explanation that this is to do with limited bandwidth seems unlikely to users who have no problems with other services such as Netflix.

An All 4 iPad app launched on 3 May , the app offers a day catch-up service. An All 4 app for the iPhone and iPod Touch allowing a day catch-up was released on 2 September , along with an update to the iPad app. They can both be browsed in 3G, but video playback is still only available with a Wi-Fi signal to "ensure the quality of the viewing experience isn't affected". The apps also feature a link to Channel 4's content on iTunes , offering the chance to purchase shows.

An updated version was released on 25 July providing download and watch offline support. On 13 November , a native All 4 app was launched for mobile phones running the Windows Phone 8 platform. The service was originally available as a Windows -only desktop program for downloading shows similar to BBC iPlayer Desktop. The desktop client offered programming from other broadcasters such as FX [41] and National Geographic [42] as well as movies from 20th Century Fox.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on 1 July Retrieved 5 August Retrieved 7 August Retrieved 25 August Retrieved 30 March Retrieved 6 August Retrieved 23 January Retrieved 23 June Retrieved 8 February Retrieved 7 January Retrieved 22 March Retrieved 20 February Retrieved 11 August Retrieved 25 June Retrieved 7 October I don't like the fact that I can't really scroll.

I have to hold and drag for the app to understand that I'm looking for a different page. I don't like that there's no way to go back 10 seconds like the website and phone apps. I don't like that the Kindle Fire app doesn't save your progress.

I leave the app halfway through an episode, and when I come back to load it, it starts all over again. I'm extremely upset that it didn't have the download offline capability that the phone app has. I'd much rather download and watch offline on a tablet versus my phone. I have a kindle fire 7 and it wont let me scroll up or down it needs fixing NOW!!!!! I would love Drama Fever if it wasn't so glitchy.

It often loses connection in the middle of the show. We have just sit and stare at a frozen screen while it tires to load. They also play same 2 ads over and over. These ads are often to promote new shows but they are so annoying that I have absolutely no desire tom heck out the featured shows.

Can you give me what I paid for. Made up to 8 complaints. Same story repeatedly so I finally gave up and unsubscribed for next year. Original Sept Update Nov 10, It will play for seconds and then bugger for a whole minute or more. Sometimes the show never comes back on. It over 3 hours to watch one episode. Not sure what is going on with the app but I can not get it to play for more than a minute before it needs to buffer.

It has been over a week since my issues started. I have contacted DramaFever 4 times and only received one response. The response only asked me is I was still having issues. No info if they were working to resolve it, etc. I decided to cancel my Premium due to issues and lack of response.

Now that I am back to regular FREE service, my issues have improved greatly I can watch an entire episodes without issue usually. However, now commercials hang up a lot but nothing like the Premium service. Dramafever offers a variety of drama series from romance to melodrama, of which the majority are very well written, entertaining and squeaky clean.

Meaning if you don't want to see gratuitous sex scenes and graphic violence you don't have to. You don't have to sacrifice decency for well-done entertainment which is so often the case in American and other western media.

Most of all you can enjoy an abundance of sweet innocent romances to your heart's content and sweeten all your days. They have amazing shows from all over the world. They get uploaded consistently. Some of the episodes for some shows don't display in this app. They do appear on the roku app.

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