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Email download link email Download. Google Chrome , Software. He has written several tech articles for popular newspapers and magazines and has also appeared in a few tech shows on TV channels. Get a fast, secure, free browser. This new version comes with " Strict Site Isolation " feature enabled to mitigate the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities as discussed here. Sublicensee shall not, and shall require its distributors not to, delete or in any manner alter the copyright notices, trademarks, logos or related notices, or other proprietary rights notices of Adobe and its licensors, if any appearing on or within the Adobe Software or accompanying materials.

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Windows XP and Windows Vista users should check following troubleshooting articles:. This article is updated whenever a new version of Google Chrome web browser is released. So keep checking this page regularly. Google Chrome , Software. He has written several tech articles for popular newspapers and magazines and has also appeared in a few tech shows on TV channels.

Chrome now has "Search Google for this image" item in context menu when you right click any picture. For some reason, I get a thin black bar along the bottom of the window when maximized Windows XP and Windows 8 since updating to Chrome It also happening in Windows 7. That windows 8 mode has made chrome a browser and an os at the same time.

It's amazing to see an os running inside an os I'm done with google chrome Not so long ago CCleaner used to mess up Chrome profile, when it didn't fully support the latest browser or when there was a bug, you can uncheck Chrome via CCleaner settings so it won't clean it and then test it. I would suggest Chromium trunk version , because it's a open-source browser and in my opinion it's the fastest and most stable browser available.

And Chromium does not have Google surveillance behind. After updating to Chrome version 36, I experienced a terribly annoying lag when typing anything. The solution was to turn off hardware acceleration. Go to "Settings", then click on "Show advanced settings Scroll down to the "System" section. The second item in that section is "Use hardware acceleration when available. I am getting java script issues after trying to log in to a site from work. Chrome won't let me type --allow-outdated-plugins at the end.

Creating a x64 version of Chrome was a great move. I wish Firefox developers would create a stable version of bit browser too. Google Chrome x64 is now available I have to use the online installer to install the latest 64 bit version NDJ give Cyberfox 64 a spin Been using this as my default browser for almost a year without any crashes.

This stink thing made me lost 3. I recommand this website more than twice a week to friends from several Forums. That's the least I should. Is there a way in Portable Google Chrome Version I can't help that fact that Microsoft can't seem to get it right with regards to Win 8.

The popup message is as follows: Hey VG, Hope this finds you well: I have a question about installing Chrome in Windows. Are you aware of any command line option, or any other possible option, to install Chrome on Windows without Google Update stuff? I mean without Google services and startup entries.

I am aware of the portable version, but I'd rather regular install using the stand alone installer. I'm a little leery about the 'Find and Remove harmful software' bit in the Reset and Clean Up section of Preferences; seems a tad invasive on Google's part!

I am just wondering if you know which flag should I enable if I wanted my notifications from Chrome to pop up on the Action Center instead of using Chrome's own notification popup. I read on some article and the build log from Chromium that you can enable it using Chrome flags; however I can't find it on the list. I thought I hit the wrong flag. But, after I clear temp files and clear Chrome's cache, re-enabled this and it works just fine as expected.

Said install was successful, but I find nothing. None have received Chrome updates including latest Chrome 68 with Site Isolation enabled by default. Probably because this does take a pretty significant hit in performance with site isolation. I really think Google has sort of backed off enabling this feature for a lot of users.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Release of Google Chrome 69 stable version. Facebook Extensions - 1. Dictionary Toolbox - 1. Translator Toolbox - 1. Stop Watch - 1. TO-DO list Toolbox - 2. Supported sites Recenty added: Older Versions Version 1.

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How to completely remove Google Chrome in Windows. (All Versions)