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Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army
Hausmeister Feb 7, 6: Feldman now working as a session player for jazz artists and the film industry, his career would well exceed a highly prolific four hundred sessions, 76 his own projects. According to a German court in Hamburg, Google 's subsidiary YouTube can be held liable for damages when it hosts copyrighted videos without the copyright holder's permission. Making Queens his domicile, Perkins there played clubs while beginning to teach drums in public schools in the eighties. Wes had died of heart attack in , Monk following in of cancer. Drummer Papa Jo Jones was known for his manner with brushes and shifting the role of time keeping from bass drum to the hi-hat cymbal. Nine more LPs ensued to 'Jackie's Bag' in

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Trunews permanently banned from YouTube today.

Which is probably a good thing coz the system is rotten to the core. But everything has been weaponised. They are in the matrix. Of course the mark will be the deciding line.

Coz Gods getting serious! Time is short for the freedom to witness to others. I was not taught to witness. As I grew up and actually read the Bible, I learned that was not true. The most exciting thing you can do in your life is share the gospel of Jesus Christ and pray with others leading them to Christ! You do a lot of good James and I imagine very hard work in compiling all these news and prophetic words together for us, so I figure if we all gave the least, you might fare well.

God has used the generosity of the Z3 community to sustain us these past few years like manna from heaven. The persecution of Christians are worldwide. I just saw the news today that effective end of March, major internet retailers such as Amazon and other similar giant China internet sellers have stopped selling bibles over the internet. My friends in China saw the news, went online to search and verified the news was true.

Please pray for China. It is disheartening to think that one day China may become as heavy armed as North Korea. Please pray that the Christians in China will be able to endure this challenge in their faith. It may be in minority, but we have heard Trunews, Z3 news, etc. I stand with you as we move forward. Trunews permanently banned from YouTube today. April 2, 4: James Bailey James Bailey is an author, business owner, husband and father of two children.

Tech giants take down another Christian ministry Prophetic dream reveals Russians decapitating U. Notify of new replies to this comment. April 2, 8: April 2, 9: April 5, 4: April 5, 7: April 6, 9: April 6, April 2, 5: April 3, Mike M, thanks for sharing this information!

I will keep praying. April 3, 8: April 4, 6: April 4, 4: April 4, April 2, 6: April 3, 2: April 3, 6: April 2, 7: April 2, April 3, 9: April 4, 8: Thanks for sharing KoCalifornia. Join Our Mailing List: Donate to Z3 News: BTW, I am also waiting to see a confirmed trend as of now.

I just remember reading several "hopeful" comments about people hoping it happens before the end of the jubilee year. It was from a dream about a year ago, summarised here in a conversation with Phanuel: For men will be When I woke up I knew I should sell Rdd at that… Daniel on Prophetic dream reveals Obama completely transformed into young handsome man.

Jackrabbit Feb 7, If anyone suffers from PKK it is "the Kurds". You should argue against real positions. I did not say something like all Kurds are supporting the PKK. And I suppose you do not understand the basic political methodology of Erdogan. If there is no PKK he would immediately need some other "enemy". His one and only chance is constant polarization.

In a normal dialogue-orientated environment he would have no say. His secret support for those diyanet people has no majority in the country. But now this majority cannot express itself. Hausmeister Feb 7, But the refugees do need to be resettled in order to vote. But that's a different argument. You may be right prima facie, I suspect in the second sense. You advised application of 'reason' in thinking.

So I try to base all my arguments on 'factual' points. Another complaint is that there is one rule for us and one rule for the big guys. That's a coctail of cowardice, bullying, hypocrisy. If that's what they are they sould just say so but they are in denial. People demand that all parties sit down and talk or else Face me! Hit me if you like but don't say you didn't.

Let's settle our affairs once and for all! Let all hell break loose! Instead people are subjected to the confusing policies of the Coalition for Occupation. We are bored here. ConfusedPundit Feb 7, Try Meyssan's deep analysis.

Or you can remain Paul's wingman, tossing donut holes of "Putin failed" at us. In other words, you are ignorant of the facts. And you are in with weak company. Red Ryder Feb 7, Hausmeister 57 You last sentence strongly suggest that you might think that most Turks are undercover Americans Year , I like it. Den Lille Abe Feb 7, What, are you not going to give them GMO foods or sell them VWs with fabricated emission reports or smart phones that spy on them? How does Turkey treat those that are weaker than Turkey?

That's why the country is despised by all its neighbors. For we both know very well that if Turkey could it would commit another genocide against all Kurds, be it PKK or not.

Turkey thanks to support and help from the USA, EU and Arab countries ever since at least the end of WW2, if not sooner, has grown to a regional power in the area. It has grown to the point that it wants to renegotiate the deal it had been offered by the above-mentioned back when Turkey was a nobody.

The so-called "big guys" don't want to offer a better deal to Turkey and instead try to undermine the country until it "comes back to its senses" as they see it. Now do the big guys use, want to use or have already used the military coup, the Guelen movement, or Kurds in order to achieve the purpose? In fact I'm convinced. What is Erdogan up to? What can we expect from Turkey in the future? On livemap syria they are showing pics of oil trucks from east syria, us kurd control, servicing markets in idlib under pro turkey opposition control.

The route went from deir ezzor fields through manbij-azaz-afrin-idlib. This trade was still ongoing until just recently, they posted pics of oil trucks coming from turkey instead, but who knows if this is just the same oil in different trucks. Garrett Feb 7, Thank you, well said. Now we can talk otherwise get lost in mumbo jumbo.

ConfusedPundit Feb 7, 1: Manpads have a limited range. They must be portable. Therefore cannot be too heavy with fuel. Also, Aircraft have a limited ceiling. What made Manpads so effective in Afghanistan is the very mountainous nature of the country. Just the same even a fighter flying high is reachable as the starting point of a Manpad at 10,feet is already close to half way there.

The situation is not the same in Syria where there is much flatland and mountains are nowhere like their counterparts in Afghanistan. CarlD Feb 7, 1: The Constitutional Committee will also include delegates from those groups who did not attend the Sochi gathering for whatever reason, Lavrov said. PropOrNot, the anonymous producers of the news site blacklist used Twitter to denigrate Robert Parry. And the responses it got are wonderful. Please check it out, and notice how vile are the responses by PropOrNot.

Daniel Feb 7, 5: One of the problems the Turks would face if they tried to take over [on a permanent basis] part of Syria, is that it would be contrary to all promises made to Russia about the sovereign and integral legitimacy of the Syrian state. Turkey now have Turk gas stream going ahead and have been promised nuclear power plants and s missile systems they have major Iranian gas supplies and a growing trade with Iran and Russia.

Are they going to f--k with Putin again and lose all that, I don't think so. Will we see how exceptional the US are? Well of course they were going to go ahead and make the best of it. And dismiss those who would not participate. My point seems to be lost as every one rushes to defend Sochi. Did Turkey really need to attack Afrin just before these talks?

That angered Kurds and caused them to decline to go. Now, maybe some Kurds DID go, but to the extent that there was non participation, that helped to legitimize the radical opposition like HNC. What about the behavior of Turk-aligned groups at Sochi? Is it worthwhile to ask whose side Erdogan is on?

Jackrabbit Feb 7, 6: Currently 'escalate to de-escalate' is the strategy everybody adheres to. I think the US should find a way to repair the ties with the Turks before it's too late.

Nothing will be the same as before but at least it won't get worse. But Turkey has 3. They should all go back to their homeland. There are many Palestinians in exile in Jordan. Turkey doesn't want to be another one. US jets have bombed the Syrian army again.

Daniel Feb 7, 7: Each side has stated their intentions for nearly a month or more. I pointed this out at least a month ago with no response. Did everyone here just expect the Assad must go! I remarked a few weeks ago that the Coalition can not accept defeat. So politics and covert ops becomes the end game. That makes Sochi Important. But everyone seems to think the war is over and the Astana peace process will lead to a political settlement.

Jackrabbit Feb 7, 9: Perimetr Feb 7, 9: I also read somewhere that both Mattis and McMaster are off to Turkey this week with their horse and pony show trying to corral Turkey back into a more steady pro-US and nato ally. Local sources reported that the US-led coalition strikes targeted several positions of the SAA around Khasham town on the eastern bank of the Euphrates River in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside.

However, Syrian pro-government sources doubted that the SAA could launch such an attack against the US-backed forces while it is fighting on many other fronts in the governorates of Hama, Aleppo, Idlib and Damascus. Part of my daily reading is to punch in Syria as a search term on Twitter. In the past it has mostly brought up a reasonable balance of pro Syria and anti Syria posts. Looks like US is trying to drum up another coalition of the killing to attack Syria.

Peter AU 1 Feb 7, Local sources in Deir Ezzur confirmed last month that the SDF released ISIL members, among them tens of senior terrorist commanders in Deir Ezzur as well as their security, economic, military and religious leaders. The sources said that the SDF measure will possibly lead to heavy clashes with the people and tribes of Deir Ezzur and Hasaka as the ISIL terrorists have committed many crimes against them during the terrorist group's control over the region.

Al Jazeera, Aug Islamic State group 'executes ' in Syria. Blood revenge in the Arab tribes is like that - something else the US seems oblivious to. I don't know if this had anything to do with the attacks on SDF positions and US retaliation, but it wouldn't be surprising that the US is on the wrong side, once again.

PavewayIV Feb 8, Mina Feb 8, 2: So US attacks another country and the western presstitutes in the msm cover up for them in the media and fool the reader, this is beyond ugly. Anonymous Feb 8, 3: What exactly will the Russians end up winning in Syria? Israel, Turkey, the U. The Syrians have the will to fight but not the defensive weapons Ss and modern jets needed to defend themselves. The US have partitioned Syria without asking the people in the partitioned part if they want independence or secession, is that a first?

I don't suppose that's a problem for the US. Just a few suggestions. From where I sit, amerika's pissweak attempts to try and draw the Syrian government into a conflict reek of desperation leavened with spite.

Syria just needs to keep on keeping on, by chipping away at the takfiri boltholes, herding the fuckers into smaller and smaller places, isolating the derps more with each move. Amerika's pentagon types will be wrestling with their local on the spot managers. Those arsewipes will be getting frustrated, demanding "more action' as their headchopper puppets feel more squeeze and less support.

Then the Syrian ambassador can get the issue onto the UN assembly agenda. They know this now, so you'd hafta think they're weighing up their options - somehow start a war which is gonna be tough to sell and harder to win without being seen by the world to be a lower than a snake's belly war crim, or to up sticks and get out.

Of course the latter will cause much worse bad press from the Trump base, so there will be much delay, delay, obfuscation - right up to the minute amerika has to bite the bullet. If the decision makers use their heads, they'll slither out, but application of intellect ahead of kneejerk 'just do something' is not a quality which amerika is known for. Debsisdead Feb 8, 5: The US can never ever trust Turkey again. Because the coup attempt and the arming of the PKK were the last straws for the Turks and the Turks will get their revenge no matter what which means the US can never sleep tight.

The Turks have decided that it is cheaper for them to be hostile towards the US than being friendly with them. Who's fault is that? There are mutual threats in the Turkish media today. Lieutenant General Paul E. Funk threatens Turks at the Manbij border. TAF responds with some interesting photos. I think the US strategy from now on should focus on mending the ties with Turkey but I don't know how that is possible.

Or carry on with the policies that see Turkey as a piece of cake? ConfusedPundit Feb 8, 6: That's basically the same amount as current total US national debt. Odds are that the bulk of this ended up in various corruption and embezzlement inside US and abroad, and in a number of various military endeavours, secret programs and other similar shenanigans, well outside any oversight.

Of course, that's not new. I remember some were already complaining about it 15 years ago - though it was something like 4 trillions, not It's an insane amount of money. Clueless Joe Feb 8, 6: At least the Russians held a referendum in Crimea. As an aside, Democrats are now accusing Republicans of hypocrisy for complaining about the evidence used for that FISA warrant while renewing Section Don't they understand irony or even hypocrisy for that matter?

Meanwhile, I'd point out to ISIS that the United States are occupying Muslim lands with no intention of leaving any time soon if ever, and perhaps reinforce that point by having some SAA troops attack American poodles in eastern Syria so that the United States launches a disproportionate retaliatory attack against the SAA.

The United States military demonstrates yet again that they have no understanding of the purpose or function of war and are morons fit only for ceremonial parades in Washington, which they'll mess up completely anyway. The Syrian and Iraqi governments should put more effort into pointing out that the Gulf States including Saudi Arabia but probably excluding Kuwait and Oman are nothing more that Israel and America's poodles who will do nothing to defend Muslims but who will in fact continue to kill them and aid the Israelis and Americans in doing so as well.

Ghost Ship Feb 8, 7: Main Syria - U. Russia has plenty of Options to drive out the Turks after that, so no worrys here. Paul is such a douche. The US has lost in Iraq. It's just a question of when it is recognised. Turkey has already had at least one airport bombing. Sheeple Yes, Russia could crush the Turkish invasion relatively easily. Ukrainians could be a problem as long as they were willing to fight, we'd need to sweeten the pot with economic aid Russia against the U.

Jackrabbit Who's claiming the Sochi Congress failed? Daniel 21 Russia does not depend on Turkey to keep the Bosporus open. This of course if Turkey is victorious which is a big IF. Sochi Congress Posted by: Trafficking In Terror Posted by: Study the words of a commentator close to Erdogan, who offers this rallying call to Turkish will: Turkey has been making history on these lands for a millennium by drawing its own path — and it is not a country that will fight for its own defense by obtaining approval from others.

For centuries now, we never begged anyone even once; we have no such tradition. This is homeland defense, and we know very well how to do this Right now, Turkey throws its expendable pawns into the fray - a measure of its low regard for the Kurds, and a wise use of soldiers who frankly may as well die anyway.

Sort of off topic, but excellent: And it has only gotten worse. Oops, It was BugsYourUncle who just recommended that article.

As far as Robert Parry, what a guy. Frances 31 Your second link states that: Ok, maybe I jest. I think the Turks are playing the Survivor game. Dear Hausmeister, I'm afraid you are making a big mistake! I don't think anyone, incl yourself, can refute me with this line of yours below: When you confuse the two you are working for Erdogan. As is, everybody is reinforcing everybody else's nationalism.

It might win Erdogan the election but it is a disaster for people in Turkey. You do not understand Sochi or Syria. Its credible ; Posted by: Having clarified where we disagree let's move on to what I agree with you: That and nothing else is the whole Turkey vs.

Red Ryder Thanks for the link. I have no connection to him. A rotary wing already at its ceiling is reachable by a Manpad on top of a mountain. Turkey buys 3 Ka Rus choppers today. Is this another albeit tiny step away from the NATO threshold? Dear harrylaw Feb 7, 5: Syria is divided, then Turks remain. The sources said that people in the village of al-Shahil stormed the SDF centers and captured nine of the Kurdish fighters after one of the villagers was reportedly killed by the SDF.

The villagers have called for the handover of the murderer. The SDF has put its forces on alert following the unrest. Met with silence well, who wants to discuss the obvious?

The Levant Front then handed him over to Turkish security forces, who interrogated him. He also said that Liwa Ahfad Saladin, now without weapons, would set up a political party. On 25 March , following the capture of Afrin a week earlier, clashes broke out between the Hamza Division and Ahrar al-Sharqiya in the city, resulting in the latter group capturing around fighters from the former.

A ceasefire agreement between the two groups was signed on the same day under the auspices of Turkey. In June , the Kurdish National Council accused Turkish-backed rebels of kidnapping 55 Kurdish civilians and displacing hundreds of Yazidis in northern Aleppo. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Not to be confused with Free Syrian Army. This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Inter-rebel conflict during the Syrian Civil War. This article possibly contains original research.

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Syrian Civil War portal. Retrieved 16 March Retrieved 13 August Retrieved 26 January Retrieved 24 January Retrieved 1 February Retrieved 17 February Retrieved 28 August Retrieved 23 April Retrieved 12 July Revolutionary Forces of Syria Media Office.

Turkey 'disbands rebel battalion' as alliances collapse". Retrieved 5 July Meet the Kurdish fighters participating in Turkey's Afrin offensive". Archived from the original on 28 January Retrieved 29 January

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