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The big con of DSL is the phone cable itself; telephone cables usually top out at around 40 Mbps down, while cable can deliver closer to Mbps under ideal conditions. Cox Provided high rate at the beginning just for net. Fiber is the best Internet option if you can get it. It led to the development of the National Information Infrastructure and included funding for a series of projects under the titles National Research and Education Network NREN and High-Performance Computing and Communications Initiative which spurred many significant technological developments, such as the Mosaic web browser , [54] and the creation of a high-speed fiber optic computer network. The Open Internet rules are grounded in the strongest possible legal foundation by relying on multiple sources of authority, including: With the exception of child pornography, content restrictions tend to rely more on the removal of content than blocking; most often these controls rely upon the involvement of private parties, backed by state encouragement or the threat of legal action. No choice without cable???

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Cox Communications High-Speed Internet

Serviceman came in said modem needs to be changed. My wife picked it up from store and I installed it. Have to call them wasting my time, they made me angry as they continue insisting on the charges. Had to argue a lot to get little credit. We don't have internet since noontime and now it's 8 pm. They keep delaying it, thanks to San Marcos, CA politicians that let only one cable company for each area without competition so they charge us more and don't give good service. Cox is fine for the first two years - but yes your bill continues to grow somehow Moving on, I thought that my bill was high at depending on whatever damage I did on those days or nights when you just say, " Nevertheless, The point is they are terrible for your pocket and customer service put it where the sun don't shine They may not be able to fix your issue on the spot but they will get someone there without a service or tech charge because it's the right thing to do.

So for two years I have a landline that I never knew about and when I did finally buy a house phone and used it was the day I got my What a joke - 4 hrs and refunded I said, "Well hello, it's Why don't I just say peace out and resign" -- rep replied, "We have a 4 month ban on customers who leave and reapply after they can't find a service provider out where you are or homeowners association rules on bulky dish devices are not to be visible and then are under to comeback will be turned away.

Friends told me Cox was a terrible company to deal with but they are the only internet available for my zip code. I signed up for services 18hrs ago and have already had to deal with customer service twice. I marked for equipment to be mailed to me, then within 10 minutes received an email telling me my equipment was ready to be picked up. When I called customer service the representative kept confusing herself on whether I was going to pick the product up or if she could mail it to me.

Luckily she did get it sent to me and I received it in the morning. My equipment was a coax cable and instructions on self installation, because I have a compatible modem and elected for self-installation.

I could not establish internet connection, so followed the instructions on my self-installation guided and went to www.

The webpage told me I do not have access to self-install. So I again contacted customer service. The representative told me I need to register my equipment. Why was that not a listed step on my instructions then? Not even 24hr in so I can only imagine how poorly this company truly operates.

This company continues to get worse with customers. We moved to the East Coast two months ago. I called up billing and they told me to bring it to any Cox store.

The rep knew I was in Virginia. So, I went to the local store, waited an hour to be told they cannot take it back.

I left the modem at the store. The store people were rude and short with me. They had not the slightest interest in helping me. Hell will freeze over before I ever do business with them.

The worst, this company is responsible for stealing your money, install the service and with two days of service I have been calling them to fix all my problems. Whenever I call they tell me they will fix it, they will submit a form and I have to wait five days, I went to the store to see if I can get some help and I was told not to call customer service because they do not know what they are doing.

I regret install their service. Do not let the technician in your house! Never give your Social Security Number ever or have them do a background check on you ever. Do not rent their equipment or they will run a credit report on you.

Once you have them run a credit report you will get third party advertisements like crazy. These companies are setup to sell, sell, sell! So do not blame them for pushing you to buy more! When they answered the phone I told them exactly what I want!

No TV just Internet! They tried to say they have a package. I watch TV on my own time when I want to anywhere I want to. Do not let these companies dictate what you should have or what you should not have!

Buy your own mbps Mega Bytes Per Second Modem, be careful in buying a mbps modem or you will not be able to upgrade to a higher internet, There is a mbps aka 1gbps Gigabytes per second usually for small business or famous streamers that have a lot of followers but if that is the case move to California instead of paying a fortune in internet because all streamers get better connection on the West Coast.

Now the modem you buy might not have a all in one wifi, mine are two devices, I prefer to not have an all in one device because these are electronics and modems run hot so if you have the modem burning up with the wifi trying to communicate out with a signal you would imagine they would work from extensive testing.

But unfortunately natural PHYSICS does not allow it because heat produces microwaves and when you have a microwave next to your phone guess what happens? So I suggest you buy the mbps modem on Amazon with Amazon prime that way if you get a bad one you can freely return it.

I suggest NETGEAR since they have been leading the way in gaming routers lately, anything that is good for gaming is great for anything else because gaming requires 24 hour of productivity depending if your bread and butter is streaming to the masses. If you have the money go for the latest nighthawk! You will not be disappointed. For the sake of continuity I mentioned triband WiFi router so in this case I want to get the Netgear triband wireless extenders called "Nighthawk X4S Tri-Band WiFi Mesh Extender" pretty much this will expand your WiFi coverage especially if your router is on one side and the kitchen is in the middle, remember what I said about microwave ovens and electronic or electrical boxes can all cause interference with your WIFI communication,.

I worked as a electrician helper in my younger years and most of all of you have never seen the skeletal parts of a townhouse, apartments and how they wire these apartments or townhouse.

Have you ever noticed only one thick power line goes to one end of the row of townhouse, house or apartment? You do not want your modem and router located next to your electrical box especially if all the electrical wires of everyone apartment is running through your apartment!

You see sometimes it is not the internet provider that is to blame but yourself for moving in on the end where there is a lot of magnetic fields running through your living space, me I live in the middle thank God but I could never live near power lines because I am sensitive to electrical fields, I didn't choose to be.

It is what it is and they are still trying to figure that science out. Ok 5th and final: It is out of your control! I did get my money back but I had to fight them for it and then I thanked them for returning my money. The technician didn't do anything except criticize my modem and router and they are running in perfect condition, so don't let that technician in checking out your personal modem and router.

Next do not rent their modems or anything! You do not need to give them your social security number ever! Do not give it to them ever! Hang up and talk to someone else. Cox has said the customer is always right but if you do not stand your ground they are going to take advantage of you. Last but not least you must fight with your legislator and government to allow other cable companies to enter your area, the unfortunate truth is that only one cable company owns the lines, it would be redundant to have 3 cable companies running through your walls as three different cables.

So if your government does not have the knowledge on how this system works they will make bad laws and it will favor the monopoly and not the consumer. Sorry for the run on sentences but I wanted to consolidate everything everyone has complained about and easily produce a solution so you will be better equipped to handle them. With that said education is key to your cable experience survival! I would give 0 stars if I could. Made a huge mistake of switching to Cox from Verizon because they were offering a promotional deal for internet services.

What followed is an absolute nightmare. They cancelled my order for installation last minute without even informing me and stated unless I showed two forms of id personally to the Cox store they would not put me on schedule.

Desperately in need of internet, I had no choice but to go the Cox store where they proceeded to check my IDs and then gave me a date of installation. The harassment does not end there. When I called the number that the Cox store manager himself had provided to confirm the new date of installation, I was told that there was no such order and I was to wait for at least a week more the installation.

So now basically they have cancelled my order twice to accomodate other customers behind. No one has bothered to send a confirmation email for the installation let alone an apology for their screw up. They deducted a security deposit and then illegally did an audit then made dire demands to show my id to the Cox store which is far off from my apartment and finally, they pushed my installation without bothering to inform their customer.

Disgusting, unethical, inhumane and discriminatory practices! Cox Provided high rate at the beginning just for net. And how Government can allow them to have monopoly business and pressure clients living in certain locations have to have certain cable connection when these cable company take advantage of consumer changing rate suddenly and pressure them to have bundle plan.

I am disconnecting with Cox. There are 3 of us living in a very small 3 bedroom apartment I can literally hear my housemates.

I have been at this location for over 2 years now. Cox WiFi connection issues regularly, about daily, multiple times a day to weekly. And, this happens even when there is literally only one person using WiFi. Now, at one point it was actually resolved for about several months, but then the housemate that bought account moved out, so after reconnecting service all issues returned though we bought same plan. Of course we were then talked into getting panoramic WiFi stating that is why we had issue, so we upgraded to the Cox panoramic router.

The customer is always blamed, and the electrical wiring, and no resolution ever made from tech support, to customer service. Plus, since they have a monopoly what else are we all to do then? There really needs to be an investigation into this especially when rates go up but service goes down how is that even legal! Someone please start a petition to have this company investigated cause I will sign it! And, service I LOL how is it legal to have a team of customer support that offers no technological sound advice or resolution!

I mean really if issues are ongoing then why are they not being taken seriously! Cox Internet Service is unreliable and Cox technicians and store employees are not given correct status information and therefore cannot be of any help. Internet access is up and down and the customer is always blamed home wiring or modem when it is Cox equipment that is at fault.

Cox Communications internet signal drops several times a day. When I called in last week, I was told that it was my modem. A "supervisor" arrived with a trainee, who told me that was nonsense, and that my modem was fine. Ultimately, there was no explanation for the internet interruption.

Today while taking a paid for scheduled online class, there was an interruption. My call into Cox today was just as unfruitful as the last one. It's unbelievable to me that this virtual monopoly is allowed to have this level of service in After high pressure tactics to buy a bunch of stuff I did not want I finally set an install date for internet Now two month later and I have to almost everyday turn off my internet and restart it to get it to work right.

Today when logged into my Cox Communications account, reviewed current offers for my account and address to upgrade my internet. The offer was for mbps for When I clicked on the offer to finalize the upgrade, the price changed in the offer to I initiated a chat to talk with a rep about getting the price that was offered of Erin, the Cox representative in the chat, said they will not honor the price shown because it was an "online error" then she copied and pasted some legal jargon into the chat about how they did not have to honor the price.

I saved the offers. When works it works but I routinely have to disconnect from it times a day to get Apps to work or pages to load using my T-Mobile network. Basically Cox takes a siesta and a nap most days. I keep getting disconnected, I've had multiple Techs come out plus a supervisor. I was told that the problem isn't in my house. I'm in Chandler, AZ and what the hell is wrong with your internet. I get disconnected at random times, multiple times.

This is absolute crap. My only other option is CenturyLink it seems and I'll most likely be changing soon. Three weeks ago our service became unreliable, the repairman fed us a line of nonsense.

Showed us his computer with mbps speeds while the actual computers in use have fallen from over 30mbps to frequently under 5. It would be better for the customer to get skilled service help, and a quality network than to keep adding hardware where none was required before.

If America didn't allow monopolies, they'd be out of business tomorrow, and we all would be better served. I have been a Cox customer for 8 years and the price keeps increasing and they Charge me 9. I am a Senior Citizen on a Fixed income. I will soon be changing to a better carrier. At least I will be able to use my phone and get a faster netload, I will also mention that they charge for every nook or granny and I get very few Channels. At least other providers give you way more channels.

Panoramic is a chip cable internet box you can buy in eBay. The want you to paid 9. Cable TV is ok. Cox webmail is driving me to distraction.

I absolutely hate it. I am in the middle of composing an email and the screen blinks and goes blank. Not so with Outlook or Gmail which is why I am running as fast as I can to disengage all that I was connected to involving Cox webmail.

I have been a Cox customer for over 10 years and my frustration continues to grow. My internet works okay, but is nothing spectacular. When I called they said there has been a rate increase with no explication or warning. I would switch to any other carrier if there was one in my area. They have a monopoly in my city and take advantage of their customers. See The Internet Mapping Project for amusing examples of people attempting to draw what it might look like.

To understand where the Internet is coming from, you can imagine the Internet as a tree. The backbone of the Internet the part that transmits data between cities, countries, and continents is mostly made of fiber-optic cables. These networks are sprawling and complex. DSL, cable, and fiber connections all have one thing in common: Even with a lowly dial-up connection, most of the journey data travels between your computer and servers happens over fiber on the Internet backbone or carrier fiber networks.

However, those last couple miles between your house and the ISP can slow things down considerably, because the data switches over to older copper cables. So what does this mean for the consumer? Well, DSL Internet has a few advantages and disadvantages in comparison with cable and fiber. The second advantage is in how the connection reaches the end user: While cable provides faster speeds, it can get bogged down at peak times e.

Because of this, the DSL connections can seem more consistent, even if they are overall slower than cable. The big con of DSL is the phone cable itself; telephone cables usually top out at around 40 Mbps down, while cable can deliver closer to Mbps under ideal conditions. However, shared bandwidth and unmaintained infrastructure often results in equivalent effective speeds for either technology much lower than 40 Mbps.

Distance between ISP office and residence is also a factor with DSL connections, as residences farther from the central office generally receive slower speeds and higher latency than those closer to the office. Cable solves some of the problems associated with DSL service low bandwidth, outdated infrastructure but comes with its own host of potential failure points.

The biggest con when it comes to cable is higher cost, largely a product of lack of competition among cable providers — cable infrastructure is more expensive than telephone, so many Americans only have access to one provider if they want true broadband Internet.

The other problem point with cable is bandwidth sharing. Since bandwidth is shared within neighborhoods, oftentimes cable will be slowed to the same speed or lower than DSL during peak use times. Fiber is by nature unaffected by electromagnetic interference like copper, making it much more resilient to outside factors — like proximity to other infrastructure and weather.

Overall, fiber has few faults outside of cost and limited availability. We can expect that fiber will continue to grow alongside increasing reliance on high-speed broadband Internet for work, play, and communications.

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