How to Find a Netgear IP Address


NETGEAR Wireless Router Configuration Guide
Seems to me that insulting someone the site fired is not a thing to ban someone for. In earlier versions of Windows, click "Start," then "Run," then type "Command" in the box, click "OK," then type "ipconfig" and press enter. It is always possible for an attacker to crack this password but by choosing wisely it is unlikely that an attacker will have the computing power to figure out the passphrase in a reasonable amount of time. A prime example of this is the Internet Protocol IP address your computer uses to communicate with the router. On your computer click on: For most default network settings, the IP address is You reason is that you apparently disagree with the policies of an IRC chatroom, where you may have been banned, and you're looking for a way to get around that ban - not what I would consider a legitimate reason.

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Netgear IP Address

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Netgear IP Address