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List of Best Secure Email Providers 2018
With all these great things there are bound to be cons, that include not being able to send emails to non CounterMail users, also it is not an easy service to use because UI is complicated, and it is only free for one week that is after one week you will have to buy the pro version to gain services from them. It is a paid service with only a free trial available for a limited period of time. The UI is easy to use and understand, only one click on a button lets you change the privacy of emails, it also has 1GB of free space for free accounts, it is open source and has an app for iOS as well as Android. The following service includes IMAP and lets you modify lots of stuff, it also does not keep IP address logs just like the one mentioned above, it uses anonymous email headers, and works in a browser and also an iOS app is available for the following. It also comes with a 10 GB of e-mail storage and you can also enable for notifications to notify you in other email accounts of yours whenever you will receive an email on your Hushmail account.

Best Secure Email Providers

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