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Top 9 Websites for Watching Movies Streaming Online for Free
Register for free to continue reading this article. But it wasn't moral. Make sure whoevers providing the service is allowed to do so. To continue reading this article. The uploader is distributing and could be punished. It is officially illegal.

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Dark mode Light Mode. Is it illegal to watch movies on streaming sites? So if by any chance I stumble upon a copyrighted movie on YouTube or some other streaming site, can I get in trouble for watching the video even though I didn't upload it? In Europe, it is currently legal to stream illegally hosted movies:.

In the US it is legal as well , although the industry is constantly lobbying Congress to make streaming illegal. EU Court of Justice has yet to decide if it's legal or not, the case you are citing only established that streaming is legal if you make no attempt to make a copy of the content streamed.

I believe the US has not ruled on it yet, so its in a gray area. If anything the site will be in trouble, not you. Regardless of whether it is or isn't it absolutely shouldn't be. For example, if I go to hulu or any other site it shouldn't be my responsibility to investigate where they got their content. It is illegal, but no one has ever went after someone in that situation. You would have to be the first person ever pursued for something like that.

So far people have only been targeted for distribution. A streaming site would have to keep logs of all IP addresses that connected and then would have to get sued and forced to hand over those logs. There would be literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of IP address in that list. The odds of all this happening are so slim that it's not worth worrying about.

And as far as I know this has never happened. What you need to be worried about is using bit torrent. Since in that case you're not just downloading but uploading parts of it simultaneously. Anyone can see all the IP address in the swarm, so they don't need a court order to get them. They could claim you're guilty of contributory infringement. For that reason, I wouldn't advice you torrent unless you're using a VPN, which would hide IP address and you would nave nothing to worry about.

I live in bosnia and every second person here torrents everything, since nothing is really available here, and even if it was people don't have money for survival. They sell bootleg movies and games in street in the middle of the city center.

Y ou can log on to countless websites and indulge your addiction to American TV series, or see the latest films without paying a penny. People have been accessing movies and TV shows for free for years, but the way they do this has transformed beyond recognition.

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