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6 Common Spectrum Problems & Fixes
FYI — Most modems now have a battery built in, so unplugging it simply makes it use battery power. You can use a tool like DownDetector to see if others in your area are also experiencing Spectrum problems, or you may need to call in for help. The best advice is to not pay sticker price for Spectrum Internet plans. How satisfied are you with this response? Please enter a valid email. What should I do if I get "no signal" when I go to the right input with my cable box?

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How to Troubleshoot a Time Warner Cable Modem

Understand Factors That Affect Connectivity. Learn the Home WiFi basics. Are router configurations stored in the Spectrum c High latency and packet loss. Connection issues, need help. Looking for the best source for Gig Internet Avail Upgrading upload speed on Spectrum Internet Assist Unstable connection to Warframe servers.

For months the Internet was unusable at night and despite 5 trips out no one could figure out why. Eventually they determined the cable that connected my house to TWC now Spectrum was damaged and at night interference basically broke the Internet. Most of the time they will cover the cost of installing a line to the outside of your house.

Another possibility is that you are paying for a slow internet plan. If this is the case you should ask about what types of deals you can get. The best advice is to not pay sticker price for Spectrum Internet plans.

Spectrum DVR problems are a frequent complaint of subscribers. This includes the DVR freezing, skipping recordings and other problems that prevent you from watching. Two solutions to Spectrum DVR problems are power cycling and deleting videos. The first thing to do is unplug the DVR for a minute. This can fix many issues. Try deleting a lot of old TV shows and movies and see if that fixes it.

If your DVR is very old, call and ask for a newer model, but that may not actually fix the problem. DVR or full-size cable box attached to it.

When, not if, your Spectrum Digital Adapter stops working you will need to unplug it for a minute and then plug it back in. This should fix the problem for at least 28 hours. At which point you may need to reboot it again. This will fix the video output and sound output, which frequently breaks on these fragile little boxes. Unfortunately, there is no fix to make the Spectrum Digital Adapter remote work correctly and control everything it needs to or to reliably use a universal remote with these boxes.

If all else fails, you can switch to DirecTV. If you cannot fix your Spectrum problems on your own, you can reach out to the Spectrum customer service team on Twitter. This group is helpful and you can send a message and get replies without waiting on the phone for support.

I am not from TWC, I am instead a customer. Please forgive us, but we do not give a damn. Use a smart phone. Drive somewhere where there is free Wi-Fi and use a laptop. I believe in you. You are not stupid. Thanks for being the tool of the year — stuck. Maybe just maybe we pay for something that none of us receive. Hi Shiela,how are you trying to connect to the internet is it a wireless or a wired connection if it is a wireless connection just make sure you are connected to the network.

Hope that will fix the issue. Cable internet slows down at night due to it being a shared connection. I used to work for an Internet company and would run into this often. Everyone around you that is using cable Internet is sharing off of the same connection you are. More usage from your neighbors means slower speeds for you. Even if you pay for the highest speeds you have to have the right equipment to support those speeds old computers, old routers, modems, gateways, old wiring.

It does not solve the reason behind the regular outages. And the call for a Service Technician is agreed to if they can charge me if they determine it is my fault, even though they are the only ones who can A. One could get cynical…. My motem has been going out very frequently since friday where it cuts out all the internet connection. The top 3 symbols go from being solid to blinking and no devices in the house c an connect to it.

I have a ps4 connected via ethernet. And I have multiple devices connecting to the motem via wifi. I then unplug the power source for the motem and plug it back in, it connects for five minutes and disconn3cts again. I have a problem with my cable TV. Several channels freeze frame while I am watching a program. If I click onto another channel and then click back to the frozen one, it will be okay.

This happens about every fifteen minutes. I have tried rebooting, but it does not help. Some channels involved are 59 and ShoTime. The one channel i watch the most on my tablet always is skipped…it goes from 30, 31, 32, straight to 34! Why does it do this????? For the past three weeks my internet stops working in the early a. All that was done was a hard reset, checked line and changed channels.

What a rip off! Does anyone else see the problem with that? I have a cable that is expose, is not under ground. Bedroom room cable connection not working at all. Especially if the problem is one of the following: If you see no picture on a lit screen, avoid tampering with the television or cable box.

The problem is not likely on your side of the connection or something that you can fix yourself. Contact Time Warner Cable. If you see a picture but no sound on every channel, avoid tampering with the television or cable box. If you see no light on the screen with or without sound, avoid tampering with the television or cable box.

If you see a horizontal white line across the center of your television this means that your vertical amplifier collapsed. Contact a television repairman. Make sure that your modem is correctly connected to an outlet and that no wires are loose. Ensure that all wireless settings and connections are set to receive the wireless signal.

Make sure you did not accidentally activate "airport mode" or switch to another internet network. Turn off your modem, wireless router and computer. In most cases, this will solve your internet problems. If you have been unable to solve your internet problems on your own, it's time to bring in a professional. Check your connections to ensure no wires were accidentally unplugged or loosened. Also check the modem is connected correctly to your wall via a phone jack. Try connecting another phone to the cables.

If you hear a dial tone, the problem is not your service but rather your actual phone receiver. Do this by pulling out the battery from the modem or unplugging the modem from an electrical outlet. Turn back on the modem and check the phone for a dial tone.

If you have been unable to solve your phone problems on your own, it's time to bring in a professional. Contact them via phone. Contact then via email or live chat. Visit Time Warner Cable's Website to find out more information on how to chat online for free or email a representative for more help with your Time Warner Cable issues.

What should I do if the digital box for the other room is only scanning to 95? Reboot digital box, unplug power cord, reconnect. If it's still the same, call customer service. A replacement may have to be ordered or a service visit scheduled.

Not Helpful 3 Helpful 3. How can I get a picture back on my TV if my arm accidentally hit the remote control and the screen only has "no signal" on it now? You've probably hit the "source" button.

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