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OK Google Not Working? Here Is How To Fix It
I still type a search string into the bar at the top of a new tab and nothing happens. In order to enable other languages, you should first ensure you have the latest feature of the Google Search App. You can resolve errors such as:. It does however work normally sometimes. This issue is not browser related, it happens with Edge, IE, and Chrome. Please note that OK Google voice detection does not work when battery saver is enabled!

Step 2: Try fixing the Google app

Google Search Not Working in Internet Explorer 11

The problems you may be experiencing with your microphone may be related software or may be hardware based. When you have the Google app open, the microphone status is displayed thanks to an icon located on the right hand side of the search bar. It should be drawn in an unbroken line if it is working correctly. If it is made up of a broken line, there may be an issue with your microphone. If the problem stems from the phone itself, you should refer back to your phones user manual to help resolve it, or failing that, the phone manufacturer.

Before you do that, however, go through these simple checks. You might not realize it, but small bits of dust and debris can clog up the tiny hole that leads to your microphones. Use a safety pin or needle to investigate and dislodge anything that may be preventing good auditory reception. Several apps run continuously on your phone and may be contributing to low or even high level background noise that is interfering with your microphone.

Have a look at what apps are running and disable any you think might be creating noise, then check to see if your android commands are still not working. And like a cruel divorce, this issue will force you to choose your favorite child. You will likely have to remove it altogether to fix OK Google recognition.

We hope this article helped you get your futuristic visions of voice commands for everything back on track. I was going crazy in my car over this. I use battery saver a lot. When you charge the phone battery saver turns off. But I believe it is new in Android v9 that when you unplug again it goes back into battery saver mode. So my phone is basically always in battery saver mode when unplugged.

This problem was always there but I never noticed it until the android update. The same is true for this article and any other forum I found. After trying other fixes that didn't fix anything, I tried your method. It took less than a minute and everything is back to normal.

It worked like a charm but when I say "ok google" when phone is locked it says "cant reach Google at the moment". Is there a fix for that? I have a Samsung s8 with EE. I have been using Google assistant with my Motorola Bluetooth headset. All I have to do is press the button on the headset and say 'call home and it will call my home but now it will only work if the phone screen is unlocked. Unless I enter my unlock code manually all I get is 'sorry I am unable to help with that but I'm learning all the time'.

Have disabled s voice son will see how I get on. Anyone else with this issue?? It works when I turn off "Battery Saver"! I did what you said and disabled the battery saver function and now ok google works. I too have the LG V20 and have always used the battery saver function.

So glad I found this thread and the comment by R Thread. Oh wow, is Google kidding here? I knew battery saver blocked google assistant but the new battery saver lost the overt orange overlay to communicate that it's enabled and there is no notification to tell me google assistant is unavailable in that mode. This has been a pain for weeks but I'm glad you posted this. Thanks for the help. Thank you a million. It worked for me and "OK Google" responded.

I have tried everything else I could think of, so was going crazy. Android 9 Pie updated killed "OK Google" ability. Not the first time one of their updates on their phone Google Pixel has done this. I've done all the usual fixes.

Mic is working fine if I manually select Google app and talk to my mic. Updated to Pie and now assistant doesnt hear my voice. Embarrassing when standing around saying Hey Google over and over and nothing happens. The assistant was dumb as heck anyway so now I just use my phone to make calls and text and use my laptop for any web searching. I have the exact same problem atm. If I change edge to "start page" and make google my default search engine it works fine when typing in the search bar.

But, I have always had google as my home page and now if I open edge to home page google and just type a random search it shows no results, but it does work SOME times. It's always worked flawlessly up until yesterday. I found info about reinstalling edge by deleting an"appdata" directory and reinstalling with a "powershell" admin command.

I did that, and am still having the same issue. If i'm on google homepage and type in the address bar it works every time, just not always from google search bar.

New 29 Oct 6. I think going about trying to change the defaults is where you are running into the problems. Edge still isn't ready for everything you want at the present time. It needs a bit of work to play catch with IE for sure! New 29 Oct 7. New 29 Oct 8. I had the same problem and so far it seems to be sorted by selecting "never show instant results" in the google search settings.

New 29 Oct 9. I suspect at this time Edge will be highly fussy about things especially when trying to employ anything other then the defaults and why I simply put running it on hold for the time being except for the Insider builds. It's there but simply not ready for a complete takeover. New 31 Oct

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