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Shopping Online Scams: List of Fake Web Stores and a Checklist for Online Shopping
I placed an order there, not noticing the domain, and later discovered several other identical shops. I really wish they would answer my emails to give me some idea of where I stand. Have you contacted them? Enoch September 25, Anyway, it is good to avoid.

Shopping Online Scams: List of Fake Web Stores and a Checklist for Online Shopping

How to spot fake online shops

Hi, the first is definitely fake. The url is Dutch for a Photographer site. Has nothing to do with selling shoes. The second is no longer online. I think I have lost transferring it to fake Ralph Lauren site. When you pay the payment goes to china.

No order confirmation after. I bought a few things on www. The price is a lot cheaper than the official website. A site still offering Xmas shoppings cannot be very serious… They accept credit cards. Can you get a refund from your CC company? A china shoes online shop www. It takes a long time to get an answer. Informed me that there is no idea to return items because they will disappear. When I told them that I have contacted A consumers right organisation in China the stopped answering my emails.

Sad to hear that stores have this kind of bad service. Used Google translate to read the return policy. There is almost no way to get your money back. I have no expectations to get my money back. But I would like to make it tricky for them to continue to commit crimes against other people.

Black lists is one way. I have also contacted Chinese police. I believe in humanity and that criminals will get what they deserve one day. Bad… I ever heard someone who got great Uggs from China. Can somebody please tell me whether this is a genuine website? My daughter wants to order from here but the prices seem very low and almost too good to be true. Hi, I think you gave the answer already yourself. Please see this blog. Hi hello, can you give me information about this site? The site was created on December 7th, Pretty new and has many criteria from a fake site.

So, I label this site fake too. One site complained about in a comment here does the super fake, half the photos are from selfies and half look like legit catalog or web site pix.

Sometimes, just paying attention helps. Reading all fine print, etc. I finally went to a few and yes, gorgeous, crazy cheap, red flags go up all over my brain. I just came from YouTube where there was a lot of discussion about these places, all in China allegedly and every person either got nothing, got leggings when they bought a sweater, just on and on.

I love a good proper, especially when it involves helping people so much time on my hands, might as well use it well! This feels like a huge scam, it would be good to shut down scamming sites!! There definitely poor Chinese stores that offer low,bad or no quality. My site tries to separate the good ones from the poor… I hope that will help.

The package i received was from China. But is there anything i can do to stop this website, to get my money back? Check their footer menu, most links refer to their home page. They only take Visa and Money Transfer and attempted to take money from our bank card on multiple occasions even after the first transaction was denied by our bank. Although this site is very well built, the prices are too good to be true.

So there are two possibilities. The products are fake or the store is fake. Anyway, it is good to avoid. Sorry to hear you had bad experiences. Please see also this blog about sports clothing from China. If a site triggers your anti-virus and you buy from them? Wait, why would anyone buy from a site like that? First of all my item cost was around 87 dollars and they charged me dollars. Hi you wrote this store with a.

This site is still alive and selling football shirts. Where did you buy it? If a site is taken down, you probably lost your money… Sorry. Here is orginal address of site with one i just copy and paste it for you. Here is also a fake site: Hi Adam, It seems to be Canadian yes and their are no direct indications that it is Chinese. Looks like this blog: We keep it listed here.

Then they told me that if I wanted the right one I would have to pay them more money. Hi Nadine, sad story. Now shop should handle their customs like that. Just for the record and this site. Buying from China is safe if you know how and where! Please have a look at the blog posts on how to recognize fraudulent sites.

Hi Tavish, The site is down. Have you contacted them? I hope this will work out well soon. Hi, I want to share my problem with you I made a shopping from timberlandforyou. I think that shopping site is a fake, I want to share my event with you, Thanks for your interest.

Did you pay by credit card? Hi Neil, Modlily used to be MartofChina. Dear Boris Good day. I am going to buy Iphone and Ipad from fsafecare.

Is that trustworthy site? In addition, What is the best optimal payment method to avoid of any fraud? Hi Rashad, Another fake site. Prices are too low and they only offer Western Union as payment system. They fail the test. No prices mentioned and people are complaining. Boris, I want to buy a phone from ksrplayer but they asked for a wire transfer.

Thanks for your info. Hi Mary, Definately fake! Did you check this site lately. You see wire transfer is a valuable check to see if something is fake note: In B2B this is normal. Hi mary, I noted that u were trying to buy a phone from ksrplayer , I would like to know if you got the phone as I am about to place an order on the same,.

When I buy on coolicool. CooliCool is a legitimate company. So I have 2 suggestions: Then only pay with Paypal in China. This is what I have done. I never use credit cards online anymore. Good luck and thanks for your comment, Boris. Hi Boris, Please do you have any knowledge about genuine websites on alibaba. Hi Enoch, I have very little to none experience with Alibaba. AliBaba is more a trading site between customers and suppliers.

Hi Boris, Thanks for your feed back. I also know about Aliexpress. I always shop there, but there are some items that cost a little higher when compared to Alibaba. Hi Enoch, I see. If you compare multiple shops one will always be cheaper than the other. And Alibaba might be cheaper because of the large quantities. The concept between Alibaba and AliExpress is different.

This is what Alibaba says: Hello, I have some websites that I would like to know if they are real. There is no price, no payments possibility, no explaination how to buy…… So you must contact them, ask for a price?? If you can enlight me, please tell me. Yep, if you register you get emails. See this or any other article about Alibaba: I have bought a PS 4. It was nicely handled and I was asked by western union to pay to get my product.

It was written to me that I will pay half now and the rest when the product arrived. After this they were not responding to further e-mail and my money was gone.

And weeks later, I got a 5 Euro china cheap console instead. Looking at the site, it is clearly a scammers site…. Only A-class products, no prices, only western union etc. She sends you a real invoice and once you have confirmed your payment she sends you a DHL tracking number. Even if you pay the additional money you never see the products or a refund. She ignores your email and skype messages. Hi Victor, I checked onsinking.

It has all of a scam site. The site fails on many of the 6 tests in this blog. Wish you better luck next time. Hi Boris, Apart from online shopping sites that accept many payment options. Do you have any information about B2B websites like: Please do you have any idea about this? If yes,please send some details to my email Thanks.. If you have any questions, let me know. I hope this list will help you next time to avoid scammers. I am supecting the following stores to be among the fake ones.

Hi Kwaku, thanks for the update. Seems okay for used phones, but: Prices are extremely low. Minimum of 30 pieces orders and might have simlock. This could mean stolen products. Hi DealsMachine used to be aHappyDeal.

It is a real shop. I would buy on a Chinese website where I find the most competitive prices except that I still hesitate and as I am lucky to find you, I wonder if you knew him and if I can trust. At least, is that there is someone who has already placed an order from them? Hi Roland, This site is Scam for sure. It is completely the same site as rm If you want to try it out. Start with a smal batch and test the products.

Too Good to be True? Fake Chinese store on the black list! Let me ask you a question: Manu July 13, Now I want to cancel the order, but no Cancel button on the site Reply. Bastiaan July 13, Manu July 14, Bastiaan July 15, John July 13, China stores list Reply. Larus July 11, If you ask, what do you think? Prices are very low… Too good to be true.

Larus July 13, MS July 6, Mark Cunningham June 29, Bastiaan July 1, Mark Cunningham July 2, Bastiaan July 2, May I ask your thoughts on dsfrkshop. Bastiaan June 27, Wish you the best Reply. Thanks for the help! Rick June 15, Bastiaan June 19, Justyna June 15, Did you pay with CC?

Does your bank has an insurance. Worth to check out. M1KL83 June 13, Bastiaan June 14, M1KL83 June 14, I really wish they would answer my emails to give me some idea of where I stand. Bastiaan June 15, Claudia June 12, What about a credit card charge from hmlengy? Thanks your doing a great job! Bastiaan June 13, Hi Claudia, thank you! Kaylee June 9, Can you check mercierfashion. Bastiaan June 11, All prices are zero…?

Honey June 2, Kindly check if mkeurvu. Bastiaan June 3, Ayrton May 31, Bastiaan May 31, LULA May 19, Michael Larsen May 15, Roumen Petkov May 15, Sarah May 15, I think this is one. Jill May 12, Kat May 1, Melissa Peel March 29, Mik Fielding March 27, Ignores any communications Reply. Karen Alonso February 23, Bastiaan March 4, MZ February 19, Bella February 4, Marianna January 9, Bridget Sevier January 8, Hundreds pairs shoes… Reply.

Karen Young December 31, Catherine J Whitlock December 21, Very bad customer service Reply. Ann December 14, Kez December 6, Sent several emails never replied. Eddie Snow December 2, They are identical but using different scam names. Mark Laforme November 8, Aine Dubh November 3, Donna September 27, But at least I got my money back and hopefully I can expose these crooks so they get caught Reply.

Sia August 21, Kylie August 20, Ash June 13, Eduardo Miranda June 8, Did you know China Bulk Lots? Bastiaan June 9, Richard Vert March 14, Bastiaan May 3, Lidiya November 21, Joan Carles November 16, Do you know these sites? Bastiaan November 19, No we do, fake sites or counterfeit sites come and they go. Thanks for adding your comment. Now we do, fake sites or counterfeit sites come and they go.

Sabina October 3, I sent them and email they reply but it had said sent from an iphone Reply. Bastiaan November 1, Gary Johnson September 19, What is your comment on a China company bestclothingmanufacuturer. I do not know this store. Larry Jones July 21, Al June 16, Bastiaan April 4, Suzanne March 2, Bastiaan March 2, Law February 27, Bastiaan January 30, Mila January 19, One more scam online shop is buying-boots. Check if the website or social media page has a refund or returns policy, and that their policies sound fair.

The better online shopping and auction sites have detailed complaint or dispute handling processes in case something goes wrong. Avoid any arrangement with a stranger that asks for up-front payment via money order, wire transfer, international funds transfer, pre-loaded card or electronic currency, like Bitcoin. It is rare to recover money sent this way. If you have bought something online and there is a problem, you should first try to contact the retailer or auction service.

There may be a legitimate reason for the problem. If you are not satisfied with the response and suspect that it may be a scam, you may be able to arrange a charge-back through your bank or credit union if you have paid by credit card. You may wish to contact your local consumer protection agency to seek assistance.

We encourage you to report scams to the ACCC via the report a scam page. This helps us to warn people about current scams, monitor trends and disrupt scams where possible.

Please include details of the scam contact you received, for example, email or screenshot. We also provide guidance on protecting yourself from scams and where to get help.

Classified scams trick online shoppers on classified websites into thinking they are dealing with a legitimate contact but it is actually a scammer. Skip to Content Skip to Sitemap. Enter a search term. Home Types of scams Buying or selling Listen. Online shopping scams Online shopping scams involve scammers pretending to be legitimate online sellers, either with a fake website or a fake ad on a genuine retailer site.

How this scam works Warning signs Protect yourself Have you been scammed? More information Related news From the web. Classified scams Classified scams trick online shoppers on classified websites into thinking they are dealing with a legitimate contact but it is actually a scammer. Beware opening a scammer's con this Christmas. Don't get scammed by a fake online store.

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