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UseNeXT: a scam? A review into the provider often labelled as a complete fraud.
San Francisco-based Susan Hollander is also recommended. Fintech-related work is also increasingly in demand. You can now spend your money that you get back in a "normal" way! Aviteo Ltd, i have never used any download time from you and you refused to refund me so you are lying, the french chambre de commerce have told me you are working illegally, because you give a french address but are not registered in france, the police nationale are investigating your company for fraud, i am not the only complainant in france. The group also defends Amazon in a number of infringement matters pertaining to user-uploaded content.

Newsgroups aren't dead! Far from it – they're more useful than ever

Best Free Usenet (How to Access Newsgroup Servers for Free)

Resellers are quite common in the Usenet world, and for good reason: One of the biggest providers to resellers is Omicron Media, which counts nearly 30 clients operating from its vast server backbone.

There are also block accounts available. There's the bonus of a VPN connection if you're willing to spend a bit more, or transfer-capped block accounts for a little less.

If you're employed in education, charitable work, or certain media outlets NewsDemon will even offer you free access — though in the interests of disclosure we should be clear that we've not taken advantage of this offer. GigaNews is amongst the most expensive Usenet providers, but its price reflects the sum of its parts. Whatever you're using it for — and even if you're doing something else online entirely — the extra layer of privacy offered by a quality VPN has to be reassuring.

GigaNews' server availability is another plus, with multiple redundancy on US and EU servers owned and run by the company itself. The real question, however, is whether you plan to use all of the features GigaNews offers. Astraweb is another of Usenet's big mainstays, having run since Sign up and you're actually gaining access to two distinct services — its download servers in the US and the Netherlands are run as separate companies, and one server may contain files that the other does not.

Essentially Astraweb gives you a main server and a backup server for the price of one. Users have reported that its quality has declined over the years.

Whether or not you believe this is up to you, but Astraweb's longevity in the market does earn it some brownie points, and it does not resell its services meaning you should see a consistent download rate from its servers.

One interesting point to note is that there is a VPN bundled here, although it only comes with the most expensive plan. We found performance to be impressive with TweakNews with fast download speeds, and it was also good to see that the included VPN which is Omicron Media-based managed a commendable turn of speed. In fact, it was comparable to a good specialist VPN provider.

I think you guys are being unfair, just give them a chance, I'm sure its not in their interest to lose the clients.. And one more ting to the morons that click "agree" to everything do you other to read what do you agree to? Please stop your "hatemail" to the people here if you can and just be glad with your own experience to them. This seems to me a good idea! Just keep away from both sites!!!! First of all I wasn't responding to your comment.

Second, what your gender got to do with Usenext, does that mean the females have some type of priority, your luck of knowledge has proved that you are a "female". As far as Usenext being registered in Italy or Africa I could care less as long as I can get my files.. For your own info Firefox reports bunch of legit sites as unsafe, however you have to use your own reseach like I did.

Last, but not least I was writing my own opinion, and if you think that's "hate mail" you either have reading issues, or can;t translate it properly, regardless to say not everyone has to agree to you.

Again this is only my experience, if your was bad you already wrote about it, but don;t see a reason why do I have to agree with you.

I'm a bit surprised about all the bad stuff you're spreading here about usenext. I use it myself and have never been dissatisfied. Surely not everyone seems to have good experience with them and I'm really sorry for everyone who has been scammed by them. But what really gets me is that this is meant to be a platform for open discussion, though it turns out to be nothing but a board for "hate-mails".

Furthermore, if just one person speaks positively about usenext they are immediatly accused of working for them. Come on guys, there are also people in this world who like and use this service and who also gladly pay for it. I agree with you, I mean I'm glad boards like this are very useful sometimes, however what I'm seen so far anyone who says somthing good about usenext is being labeled as I work for Usenext, i can;t believe I waste the time to keep posting about them..

One thing I wnated to ask the the people complained why you searched for usenext prior to sign up? Someone mentioned he was changed without using the service that's another story, but paypal give the money right away..

One thing you guys need to keep in mind Paypal will close your account if you have many complains in addition they will hold your money for a long time, if usenext was a fraud Paypal would have shut they down.. Anyway, this is my 2Cent Good luck to everyone, and again NO i do NOT work for Usenext, it would be nice if they give me some extra data as its almost time for me to renew.. Oh, I alomst forgot, I had an issue with paypal i sold something on ebay and they were not giving me my money, so what I did I complained with bbb, bbb.

So do that if you think you got a valid case.. I was also caught in their web. They also go by usenet. Fortunately, I have a legal staff that will go after them but everyone else I asked them if i didnt clikcked on ther pakage and submit the payment to upgrade to the Please will you be so kind to tell us when you will get your money back from PayPal? I thank you in advance. I was also billed from this company for I didn't even receive and email or anything!

Hey there, I also had some experiences with the usenext-free-trial. I thougt "hey, why shouldn't I test it, if it's for free" - but I have not read that I have to cancel before the 14 days are over. So they charged my account and I was very angry. So I wasn't very happy as they took the money - but I would not say that it is a Scam, because they gave it back to me I just had a similar experience with usenext.

When signing up for that service I didn't realize it would turn into a contract. Next thing I did was I immediatly called their service, telling them I just used it once within the free trial and that I had absolutely no interest in using it anymore. It was rather out of desperation, I didn't really think it would do any good, but to my complete and utter surprise the lady told me that this is no problem, they could simply cancel the contract and refund the money due to the fact that I didn't use it during my "contract period" so far.

Two days later I had my money back. They won't be able to make up for the shock they caused when I checked my PayPal account, but at least in the end they didn't cause any financial damage. I think it is unfair for you to post claiming usenext is a scam. They do provide a service for profit. They may charge a bit more than other companies with similar services, but it is their right to charge what they want.

I have used usenext several times. Each time I was relieved to find the files i wanted with a simple search with their client.

The download speeds were excellent, downloading full movies in as few as 5 minutes. The community within usenext is also of great value. Most files which are virus ridden are commented on, warning users.

They also have forums in german and english where users help users get what they are looking for. So calling them a "scam" is pretty missleading, I'd say boarderline slander.

The only thing I've read here, or anywhere else, about usenext is when ppl attempt to cancel in the 14 day trial, they find themselves still billed. Usenext has never posted anywhere about them being a free service. Anyone beginning the trial with no intention of paying are not being scammed I do believe it is unfair for usenext to attempt a full year in advance service as the default for renewal when the trial term expires But I am a usenext user.

I did the 14 day trial 3 times now considering their product over the years torrents were my choice and have had no problems at all canceling ONLINE with no human interaction before the trial ended At risk of tainting this respectful post I would comment that ppl signing up for trials of software which is designed to be for profit, only to steal the service in the trial with no intention of becoming a subscriber or paying for the program, are perhaps the real scam artists in this story Until I was the same lucky one: I could cancel my montly account very easily.

But I am convinced that in the second part of their policy has been changed. You are writing about you had a free trial for three times: I cannot understand this. A trial periode is given once: I never succeedded in getting an other trail period. I would comment that ppl signing up for trials of software which is designed to be for profit, only to steal the service in the trial with no intention of becoming a subscriber or paying for the program, are perhaps the real scam artists in this story..

I cannot appreciate your arrogance to write it down. The reason is as follows. The last time it seems that UseNeXT is very quick in giving back the money to those people who claim their money back! Therefore it seems to me that - due to the many complaints in England AND Holland en God knows how many countries - they have changed their policy in the right way. I will save my energy by not spending any attention to you! Just be lucky at UseNeXT: I am lucky with Rapidshare, Hotfile , Depositflies etc..

And as longs as it is possible I also use - YES - p2p! I'm surprised at all the bad experiences people have with their trialtime at usenext. But like Grimnir I'm a happy user of usenext since !

I downloaded tons of movies and series and due to the speed AND the availabilty I think I keep using usenext. I tried some other clients, but my experience with usenext is the best. Another person scammed by the scammers. My Paypal account just got charged I signed up for Binverse 14 day trial and for some reason it didn't work. I got an email from Paypal today stating that I had bee charged My first thought is, Who is Binverse?

I then looked back through my emails to find 2 things. I had signed up for Binverse 2 weeks ago. In fact I found an email they sent me over a week ago asking why I hadn't used the service. It never occurred to me that they had automatically set up an auto debit of my Paypal account when I paid the 1. I have never used Binverse. Never downloaded anything from Binverse and never intend to. I called customer service and was told no refund. We will not refund your money.

You are in for a year. Cancel if you want you are still in for a year. I used to use Binverse in the past and they worked very correctly. I can inmaginze that you are pissed off of Binverse. If you want further instructions for how to get your manoney back, you can open a dispute trough PayPal.

You have to do this within 45 days from the day you have been charged by Binverse. In an other topic on this site I explained how to do this. Binverse is an other company than UseNeXT, but they maintain the same scamming policy by deceiving people to try an trial.

I have a suggestion to you. Just call Binverse back and tell them that they are in " the black picture of scamming" and mention this site to them. I am curious of what will happen then: I have used usenext for years now never had any problems. But then again I am on month by month plan paid by paypal that i control payment from no auto agreements. I hope you saved your login and passworddata UseNext sent to you when you took an account for downloading their stuff.

If you have these data not anymore you can request a new login and pw.. You go to the members screen and then you logg in to your account Somewhere you see in your data you can cancel your account there.

You are asked if you want really to do so and you click YES!! That is all as far as I remember it is just a long time ago you know. Please give me a reply if you succeedded in getting ridd of this scam!! Thanks for the encouragement. For the record, I just got off the phone with Binverse.

Their position is that I signed up for a contract and after the 14 day trial if I didn't cancel the contract, they can roll it over into a long term contract with no specific time frame. They have chosen in my case to make it 1 year. My position was in the conversation that in order for the contract to be validated, or executed, I have to receive something. Failure to receive something never validates the contract. I have not download 1 kb from Binverse, which their records verify and I do not wish to download from Binverse.

It didn't work for some reason when I first signed up and so I never downloaded anything. That being said if someone wants to use Binverse go right ahead. My objection is that they automatically turned my trial into a unspecified long term contract. The lady, who was very understandingly pleasant, had a hard line that she had to follow.

I filed a dispute with Paypal yesterday evening but this is a virtual item and I don't think Paypal covers it.

So if I escalate it in the resolution center it will probably generate an auto response to close the claim as one that is not disputable. Also for anyone doing research I did get some info. Whether, or how accurate it is I don't know. The service center I spoke to is suppose to be in NJ zip code Hi David, Thanks for your reply! Of course it is clear that Binverse will never pay your money back: I am sorry to mention this fact but it is - it is a pity - the truth!

You tell us you opened a dispute wit PayPal. I just do not know what you have written down to them. Did you give them a hyperlink to this site? If McAfee has received many complaints of victims from Binverse you can also mention this in your dispute to PayPal, I do not know the name of the site exactly but just search by Google and type in their site " Binverse com. If their might be a lot of complaints mentioned on this site you have stronger arguments to PayPal to give the money back. They just ask you first to take ection to the reseller.

If you do not succeed in this case with the reseller of your Binverse-account PayPal will write them. But YOU are the one who has to give them strong arguments why Binverse failed in doing their policy as they do.

I know my English is pretty good, but not my mothers tongue My mothers tongue is Dutch!! I am not out of options yet. I just want to exhaust all avenues before stopping payment. In the country we cannot have a balance with Paypal and so transactions all have to be done through a link. This being said I didn't want to do this unless I had to. I was so hoping that Just got an idea Menneke!!!!!!! There are several people who wrote earlier and stated that they are very satisfied with both companies afore mentioned.

I might be able to resell my annual subscription. I would consider selling mine for only I think Pete is right! I live in a calvanistic country reformed churches you know but I do not like them , but I have a proverb for myself: As you can see I think it is not a good idea to sell you account to someone who does not know from the practices of Binverse!

So think about what Pete said as a question: In Dutch we have a proverb: Just go the way I told you and admit to yourself that you might be have learnt of what you have done! By shame and scandal someone becomes wise!! And selling this rotten stuff I should never do so, but who am I In the meantime I sent a message again to the board of this site: I requested them to remove Binverse from their recommendations as they have changed their policies! Hi there Menneke and Pete. Thanks for the feedback.

In saying what I did about selling my year subscription I meant total facetiousness. We will see what happens. Wishing both of you a fabulous day!!! You keep me going writing on this site! Please keep be in touch with us and I also wish you a lucky day! Here in Holland it is already Well basically I used a glitch to get a free trial entering your paypal account passeord 3 times wrong and they still send you password. However now they are asking for that 1 euro and I don't have a paypal account!

I am only However I did another stupid thing I clikced on the most expensive package and now they send me an email for 50 euros. Help what should I do. If I don't reply wil lthey just leave me alone because I have never even logged on to both of the accounts.

In the first place and you problably will know this!! The reason is that you are in the minority age of 14 years and your parents in this case - o poor Dougal your Dad ; have to give you permission of doing this sort kind of things. I have only one advice for you: Are you able to place a copy of the email they sent to you on this site? Then it will be possible for me to consider this email and wehther you must be afraid of them or not I am not able to validate the written data they sent to you.

BUt when you read these blogs you can see they are all intelligent articulate people with the exception of the usenext employees leaving fake comments all over the internet and they have all been screwed by this company. Yes that is what I have done. So the contract has not started as I haven't paid anything or used it yet so they will probably just cancel it. I had caught them trying to charge me ahead of time, and got paypal to return it to me.

I canceled my account hoping it would close and they wouldn't bill me, but nope. They just opened my account again and billed me. Took the money out of my weekly pay and I was unable to use the money for what I needed. Now the payment that was made was returned and is on its way back to my bank. Usenext has a fake address, as does my paypal. They have no way to credit me and no way to contact me besides email. They have no real piece of credit from me, no address, etc. Should I prepare a few bits of mail?

A fake address does not say anything: As long as they leave you alone you might do also the same thing! PayPal also a fake address? In your account you have to give in your creditcard or bankpaymentdata. If Papayl will detect this, I do not know what they do with such clients as you I gave them my bank data in paypal, so that is true.

My address though, I'm pretty sure its not real. I'd have to check. Yeah, my address is correct I guess. I guess it was just my name on the paypal account that was false. I'm usually very picky with giving out info on the internet. I've called paypal a few times, and they didn't seem to care that I was using an alias. Usenext isn't a scam. They are a business doing this for profit. The scamers are the ppl attempting to set up these trials only to leech the product and then quit! Fake address to paypal and usenext You lie on your drivers license too?

How about your taxes? I signed up in a rush, thinking "ah, its a free trial. Why does he not react on what Collin just wrote:. Here you prove by writing these words UseNeXT is indeed a scam!!!! No, I'm just a satisfied customer. I'm currently using usenext to get my movies, games, apps and such without worrying about seeders and dead torrents. Free trials are never free. They are a hook. Many companies use them. It is a legit business practice. A company offers a "free trial" as a way of getting you to sign up and agree to pay in full for their package unless YOU cancel!!

However, usenext did send me several email warnings about the trial period, with html links inside giving me a direct online option to cancel with no delay or human interaction Usenext gave me nothing, and billed me before the trial was over. I thought "hey, maybe they'll take the hint. Naw, they just re-opened it and billed me. I'm sorry, but that my friend is the worst business practice I've seen in ages, and I'm counting it as a scam.

Thank you for your help by the way, Menneke. I'm honestly losing sleep over this. Still waiting on an email back from them. If not, I just won't ever sign on and won't make any further moves towards this. I got my money back, maybe they'll just drop it, close the account..

But thats wishful thinking I guess. I feel pity for you and all persons who read this site, will agree to the scamming practices of UseNeXT and Binverse ecxept the one I quote and a few more I only can inform you as follows.

As I am not a part of the Board I cannot mention what they wrote me, but they took my email very seriously regarding the practices of both companies. I understand you are at the age of I am 57 years old and I am also naive. But I might give you one advice: And if they do so you just will go to your bank again and point them to this site! And I am ending now by wishing you a better sleep You can change your email-account or did you already have an alias??

I am too lazy to make one When the emailaddress you described to UseNeXT will not be existing enamore, you ARE really save, bacause the will get this mail back as an " undelivered post".

Sometimes this happens to me when I type a wrong mailaddress or the mailaddress I wrote to had disappeared because of fraude by the company I do not use these download services anymore: Thanks you an purlieu to this mega wonderful nahuy puper forum!!

I like all info. I concord your coloring pages i snatch them looking recompense the honourable of my kids they cadre caricature coloring them. Here is the scoop. Just got word from Paypal that my dispute was resolved. I opened the email and they have ruled in my favor. They are refunding my money. I gave them the link to this website and used did not recieve goods and reason to believe the seller is a fraud as my case together with a letter from Binverse asking me why I hadn't used the service in my submission.

Thanks for this site. Yeah, paypal ruled in my favor to when I asked for it back. I didn't need to do nearly as much as you, though. I actually just said I did not approve of this, and they gave it back to me right away. You are welcome too! And also congratulations by getting back your money I think I will open a foreign account to ask duties from you all now it seems that yoy get your money back!

Have en goodnight and a nice day! I never had any problem with payment for Usenexts service in 3 years. I stopped using them because of the number of poor quality Russian cams of current films.

Plus when the film movie for our colonial friends "Men Who Stare at Goats" came out, it was 6 months before a genuine upload appeared.

And the movie "An Education". In fact, it would appear if the movie in question does not appeal to the "young-bloods" who "do-the do" you don't get to see it for a lonnnng time! Also, isn't this site run by a major rival to "Usenext"? Thursday, July 08, Posted: Thursday, July 08, I listed these bastards as bad check writers,.. I don't check my bank account very often, but I noticed a couple of charges last month that I didn't make. When I contacted my bank they found 4 more. My bank tells me they must have gotten my account number and routing code from a check I sent out.

My bank is gonna follow up on this, and reimburse me for the money I lost as well as the overdraft charges. I hope they run these guys down and hit 'em with wire fraud. That'll keep 'em out of trouble for years. I had until the 29th to cancel the trial period. I sent you an email on the 29th at 3PM to tell you I was canceling your contract and you had already charge my paypal account. I believe I have been scammed, you have gone back on your contract agreement and you clearly have not been negotiable or reasonable about this entire situation.

I will be going to a higher authority and by-passing paypal to register a complaint against your business. I will never do business with you people again and I will make sure I spread the word about how you do business.

This is what you sent me on the 29th of January Friday, January 29, 2: UseNeXT - Receipt The transaction of the amount stated in the receipt will automatically be processed in the next few days. If you have any questions regarding this receipt please contact us calling When in fact you had already taken the money from my Paypal account even though I still until 12AM on the 29th to make my decision. I had already sent you an email asking you not to charge my account.

I sent it on the 29th at 3PM but you had already taken the money from my account. What kind of company are you?? I find your dealings to be very mis-leading and dishonest and I will Someone willing to follow up on this complaint.

Unfortunately, you have not cancelled your contract in due time. Therefore, your contract was automatically extended and you have been charged with the amount due. You can cancel your contract in due time as follows: Been using the service for years on a month by month contract, Today I received an email for Omega Credit Services requesting payment of an outstanding month.

As I am on month to month how can i be outstanding? Do I take this emails eriously or ignore it and they will go away.

I do not know in which country you live: I can only speak about how these matters are being handeled in Holland. If they did just call your bank and ask to you bank to give you the money back.

I like to hear something from you and all other members on this site what you have done and what kind of answers you received from both subjects you wrote about to us. Sorry I am trying to do my utmost to write English correctly as possible ;. So I wrote to support and queried the fact I was on a month by month contract and that their emails clearly state if I do not pay then they will stop my access to their service.

Mentioned the long standing customer and omega etc, their reply below. Which is pretty much not answering any of my questions and a standard non reply. So what do you all think now. Contact the credit service agency with email examples and say I will not be paying or just pay and cancel. Dude, I don't know what this "Omega Credit Service" of yours is, but have you already tried to contact their support? I mean, before you start messing around with your account by canceling and writing a lot of emails and so on, maybe a simple phone call would be sufficient First call Usenext and see if they will fix the problem.

If they won't solve the problem, then you can look at canceling your account. If you've been a member for a while and enjoyed it enough to keep using it Are you kidding the business? Why UseNeXT giving a change? The never solved any problem, so why should they do it in this case??? I agree to Ford. I hope that t. You can also " google" to gather information about this company. Thanks everyone, I have decided to email support in the first instance pointing out to them that their emails clearly state if I do not pay the monthly fee then my service can be suspended.

Hence if i do not want to use their service just don't pay. I will let you all know their reply. Sorry, but you are wrong about not paying the monthly bill. Having your service "suspended" has nothing to do with not being billed for future service. UseneXT will still hold you to the terms of their contract, and therefore you will still owe money for service you never received. The first thing you need to do is read the contract.

I understand that this TOS is long and tedious, but it is important to read every word. Get the latest contract from the Usenext site, because the one you might have saved when you originally joined may already be obsolete. They give themselves the right to change the contract at any time, and YOU are bound by this new contract that you probably never even knew about.

If I remember, the TOS specifies a narrow window of time within which the user must cancel. You must follow the contract's stipulations for cancelling exactly, or it will be rejected.

It's a HUGE mistake to think that by simply withholding payment, your service will immediately end and that therefore that's the last time you will ever have to deal with them. That is the way it works with virtually all other usenet providers usenet is, after all, a pre-paid service but not UseneXT and apparently not Binverse either. Usenext will cancel your service if they don't get your money, but they will still hunt you down for additional payment, by unleashing their debt collection agencies, and your bill will grow and grow as added penalties and legal fees get tacked on , for service you never received or even could have received if you wanted.

I understand that if you don't cancel "properly" as defined by them you will continue to be billed for service month after month -- or year after year -- even though your access to the service would be cut off immediately upon non-payment.

I remember that several years ago there were a lot of complaints from people who cancelled through the Usenext website some even saved screen shots to prove it but were still billed for a hundred Euro and got the same hard-line response as if they had never cancelled. Named attorneys are based in Washington DC. Other clients include Tessera, Honda and Arista Networks. The group regularly handles a broad gamut of technology sector work, including wireless communications, microprocessors and semiconductor matters.

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The group acts for US household names as well as foreign clients, such as French ophtalmic lens manufacturer Essilor and the IMAM Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University in Saudi Arabia and in a strong domestic highlight, it advised Immunolight on its platform technology patents.

Other clients include Ericsson, Renault and Schneider Electric. The team behind Jack Barufka, wo co-chairs the IP practice with Callie Bjurstrom and litigator and PTAB specialist Patrick Doody, shows broad sectorial breadth, covering the electrical, life sciences, mechanical and chemical engineering, and computer science industries: Technology-, life sciences- and automotive-related work is particularly frequent.

The electrical, computer science and mechanical engineering sectors are particularly busy areas of work. The Washington DC-based Robert Katz and Darrell Mottley continue to assist household names such as Nike and Microsoft with the development of their design patent portfolios and the group also represented Nike in several IPRs against petitioner adidas. The group has extensive experience in mainstream post-grant work including IPRs, post-grant reviews and covered business method reviews, but is also adept at representing clients in the rarer interference and derivation proceedings.

The sectorial scope of the practice ranges from the electrical, mechanical and computer science sectors to matters for biotechnological, chemical and material science clients. With experience in devising offensive and defensive patent portfolios, the team regularly assists large corporates, start-ups and non-profit entities.

Apple engaged the team with the representation in an IPR involving a semiconductor memory device and in the electro-mechanical sector, the group assisted the University of Tennessee Research Foundation with the prosecution of domestic and international patents. Standout recent work includes assisting adidas with the development of its patent portfolio and advising Oracle on the strategic expansion of its global patent portfolio in relation to a diverse range of patents, including cloud computing patents.

Arent Fox LLP has proven experience in the semiconductor and software sectors and fields a strong practice in the electronic, technology, and life sciences industries. Microsoft has included the practice in its Strategic Partnership Program, where the group assists with prosecution work in relation to operating systems, laptops and graphics processing patents.

Recent examples of PTAB matters include the successful representation of Hologic in two IPRS filed by Minerva to challenge a patent on uterine ablation devices and, as part of a wider litigation, the defence of Boston Scientific against IPRs filed by Edwards Lifesciences relating to replacement heart valves. Clients include Biogen-Idec, Samsung and Google. Highlights included advising Apple on prosecution of graphics and video coding patents, and assisting DePuy Synthes with numerous medical device patents.

The team assists Coflex, Schlumberger and Sentiens with prosecution matters. Timothy Oyer heads the practice, which also includes post-grant chair Richard Giunta as well as biotech expert Michael Twomey and counsel Zachary Piccolomini, who both joined from WilmerHale. The client list also features Accenture and Gilead Life Sciences. Cooley LLP fields a prolific patent application practice in the technology and life sciences sectors, but also has strong PTAB expertise. Life sciences, technology and electronics are core areas of expertise.

Dallas life sciences expert Robert Hanson , who led in successfully representing Monsanto in tree IPR proceedings regarding soybean seed oil patents, and Washington DC-based technology specialist Song Jung share the lead of the IP and Technology group.

Eric Sophir in Washington DC is another main contact. Post-merger Eversheds Sutherland has considerably expanded its client base and now serves an impressive list of clients, mainly from the consumer products industry, but also from the e-commerce, automotive, electronics and technology sectors.

Samsung Electronics engaged the team to assist with the prosecution of biotechnological patents. John Kilyk directs the team and mechanical engineering and fluid dynamics expert Charles Mottier is also noted. Financial sector clients also form a substantial part of its client roster, which is dominated by large corporates such as Honeywell International, The Boeing Company and Virgin Cruises. Katharine Burke joined Baker Botts L.

Whether in the biotech, technology, financial services or manufacturing sectors, the group manages work across the country. James McQuade in New York is also recommended. The team manages high-risk matters in addition to handling the enforcement of non-compete agreements and contractual disputes. Its client base includes hedge funds, international technology companies and private equity firms. Mark Pollack in Chicago and Carson Sullivan are defending Harvest Power in a trade secrets misappropriation claim against former employees.

Los Angeles-based Jennifer Baldocchi is also recommended. Attorneys are based in Washington DC unless otherwise stated. Co-head Charles Verhoeven in San Francisco is leading a team representing Waymo in a trade secrets misappropriation and patent infringement case against Uber and Ottomotto, concerning driverless car technology, while co-head Claude Stern in Silicon Valley handled claims for breach of fiduciary duty and trade secrets theft on behalf of Virgin Galactic against its former vice president.

Edward DeFranco co-heads the practice from New York. Co-head Robert Milligan in Los Angeles secured a victory for Survey Sampling in a claim against its former vice president of sales regarding the breach of a non-compete clause.

Brian Ferrall and John Keker are also noted. Jennifer Barry in San Diego led a team acting for Lyft in a breach of contract, solicitation and data misappropriation claim against its former COO.

Perry Viscounty in Orange County heads the group. In the Federal Circuit, Silicon Valley-based Fabio Marino led a team arguing for Diablo Technologies as a respondent in longstanding litigation involving claims of trade secret misappropriation, breach of contract and patent infringement filed by Netlist. Judy Mohr in Silicon Valley is also noted. Mark Zebrowski in San Diego is acting for Obalon Therapeutics in a data theft and breach of non-compete clause dispute with a former employee.

Meridian BioScience is also a client. Los Angeles-based Ryan Yagura chairs the practice. The team is also active in financial services, handling matters ranging from restrictive covenants to unfair competition claims for companies such as MetLife and Citizens Financial Group. It continues to assist Creative Artists Agency with claims of tortious interference, unfair competition and breach of contract against its former employees hired by United Talent Agency; Anthony Oncidi in Los Angeles and Guy Brenner in Washington DC are leading the advice.

The American Diabetes Association is also a client. The group is favored by technology clients for restrictive covenants disputes as well as internal investigations and pre-litigation counseling.

Jeffrey Klein and Nicholas Pappas are defending WoodSpring Hotels against allegations of misappropriation of trade secrets and confidential information filed by Extended Stay America. Meanwhile, Gary Friedman is acting for Kroll in a breach of restrictive covenant and non-solicitation clause claim against one of its former managing directors, who joined BRG. In Silicon Valley, Christopher Cox maintains a steady workload of employee mobility disputes and trade secrets theft cases.

Attorneys are based in New York unless otherwise stated. At Dentons , Mark Hogge led a team representing Flextronics International in a patent and trade secrets misappropriation action filed by Jawbone and BodyMedia before the International Trade Commission, while Lora Brzezynski defended Shane Boone and Bridge Diagnostics against allegations of trade secrets misappropriation, conversion and unfair competition.

Eric Fues led a team representing Flexsys America and Solutia in a trade secrets misappropriation claim against Process Engineering Associates; the case settled. Other highlights included defending Hytera against trade secret misappropriation claims filed by Motorola.

John Williamson is another name to note. Todd Wozniak in Atlanta assisted Sprayberry Dental Associates with a non-solicitation clause and data theft lawsuit against its former employees. Highlights also included representing Agilysys with a trade secret misappropriation claim against a former salesperson. Houston-based Edward Friedman continues to represent M-I SWACO in a challenge to its non-compete agreement with a high-level product development manager and a related counterclaim for breach of contract and trade secret misappropriation.

Anita Spieth is also noted. Weikert, supported by Los Angeles-based Shawn Hansen, represented Karl Heinz Priewasser in a trade secrets misappropriation case against Lintec Corporation which pertained to the manufacturing of semiconductors. Gameloft and WB Mason are also clients. Trial attorney Matthew Prewitt manages litigation arising from trade secrets misappropriation, data theft, misuse of confidential information, breaches of restrictive covenants and non-disclosure agreements.

William Abrams Foster Pepper. The team assists clients such as Walmart, Yahoo! Find out which law firms are representing which Trademarks: Bernstein and Michael Schaper have been acting for WeWork in litigation brought against UrWork arising from the launch of a confusingly similar mark. All partners are based in New York. In Los Angeles, Dennis Wilson defended Snap Inc against a preliminary injunction brought against the company by Eyebobs arising from allegations of infringement.

It counts high-profile brands such as Google, Facebook and Nintendo among its clients. Led by the well-regarded Peter Willsey, who is based in Washington DC, the department also includes Janet Cullum in New York and San Francisco-based senior counsel John Crittenden, who specializes in litigation involving trademark, false advertising and copyright issues. Barbara Solomon and Richard Lehv are names to note. Leo Kittay was promoted to partner in Stephanie Bald and Robert Litowitz have been acting for Bugatchi in a number of TTAB and federal court proceedings brought against Bugatti regarding allegations of infringement.

Linda McCleod is a name to note. The firm is based in Washington DC. Rowling in all aspects regarding her trademark portfolio. Shanti Sadtler Conway and Mary Mazzello were promoted to partner. Attorneys mentioned are based in New York unless otherwise stated. Named attorneys are based in New York unless otherwise stated. Paul Llewellyn has been leading advice to the Hershey Company in various trademark disputes, including opposition proceedings brought before the TTAB and litigation against a number of competitors.

Other clients include the Washington Redskins, Gucci and Pfizer. Matthew Wolf heads the practice from Washington DC.

Former co-chair Michael Malecek has retired. The group, which also includes William Borchard , Mary Kevlin and recently promoted partner Robert English, was strengthened by the return of counsel Mary Donovan from her own firm. Co-chair Edward Colbert , who is based in New York, has been leading advice to Constellation Brands on various trademark and trade dress infringement issues, including opposition proceedings.

In Chicago, co-head Floyd Mandell has been defending Pepsi against infringement claims brought by Sportsfuel Supplements in federal court. In New York, co-head Karen Artz Ash has been acting for the estate of Marilyn Monroe in a suit brought against Fashion Central involving allegations of trademark infringement, dilution and unfair competition, among others.

Clients also recommend Perry Viscounty in Orange County, which is also where recently promoted counsel David Troutman is based. All partners are based in Washington DC. The team includes San Francisco-based Jennifer Lee Taylor, who often acts for clients on trademark, trade dress and unfair competition matters. In Los Angeles, Benjamin Fox has experience acting for clients across a wide range of sectors, including entertainment, financial services and healthcare.

Kaplan acted for Ascena Retail Group in a trademark and trade dress infringement dispute brought against BlueStar Alliance. The well-regarded Randi Singer has been defending long-term client Houghton Mifflin Harcourt against a number of actions brought by Springboards to Education alleging trademark infringement. The practice is also led by Benjamin Marks. Named attorneys are based in New York unless otherwise mentioned. Michael Grow and Elizabeth Cohen have been leading advice to Warner Bros in various trademark matters, including a number of opposition proceedings.

Anthony Lupo has been assisting Lacoste with various distribution and counterfeiting matters. The team is headed by Ricardo Fischer, who is also qualified to practice Venezuela. All named attorneys are based in Washington DC. Duvdevani has also been representing the estate of Marilyn Monroe in an infringement claim under the Lanham Act brought against a merchandiser.

The practice includes Ann Ford , who is co-head of the wider IP and technology department. Ball, Patrick Premo and associate William Pierog were engaged by bluetooth tracking devices maker Tile on infringement and unfair competition litigation brought against competitor TrackR.

Sally Abel heads the trademark practice in Mountain View. Named lawyers are based in San Francisco unless otherwise stated. David Hosp and Sheryl Garko defended software company Iconics in a number of copyright disputes arising from allegations of infringement on software.

Hosp, Garko and Mark Puzella continue to act for New Balance in various litigation, including false advertising claims. All partners are based in Boston. In Los Angeles, group head William Robinson has been acting for Toyo Tires in various federal trade dress and unfair competition actions brought against infringers in California and Illinois.

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