The 8 PG-Rated Movies That Should Not Have Been Rated PG

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Can PG-13 Movies show girl's nipples?
You are correct, sir. Worst Worst story since Miquel last posted. Again, it's TV so we don't see any naughty parts, but we're meant to assume that you'd Ocean Spray yourself too if put in his shoes. Find More Posts by Strider. His other hand that had been rubbing her ass now reached between her legs from behind so that its middle finger rubbed the other end of her slit. Instead of leaning in for a kiss or going forward with a full-on embrace, the woman finds herself stripping off all of her clothes in one smooth motion.

4. Extreme Sideboob

10 Most Memorable Nude Scenes In PG-13 Movies

The never-ending, life long question to be answered about the nipples: I got to see for myself. That shit works- yo! Generally, the smaller, the perkier, the better. But only to a point, TOO small can look kind of weird.

Get New Posts By Email. Bros Like This Site featured In: The Complete List Monday, April 13, 5 Nipples. According to the MPAA, nipples are off-limits if you want to come in under that R rating, but everything else above the waist is fair game.

The first Tomb Raider is PG, for instance, but it's got enough sideboob to start a war. You can show every angle of a woman's chest all day every day, but if an areola slips in there, it's game over. Going PG means you gotta skirt that line -- you need to maximize the titilation without making people feel like they should be watching in their computer chair with the sound turned down. This happy medium of half-nudity has become so common that it's often found in R-rated movies like There's Something About Mary.

Whether it was the directors' decision to keep Mary's innocence intact or there was a non-nudity clause in Cameron Diaz's contract, frontal boobage was not an option for TSAM. So they went for the next best thing, which is getting one atom away from a nipple and then moving back. In the Nicolas Sparks cryfest The Best of Me, there's a pivotal moment where a young couple becomes intimate for the first time.

It would be unconscionable for movie sex to look enjoyable, so the dude's arm is carefully held in an area that prevents people from being traumatized by the sight of the natural human body. By joining our community, free of charge , you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members PM , respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.

Registration is free, fast and simple, so please join our community today! If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. What PG Movies show boobs? I was just debating with someone that PG movies do in fact show boobs and when I google'd it to prove my point I couldn't find anything other than the titanic but she said there is no newer PG movies with boobs.

Can you think of any so I can win my bet! Find More Posts by Fish. Quite a list complied here. Find More Posts by UKscooby. Also, an excellent movie in general.

Find More Posts by deadlydave. Find More Posts by lotusdrift. What about man boobs? Originally Posted by deadlydave. Originally Posted by AlexGeez. PG movie that show boobs: Find More Posts by Wagon Joe. I thought 5th Element was just side-boob. Originally Posted by UKscooby. Originally Posted by Beaverboy.

Clash of the Titans had boobs in it and that was only PG.

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