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HP H3C S5100-SI Operation Manual
About This User's Guide See http: Post Your Answer Discard By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Your ISP can no longer monitor, log or control your Internet usage. You could also try a different type of VPN connection. Table of Contents Figure 54 VPN Wizard: Figure Dashboard The following table describes the labels in this screen.


Fix: VPN error on Windows 10

A distributed mail system for personal computers. Pcmail is a distributed mail system providing mail service to an arbitrary number of users A protocol entity receives messages at UDP port on the host Messages which report traps should be received on UDP port for further processing. Acknowledgements to Kirk Lougheed et al. Acknowledgements to Jeffrey S.

It can be used by an snmp agent to query variables maintained by another user-level process. Retrieved 16 March Microsoft TechNet published It's and some email is still sent as cleartext". Brent June [1st pub.

Building Internet Firewalls Second ed. Red Hat published BIND 9's default control channel port, Allow traffic to all destinations on ports: Allow all traffic to all destinations. Necessary for peer-to-peer connections and game play. Computer networking portal Internet portal. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 18 September , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Port number is assigned by IANA for protocol use, [1] but may not be standardized, specified or widely used for such.

Port number may use the protocol conditionally only, or alternate its use fallback if the other protocol fails. Port number doesn't use the protocol, but may use the protocol on another specified port e.

Not applicable or currently unassigned port number. For unassigned ports, the port number may be available for assignment upon requesting assignment by IANA. Protocol is reserved by IANA [1] for future use or special purposes. In programming APIs not in communication between hosts , requests a system-allocated dynamic port [5]. Echo Protocol [9] [10]. Yes, and SCTP [11]. Active Users systat service [14] [15].

Previously netstat service [1] [14]. Message Send Protocol [18] [19]. Secure Shell SSH , [10] secure logins, file transfers scp , sftp and port forwarding. Telnet protocol—unencrypted text communications [10] [23]. Host Name Server Protocol [28]. WHOIS protocol [29] [30] [31]. Remote Mail Checking Protocol [34] [ importance? Any private terminal access [ further explanation needed ]. Any private dial out service [ further explanation needed ]. Any private Remote job entry [ further explanation needed ].

Finger protocol [10] [47] [48]. TorPark onion routing [ verification needed ]. TorPark control [ verification needed ]. Any private terminal link [ further explanation needed ]. Kerberos [10] [53] [54] authentication system. PointCast dotcom [1] [ third-party source needed ]. WIP message protocol [ verification needed ]. NIC host name [55]. Authentication Service auth , the predecessor to identification protocol. Used to determine a user's identity of a particular TCP connection.

Simple File Transfer Protocol [10] [65]. Also used by DCOM. Print server [ verification needed ]. Quick Mail Transfer Protocol [82]. Uninterruptible power supply UPS. GO-Global remote access and application publishing software.

Citadel , multiservice protocol for dedicated clients for the Citadel groupware system. Rexec , Remote Process Execution. Remote Shell , used to execute non-interactive commands on a remote system Remote Shell, rsh, remsh. Syslog , [10] used for system logging. Remote procedure call RPC. DHCP Failover protocol [91]. Mac OS X Server administration, [1] version Doom , first online first-person shooter. Kerberos protocol administration [10]. Certificate Management Protocol []. VMware ESXi [] [].

Previously assigned, but not used in common practice. ThinLinc web-based administration interface []. The cajo project Free dynamic transparent distributed computing in Java. QuickTime Streaming Server administration [10].

Festival Speech Synthesis System server []. Qubes Manufacturing Execution System. Internet Content Adaptation Protocol.

Garena game client [ citation needed ]. Oracle database default listener, in future releases [ when? Apache Derby Network Server []. Enterprise server agent ragent [] []. Enterprise master cluster manager rmngr [].

Enterprise configuration repository server []. Enterprise cluster administration server RAS []. Enterprise debug server []. Gadu-Gadu direct client-to-client [ citation needed ]. Enterprise cluster working processes []. DarkComet remote administration tool RAT [ citation needed ]. TCP port must not be used. Old radacct port, [ when? Layer 2 Forwarding Protocol L2F. America's Army , a massively multiplayer online game MMO [].

Novell ZENworks [] []. Spaceship Bridge Simulator []. Civilization IV multiplayer []. WebHost Manager default []. Warzone multiplayer [ citation needed ]. Zephyr Notification Service server. Apache ZooKeeper default client port [ citation needed ]. Apple Push Notification Service [10] []. Apple Push Notification Service, feedback service [10] [].

ESET anti-virus updates []. ESET Remote administrator []. ArmA multiplayer [ citation needed ]. Combat Evolved multiplayer host []. Combat Evolved multiplayer listener []. Ghost blogging platform []. Docker Swarm cluster management communications [].

KGS Go Server []. CVS version control system password-based server. IEC , used to send electric power telecontrol messages between two systems via directly connected data circuits. OrientDB database listening for binary client connections []. Oracle database listening for insecure client connections to the listener, replaces port [ when?

Oracle database listening for SSL client connections to the listener. Ultima Online servers [ citation needed ]. SQL Anywhere database server [] []. Cloud9 IDE server [ citation needed ]. Ruby on Rails development default []. Meteor development default [] [ not in citation given ]. Resilio Sync , [] spun from BitTorrent Sync. BlackBerry Enterprise Server communication protocol []. Squid caching web proxy []. WhiskerControl research control protocol. Net Assistant , [10] a predecessor to Apple Remote Desktop.

Apple Remote Desktop 2. MySQL database system [10]. Eggdrop , an IRC bot default port []. Distcc , distributed compiler [10]. Subversion SVN [10] version control system. Some Blizzard games []. Diameter base protocol RFC Oracle Enterprise Manager Remote Agent. Warframe online interaction [ citation needed ]. OpenTTD game masterserver and content service. Protocol information and warnings [ clarification needed ].

Minger Email Address Verification Protocol []. Microsoft Remote Web Workplace administration. Couch Potato Android app []. NATS server default port []. Aleph One , a computer game. Docker implementations, redistributions, and setups default [] [ needs update? Referral Whois RWhois Protocol [].

Content Server—Intradoc Socket port. Metasploit 's default listener port [ citation needed ]. Armagetron Advanced server default. Sinatra default server port in development mode HTTP. Default for older versions of eMule []. IP Flow Information Export. UPnP —Windows network device interoperability. League of Legends , a multiplayer online battle arena video game []. FileMaker — name binding and transport [10].

AOL Instant Messenger protocol. Outlaws , a first-person shooter video game [ citation needed ]. Certificate Management over CMS []. Kega Fusion, a Sega multi-console emulator [] []. PostgreSQL [10] database system. Cisco Unified Video Advantage [ citation needed ].

Hotline tracker server connection. Hewlett-Packard Data Protector [ citation needed ]. Fastboot default wireless port. Inbound Refinery—Intradoc Socket port. Port though often changed during installation. Freeciv versions up to 2.

Kibana [ citation needed ]. IBM Lotus Sametime p2p file transfer. Hazelcast default communication port []. System Center Operations Manager []. TeamViewer remote desktop protocol []. X11 —used between an X client and server over the network. Backup Exec Agent Browser [ citation needed ]. Club Penguin Disney online game for kids, Used by some Blizzard games []. ObjectDB database server []. Oracle WebCenter Content Portable: Sybase Advantage Database Server.

Sun Grid Engine Qmaster Service. Port assignment for medical device communication in accordance to IEEE Syslog over TLS []. Pylons project Pyramid Default Pylons Pyramid web service port. Speech-Dispatcher daemon [ citation needed ]. Windows Live FolderShare client. Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway.

OpenFlow [ citation needed ]. BitTorrent Local Peer Discovery. Splashtop Remote server broadcast. Campbell Scientific Loggernet Software []. BitTorrent part of full range of ports used most often. Windows Live Messenger File transfer. Windows Live Messenger Voice. QuickTime Streaming Server [10].

Database mirroring endpoints []. Zimbra LMTP [mailbox]—local mail delivery. I searched and I am told that "port " or 'GRE protocol port 47" being blocked can cause this issue as well.

GRE is a protocol, not a port. A lot of people say "My router isn't blocking any ports" but that's irrelevant. Your router needs to understand how that protocol works. In particular, assuming that you're using NAT Network Address Translation , the router will need to replace your private IP address with its public IP address in the outbound packets, then do the reverse on the inbound packets. If your router doesn't understand GRE then you either need to upgrade the firmware or replace the hardware - you'll need to check the manufacturer's documentation.

You could also try a different type of VPN connection. If you have no results , there are no references to any port supposedly not blocking. If yes , try to search more details about the involved rule. Of course, you are always supposed to be able to perform this search at Windows Firewall screen , on Windows Control Panel. Incoming firewalling rules are only needed if you have some VPN server running inside your computer.

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I get a " error" but the username and password are OK. How can I check them and, in case they are blocked, unblock them? Sopalajo de Arrierez 3, 8 33 Breeze 2 6 This might help- netstat in cmd gives the status of ports. Have a look at this support. You ISP may not be allowing them, call and ask them if they are. I can easily connect from a Windows Xp machine,If it were the ISP, i shouldn't have been able to connect using windows xp!

Oh and to unblock them, this page may help http:

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